Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Today's Outfit - 10/07

"I'm looking for clothes that suit me to a T.
I can't find them no matter where I go.
Form, material, and colour that can express all of my inner life
Outfits that affirm that I'm alive here now
Elude me though I combine all the images I know
Even my parents can't find clothes for me in Japan today."

~ Banana Yoshimoto, 1999

black shoes - local store
black pants - local store
houndstooth top - Zara
golden belt - El Corte Ingles
black earings - gift
necklace as a pearl bracelet - mainland store
red lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Paris from YSL



  1. I'm glad you are feeling better dear...necklace as a pearl bracelet is witty...~Blessings as always*

  2. wow. you look like a barbie doll. i remember my barbie doll with a dress of the same design of your Zara top. beautiful. ^^

  3. Gostei da produção!
    Os detalhes são belos e o top ficou muito bem!
    (posso falar aqui em português ou não deveria?)

  4. I love that Zara top!
    oh and you look so good in those photos!

  5. Seeker: The tunic with the belt is awesome! Couldn't have chosen a better combo with the top.

  6. where did you get that gorgeous top/
    it suites you very well.
    Love it!

  7. I think that houndstooth top is my favorite yet!

  8. Reminds me of Gwen Stefani -- great look!

  9. nice quote at the beginning and OMG i love your top.

  10. Hello, Jackie-O!!! You look amazingly chic!!

  11. I love the quote from Banana Yoshimoto! And you look charming as always :).

  12. I like seeing a woman with pearls, it's so chic!

    Muito obrigada pelos Parabéns :) : sim, ele morreu no dia 9 exactamente. Mas por eu ter nascido em Cuba, minha mae e avo contam que as mulheres que dão a luz nesse dia, dedicam ao "Ernesto", dando-lhe o mesmo nome (ainda bem que nao sou rapaz).
    E que as comemoracoes sao mais "semanais". Nasci a apenas um dia de diferença, entao considero mesmo que nasci no "mesmo" dia :) complicado? lol, para veres como é a minha cabeça!

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

    PS: I will only be able to reply to your mail this evening or tomorrow, sorry!

  13. Nice outfit, and the neckalce/bracelet is a great idea!

  14. I'm still round here... ;) And I liked a lot the cite! Also the top, it allows to express so many things.

    I'm glad to see happy pictures again!

  15. Love style and pose! Do you know, you make me think about strawberry kitten. I think, you've got a similar idea of fashion. Love you both!

  16. i like this office feminine look. very wearable for all body shapes.

    how are things?

    x Grayburn

  17. Oh I really like this outfit. the black and white patterning on your top reminds me of the 60's and i like how you used that gold belt. Everything compliments each other. Its wonderful ;) I feel your fustration even i find it difficult to find clothes in Japan that fit! I'm a large --> x-large there!

    You know what?! i think i shant tell you about Chilli. He may he may not be there. You'll see soon i think! The package should reach you in the next day or two! :P

    you are also right. I think i will continue. Its really nice to feel accepted solely for who i am. Feels invigorating! Why don't you do one! It'll be neat!

  18. Great top and great belt, Seeker. You look so happy!

  19. this outfit is perfect as usual!
    love your accessorizes!
    and yes the eyeshadow is really white... in the picture it looks a little bit different but I used it, but unfortunatley you can't see it in my picture^^

    kisses melmo

  20. Firstly, the quote you've added is pitch-perfect... it speaks so much more than outfits! It balances the images, as well 'searching the inner me'... in many ways.

    The thing I love about your photos Dear Seeker, besides your savage fashion and fearless appraoch... you're never afraid to smile!

    The belt, the pearls... everything is always created with flair and elegance!!!

  21. your top is absolutely amazing!!

  22. I love the pearls on you! & the shapes on the top are unique & amazing :)

  23. You look very chic :) I love the classic look of houndstooth with pearls, and the twist of wearing a necklace as a bracelet.


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