Wednesday, 29 October 2008

TO - 10/29 - flat heels… a mountain or a problem…

As a social scientist I’m very glad that my last post motivated some kind of sociological debate.
I think it will be an interesting topic to talk more about later.

However, I just want you to think about that much of what we assume to be individual preference really reflects deeper social and cultural forces.
One is always inserted in the social production and reproduction of sense, meaning and consciousness, the mainstream culture.
Culture that does not express the way of life of a people, it actively shapes up that way of life.

Now, let’s talk about shoes…
I’ve been wearing some moccasins I have, but I don’t like them and everybody is with me…
Today I tried these boots that aren’t very high heels, but I’m afraid, since I’m not well yet. Hmmmm…. I guess I’ll have to invest in some flats, but all that I’ve seen are not worth the money they cost.
A problem of islanders’ insularity???

brown boots - local store
tawny pants (from a suit) - Ana Sousa
navy blue blazer (from a suit) - mainland store
blue shirt - Cortefiel
purple top -H&M
brown belt - C&A
purple and golden necklace - mainland store
lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. Adoro debates de sociologia, e achei muito interessante a sua colocação!
    Gostei do look!
    Tenho também sapato mocassim, mas uso pouco, prefiro as sapatilhas, ou flat shoes.
    Preciso te dizer que achei muito muito muito bom você tirar aquela marca "to be resting" do início do blog. Ninguém sabe o dia de amanhã, então viva a vida, querida, e seja feliz!
    Tem uma frase que acho ótima, que diz: "da vida só se leva a vida que se leva"! É perfeita!
    Bless You!

  2. Loving this outfit, esp the tawny pants!
    And regarding a comment you made on CC recently: who cares about those non-fashionistas in your small town? You should wear hats or anything else that makes you happy, Seeker! They might learn a thing or two from you :)


  3. I so agree, Seeker - culture actively shapes our way of life. Loving your last couple of posts!

  4. Like K.line, I am loving the ideas you are bringing to your blog. Rich ideas and important things to think about. If we remain unconscious of how the culture impacts us we are then stuck in a pattern that may or may not work for us. More consciousness about cultural forces that shape our lives gives us more freedom to decide if we want to continue living that way or make another choice.

    Now to the shoes! I think even if you wear flats( and there are lots and lots of cute, sexy and fantastic flats) you will have a high heel attitude. Fear not, dear Seeker!

  5. i love your pictures !! always smilin !! always glad !

  6. I can't really see the boots but the outfit looks great!

  7. I guess that means another trip to the mainland for you, Seeker! I love these pants, and your bright smile.

  8. you look so fantastic, love this look on you, really chic. and yeah, hardly see the boots, so put those moccasins back on and heal up!

  9. boo, flats are worh it! its just cos ur used to heels and the glam and all... puhleezz get well soonest! and dnt wear so much heels ok??.. more flats.. trust there are fabulous flats out there.. haunt for them like u do heels! and u will be the hottest blogger rocking flats! i'm in jare!

  10. Great colours, seeker. Very rich and wonderful. I'm sure you will find perfect pairs of flats.

  11. Love the pants S* !
    and that blazer Rocks!!!

    go get some flats while you're not compeltely recovered!

    and when you are 100% good go and get your boots! :)

  12. Ypur outfits are so cool! These pants are perfect while it is autumn outside )))

    Hugs from Angel

  13. the red pants is just sooooooooooooo coool! :)

  14. yes you´re right, there will be some better times! next week our fall holidays will start and i´m so pleased that i will have some freetime before my work in the hospitel will start.
    i love the 3rd picture! you´re smiling so cute and your outfit is so pretty. ok i´ve already realize that every outfit from you is pretty and i love that you dress like you want. i think you have a nice personality! you´re so nice to my in every comment you have written to me:)
    i hope you have everyday a reason to smile, my sunshine!

  15. I also have problems with finding great flats :). I love the color of your pants!

  16. Hurrah for bright pants! Maybe a pair of flat or flat-ish platforms? Something that won't mess with your feet, but still gives a bit of height.

  17. the red pants are so cool and that blazer---> so fabulous. you always do colors justice and great pic too.

  18. your outfit is great, dear!

  19. The dreaded flat...I feel your pain!

    No need to worry I've been on the run from UN (again) which hasn't left me a lot of time to blog. Hopefully things should calm down in the next week and I breath again.xxxx

  20. I think that even when you wear flats you will still look like you're wearing heels ... it's all in the attitude! :D

  21. I think we are in an era where even if we don't seek it much, we are influenced by something exterior to us.

    But what if we influence our whole day with a smile like yours? :)

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

  22. You'll find the perfect flats soon - I love flats. find out about shipping from someone like Kurt geiger.

  23. Love what you wrote about mainstream culture and how it can shape us...when I get too caught up in it and I catch myself, sometimes swimming against it can be hard work :)
    Love your thoughtful words.

    Now for the outfit! I really love this one, you look really sassy and sexy and fun and you can get a sense of this great energy through the photos :)

  24. "Culture that does not express the way of life of a people, it actively shapes up that way of life."

    i don't think much of it until you say it. and i think i agree with it.

    oh i wish i could peek on that boots. lol.

  25. GASP!!!! I'm in awe... and all I can do is sit and stare at this fashion masterpiece!!!!


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