Monday, 6 October 2008

tagged tagged tagged...

I was tagged by the thoughtful and sharp Enc from observationmode to write 11 little things about myself.
Thank you dear, I really appreciated it!!!

I keep telling that if you know more things about me I will have to kill you… but I’m always prepared to do some talk about be, in certain limits…

So let’s go:

1. Clothes Shop:
2. Furniture Shop:
Some local stores
3. Sweet:
4. City:
5. Drink:
Diet coke
6. Music:
Right now I have been listening to a lot of different kinds of music (Sean Kingston, Suede, 50 Cent, Eric Clapton, Dire Straits, Phill Colins, Coldplay, U2, James Blunt, Alanis Morissette, Madredeus, Dulce Pontes…)
9. Workout:
Cycling, Swimming (in Summer), Blogging (most of the time that I should do the others lol)
10. Pastries:
Cake (favourite chocolate)
11. Coffee:

Now, I would like to know 11 Little Things about olimpiA, Juan, A Elite in Paris, Lenore, Jesse, Bella, Wana Sambo, Catherine Ashley

I don’t know if you have already done this, if you have it or you don’t like it, feel free not to do it.

Have fun!


  1. dude dont drink diet coke !! it's not good !! drink water or juice instead !! please :)

  2. do you like to keep things private??

    i am exactly the same.
    i really dont like people knowing too much about me.
    when i did the 6 crazy things about me it was strange as i don't normally do that.

    congratulations on your tagging!

    haha blogging as a workout.

  3. wiiii :)

    I ll make mine a minutes later with my october playlist or should i call it my guilty pleasures playlist hahaha soon youll see why is that :)

    I love diet coke too !

  4. I love this meme. So fun! I love espresso too! Perhaps we can meet in Florence one day and have a cup.;-)
    Feel better! xo

  5. I drink water, coffe espresso, and I love chocolate.
    Oh, and blogging is my favourite workout too!

  6. I just finished mine ;)
    you can go and take a look :)

  7. yay for more tagging! i like how your music taste varies!


  8. Uh oh, this requires a lot of brain power my Dear... I'd better get crackin' if I want it to be good!!! lol


  9. Thank you dear for thinking of me... here are my answers=

    1. Marni
    2. Chriatian Liagre showrooms...especially the one in Paris.
    3. Gummy bear & Cotton candy (I should & need to grow up!)
    4.Winter: Tokyo & NYC
    Summer: San Francisco
    5. Japanese Beer; kirin/saporo
    6.Anything Brazillian & Sade
    7. don't watch any tv news magaz: 60Minutes & Travel Channel...
    8. many movies...not so much of the story but visual; Brazil & Blade Runner
    9. Oh workout! The closest thing would be gardening & house cleaning...hope they burn some calories! Never understand those who spend hours at the gymn...hee!
    10. anything with cream cheese & not too sweet...
    11. espresso with 1 cube of brown sugar

    OK dear now we know each other better... let's go shopping now & do some retail therapy... then we can have a short break in would have your diet coke & I'd have my cold beer... make sure you drive at the end of the day...!

    Blessings to you as always...
    This is quite fun indeed!Thanks again!!

  10. Diet Coke drinkers unite!

  11. thanks for the tag..i'm on it ASAP! DON'T DRINK DIET COKE...water is if ur tew addicted,u'd have coke running through your veins instead of blood?lol
    xoxo WS

  12. Your taste in music is pretty eclectic.

  13. great taste in shops, i wouldnt expected any less from u anyway, your so fabulous

  14. SHUCKS! Your comment made me blush hahaha and i so TOTALLY DO NOT BELIEVE YOU! lol, it was far too sweet your comments.

    Nice to know you that little bit more here! Blogging as exercise! If only it toned your body instead of your fingers) so well! haha

    Let me know when you get my package also okies! I'm so excited and do not laugh at the packaging also because i didn't have the right equipment.

    I like your outfit in your post below. It looks so cheery and springy with the lace and the pink belt and the skirt prints!

  15. i've seen this before from fashion chalet, i think. cool survey i must say. ^^

  16. thnanks for sharing about yourself. i like coke zero instead of diet coke.

  17. we love the same shops!
    zara mango and h&M are great! ;)
    and your music taste is really interesting!

    kisses melmo

  18. wonderful tagging dear! I DO hope that you are well (you look FANTASTIC). And great spotting^ I adore Hershey's kisses and swimming!

    Hugs from Angel.

  19. a little bird told me that you are not feeling well at the moment...Oh dear, I hope I didn't pass some germs to you...hee! Hope you feel better soon... I'm still recovering. Have a good rest ok! Take Vit C & natural's good for us! ~blessings*

  20. Nice to know a little bit more about you....
    Coke light ? Abandona isto porque primeiro o coke sabe bem mas faz mal e ainda por cima light !!! A mim os edulcorantes provocaram dores inexplicaveis nas articulações que passaram logo que deixei de usá-los. Informa-te...
    Beijocas verdinhas completamente naturais

  21. Hey, thanks for considering me, I'll do it soon. I don't understand people's attraction to diet coke, I prefer original. We share music interest, that's cool. Like La Belette Rouge said, let's meet in Florence and enjoy a cup of coffee.

    Take care darling!

  22. Hi it's me Jesse.
    Okay here it goes.

    1. JC Penny
    2. none
    3. Hershey's
    4. San Diego
    5. Water
    6. Alternative, Metal, R&B
    7. None
    8. Action
    9. Running, walking
    10. Mexican Churros, Toasted bagel
    11. Espresso

    Thanks for the list of interests.
    love you dear,


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