Thursday, 9 October 2008

Today's Outfit - 10/09

By last summer, it was clear that the housing market in the US was in free-fall and that mortgage-backed securities were worth less - a lot less - than those holding them imagined.
With nobody sure how big the losses might eventually be, the markets abruptly lost the two ingredients vital to keep them vibrant - confidence and trust.
Banks first stopped lending to one another, then wanted to repair their finances by cutting back on lending to their customers. Borrowing became harder to arrange and more expensive - the classic definition of a credit crunch.
According to the United Nations, this international financial crisis will put in the verge of starvation about 75 million people, this Winter.
I’m worried people, I’m very worried.

Today I’m very tired, it was a hard work day at the office, so I’ll catch you tomorrow.
Take care.

black shoes - local store
black pants - local store
red belt -Tally Weijl
plaid vest -Tally Weijl
black blouse - another island store
necklace - mainland store
red lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Paris from YSL


  1. It is a very scary time in the financial world. I am so glad we did not buy the house we were looking at in August.This is a good time to be renting in the US.

    So sorry today was a hard one. I am not sure you manage to blog and look so lovely when tired and stressed. I love you in black with accents of red.

    In picture #3 you look like Rodin's thinker!;-) Everywhere else you look like you are ready for a party!

    Hope you get some good rest.xo

  2. well, all of us got financial problems, especially here in our country. too sad. =[

    anyway, you always don't look tired with your outfitssss. you always manage to look well-dressed.

    take enough rest. =]

  3. Reading that world is practically on the verge of global recession is terrifying... I agree. I can't help but wonder what the future holds.

    On a lighter note, you look stunning as usual... and I'm green with envy over that fabulous plaid little number. My black trousers seriously want to be your vests best friend! lol

    Get some rest, lots and lots. xoxox

  4. Seu look está ótimo!
    Adoro xadrezes!
    Em meu blog falei sobre a crise também, que está afetando o mundo todo por causa da globalização.

  5. For a girl who says she's tired, you look pretty vibrant to me. I love that vest.

  6. ...Hope we are not entering the Depression era again...!
    The pendant is beautiful indeed... i like the length of the chain...
    The 3rd pic; 'the thinker' is so cute dear!!! ;)

  7. It worries me too.

    Red is a great color on you by the way.

  8. Oh my gosh! That is a very scary thought! 75 million? Thats a frightening statistic! :O

    And yes YOU doing a vlog haha. I'm sure your knowledge of the english language is enough to suffice us understanding you :) You're always so wonderfully presented in all your pictures so i'm sure you'd could do a heck more in 'real-time' haha.

    I hope you feel better after your long day. I like your checkered vest very much and that statement necklace is wonderful! Where'd ya find such a beaut?


    i love your outfit -as always hihi-!
    I wish to have your great sense of fashion when im a complete grown up gentlemen! :)

  10. Yes, everybody has forgotten the 3rd World food crisis in our financial woes. You are looking fabulous in your worries. Tartan is good for you Braveheart.

  11. What a great vest, it gives so much light to the outfit :)
    I hope you rest this weekend!!

  12. I read that 3 trillion lose in pension plans...I'm also worried for those who will be depending on their retirement and have invested all their money. It's a good time to start donating and volunteering I think.

    hugs Grayburn

  13. The tiredness doesn't show and the Rodin pose is perfect!

  14. Hi dear ))) sorry for my late answering! Of course I understand why you were missing for a couple of days ))) I hope you are fine ))) Of course, I am VERY and EXTREMELY glad when you visit chicstories. Please, come back as often as you can!

    Kisses and hugs and all the best!

    Have a nice week-end ))))))))

  15. great, dear!
    love the combination of the belt and the vest!

    <3 melmo

  16. I'm also worried about the financial crisis. It's the same here in Germany, too! Everyone is truly worried.

    But nevertheless: You look awesome wearing this vest with all black... great accent!

  17. I've got a "love" award for you. happy weekend. ^^

  18. You look fabulous! Have a nice weekend and enjoy resting!

  19. You're not alone in that, seeker.
    It's funny but things could get a lot tougher for longer if the US elects some idiots as the president. That's another worry I guess. On that note, I like that vest with the belt.
    You must have a huge collection of belts. Would you like to show us the entire belt collection one of these days?

  20. When i read something like that i´m scared too! 75 mill people? thats amazing... and unbelievable! i hope you feel much better next time and i hope your not too worried about that. well its really bad but maybe we can have hope that the number will be smaller?

    your outfit is very pretty. i love your vest (and check!) your belt, yur shoes, your hairstyle just everything :)

  21. That vest is fantastic! The colours make your skin glow.

    I am worried, too. But perhaps it is the wake-up call western society needs? The way we're living is not sustainable.

    Unfortunately, the poor are the ones who will suffer most, as always. I suppose all we can do is try to help those we touch on a daily basis ... much as we would like to, none of us can save the world. But we can save someone who lives in our neighbourhood. :(

    Andrea xx

  22. hey sweety, sorry that i haven't commented on your posts such a long time, but i was very very stressed. but now that i'm mooved i can finally read all your posts! i loooove the vest! i think i have to go to tally weijl to look if i can find a similar one.

  23. Oh Lord, I love tartan! For real... and you are using it perfectly, in a mix of simple colours like black: uau :)

    And I like the smilee!!!

    (ja tinha lido este post mas tinha esquecido que nao tinha comentado!!)

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

  24. you're right, we all should be worried ad do something about that people. Imagine 75 million people, God!


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