Friday, 10 October 2008

Today's Outfit - 10/10

Today I’ve tried a new perfume.
It is Jasmin Noir from BVLGARI. I liked it a lot.
I got it from a sample that came in my Vogue this month.
Maybe I’ll try to see if they sale it in one of our local stores.

I wish you all a very nice weekend.

green shoes - mainland store
olive pants - local store
berry belt - Stradivarius
berry shirt - H&M
purple plaid scarf - Stradivarius
lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Jasmin Noir from BVLGARI


  1. Ok i love your green shoes :)

    Hope you find your perfume! :)

    Have a great weekend for urself to :)

  2. i have an award for you in my blog. take care!

  3. Beautiful, as usual. Enjoy your new perfume, and have a great weekend.

  4. The purple looks gorgeous on you! You always are so creative with colour - the green looks great with it. Love those shoes!!
    Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments darling! Take care and have a great weekend :)

  5. Gosh, you have great clothes!


  6. purple+green is perfect...made famous by the late YSL... your fav perfume'Paris' too right?! Lovely weekend to you & Mr Seeker... ~blessings*

  7. Oh you're a perfume lover too! I tried that one also, it's lovely isn't it?
    I think BVLGARI always seem to make such classic perfumes :)

  8. Tô adorando depois que vc passou a fazer essas super poses. Tá poderosa amiga!
    Hoje o Luxos e Luxos está fazendo um ano, passa lá pra comer um pedaço de bolo a la chanel rsrssrr

  9. Ahh yes darling a nice perfume is always that aspect, or perhaps that scent which can send us into a hurried state of comfort and desire only a feeling can quench.

    Perhaps that emotion, mixed with the olive colors of berry and perfect skin... glowing! will deliver to us another consciousness we need, or at least wish to discover more often.

    Love your display, and also your comments. This weekend is study for Mid terms weekend.

    But I will be in touch. I want to create you a painting, and left you the infor on my comment in my blog. Take care darling,


  10. The green shoes really caught my eye and the shoes and you're pants are a lovely contrast with your blouse!

    btw: Need to try the perfume :)

  11. Gostei muito da conjugação de cores!

    Também experimentei a mesma amostra e gostei imenso...


  12. Adoro perfume de jasmim!!!
    Adoro scarfs!!!
    Está linda! Elegante!
    Bom fim de semana!

  13. changing perfume does provide some fresh ideas and feelings I suppose. I tend not to change my fragrance tho. I'm lazy that way.

    You always have some fantastically matching shoes, Seeker. Sweet berries.. yum.

  14. Oh! Colours colours! Wonderful colours! lol. Looking very vibrant and cheeky ;)

    lol. I feel bad now you've mentioned it. I'm gonna have to do a Vlog dedicated to everyone now haha

    AAAAAAAAA! I want that packagee to arrive to you now!!!!! You will tell me when you've received it right! Because i am so itching for it to get there.EEEEEEEE!

  15. Querida Seeker, não se deixe abater quando coisas não convenientes se aproximam. Fique firme, porque a gente brinca por aqui que "Deus é mais"! :)
    Firme a mente que dá tudo certo. Tenha confiança.

  16. i like bulgari green tea. you look savvy in ur berry color shirt.

  17. hi.. ilike the puple-green combo,but i love specially the skarf....saluods

  18. Purple and green! One of my favourite colour combinations. :) You look lovely! And I want your shoes, they're gorgeous.

    Andrea xx

  19. your VERY creative with color--will never have thought about purple and green--i don't even have much green stuff. now i want a green shoes--cute shoes!!!

    ps: thanks for the sweet comment and for stopping by :)
    have a fab weekend!!!

  20. You are just SO GOOD in colors!!!! <3333

    You inspired me to wear pants :)

  21. lol oh my gosh you're right! What a rockin decade to be in! You must have some pretty neat things stashed from back then. Oh you'll have to dig them up now lol

    I know, i'm not going to take her nasty comments to heart. It just hurts sometimes :)

  22. Love the pink belt :)
    I'm fallin' in love with pink Accessorizes ;)
    this colour combination is so interesting! love it!

    The perfumes of BVLGARI are great!

    kiss melmo

  23. This color is gorgeous on you!

    Hope your resting, having fun, and staying out of trouble! lol

  24. Bvlgari perfume is always gorgeous they use great notes.
    I love the berry shirt colour - I've just got some tights in that colour and it is gorgeous.

  25. You seem to be in a better mood! it makes me so so so glad :)

    It's a pity we can't share scents on the internet, right?

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

  26. Oh I love any perfume with the word dark, noir, deep...hmmm smells mysterious and sensuous.

    I love that purple; especially on your skin tone.

    x Grayburn

  27. Wow, i didn´t know that a colorcombi like that can be so pretty! i love it!
    the scarf is very pretty i wish that i would have it too!
    and have al very nice and sunny week to, my sunshine:)

    (i find it very funny that your perfume is called "jasmin" because in reality i´m called jasmin ;) )

  28. I like the contrast of green and purple, I have to try that!

    You look so happy in the pictures, I hope you had a nice weekend :)

  29. oh wow, you never cease to surprise me, i love that scarf, its works amazingly well with your top...Look of the week

  30. nice color comba.. it never occured to me! Igot a free sample too, it is amour by kenzo. i loved it! I'll try to find it


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