Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Today's Outfit - 10/14

Living on an island…, we confront a strange duality in our natures. The same need that impels us to seek solitude, serenity, and the peaceful healing we imagine an island will provide, also produces isolation.

The island weather is somehow crazy, too much humidity and too much warm.
It seems almost like a tropical weather.
Everybody is complaining about it and it seems that our moods are influenced by this weather.
Inspiration… who has it?????

So it’s nothing new, just a simple and very common colour combination.

red shoes - local store
red pants - local store
mustard belt - local store
black sheer blouse - C&A Sixth Sense
yellow tank - H&M
pearls necklace - gift from Hubby
red lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. I love coming to your blog and seeing all that lovely red. GORGEOUS!!!! J'adore le rouge!:-)

  2. A combinação de cores ficou ótima!
    A calça tem bom caimento e a blusa de dentro com o cinto ficaram ótimos com a camisa preta dando uma quebrada nos tons. Gostei!
    Mas não quero ver você pensando em isolamento, mas sim, que a calma e a tranquilidade desse lugar te tragam boas energias, uma solitude agradável. Serenity...
    Bless you!

  3. I'd say YOU have the inspiration, in those red pants/shoes. Holy cow!

  4. You're right, I guess there is a fine line between solitude and loneliness. Isolation can be good or it can be bad. Interesting point, very interesting.

    Love the shirt and the pants!

  5. red red red!

    love it !

    hihi :P

  6. that is the most 'red' pants i've ever seen. smoking hot!

  7. I live on an island too; outside but on the inside I live in the world where my friends are in Sydney, California, Minneapolis, South Africa and somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.


  8. Simple and becoming, that's what I like! :D

  9. But perfection tip to tip!

    Oh dear, don't know what's wrong with my feeds...best to redo it..um..please!!


  10. WOW as vibrant and cool as ever. I'm so scared of wearing pink pants but you make it look so effortless! Its so not fair!!! Btw, i mentioned you in my v-log about the postage thingy and thingy.... :P

  11. you look great :)
    you represents almost the german flag :)

  12. i love your fearlessness with colors! i need to be more like you sometimes.. you look amazing as always!

  13. Hey!! it's a big honor for me to help you with the logo, just please be patient with me!!....I hace lots of things to do... Anniversary of my parents, and finally i have to prepare my presentation for my tesis!!! Imagine that!!!....I'm so nervous!! and also things with Omar aren't better....we (as a couple) are fine...but his situation is getting me worried!!...any way....i promise to make the best with your image...ok??

    I saw you at facebook!! have you tried 'Pet Society'?? that game helps me a little!!

    Lots of kisses!!

  14. I adore the color combination, radiant red and black with the pop of yellow. Wow!

    Even if the weather is less than inspiring... you look stunning!

  15. I really like this combination! You look very good!

    Weather here is strange, too :(

  16. You look flirtacious and smily... it's all I needed to see! (finally!)

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

  17. WoohWooi! ;O)
    Hot-Hot-Hot indeed...
    Where is this steamy red hot island? Hmmm... u make me so curious!? Have i been there???

    ~Blessings as always*

  18. i want a sheer shirt like that !! it's smokin hot darling :)

  19. I love the red pants - perfect for any weather ;)
    I hope you do get to see The Fall, but Im worried it might not come to you :(! I hope you get to see it!

  20. those pants could stop traffic!

  21. fantastic, i love red on you! and well said re: island living - i think that duality exists outside the islands too, right?!

  22. that yellow belt takes it to another level...love it

  23. Who has inspiration? Your gentle words, just as the enter my consciousness, and thrill me with a tropical escape. I can hear the sound of that tropical wind way out there in that place where if you want... you could probably drive in circles; forever.....

    Well, I am always taken for a jolt, when I see the color red. It is one of my taps into that spot we artists will take two hours to tell you about, and still you will find time to ask, can you say it again, and again for me?
    Take care, this is for you...

  24. All i can say is WOW!! I'm loving those red pants on you, the black top makes sure the outfit is not over the top but just wow!! And those shoes...

  25. Hola:

    Acabo de ver tu blog.

    Espero que visites mis blogs, son fotos de mi pueblo, de España y de Italia y Francia:




    donde encontrarás los enlaces de todos los blogs.


  26. Oh I didn't realize you were posting again! Your blog still has "I'm supposed to be resting" at the top, so every time I visited your page I saw that, not your new posts!
    Glad you are back! The red pants are fab!


  27. Awww dear!! just....pray for us!...that's the way you can help us both!!...

    Check the "origami's" heart!! it's sooooo funny!

    Thanx for everything!!

    Lots of kisses!!

  28. Thanks so much for your comment checking up on me. It helped me get back on track with the blog. Loving the colour as usual. The red pants and heels make your legs look SO long!

  29. you sure have a touch for color, another great combination dear. love the pants too!!!

    ps: thanks for dropping by :)


  30. La Belette Rouge suggested I go to your blog as you've got great personal style. I'm glad I did!
    Although I never wear pants, I do appreciate them & particularly love these gorgeous red ones. I think the little dose of yellow in the belt is inspired.

  31. red pants and red shoes - this is something i always wanted to try. but i never knew how to do it! thank you so much for this great inspiration!

  32. i hate that "tropical feeling" sometimes.

    a BIG WOW on your outfit. ^^


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