Monday, 24 November 2008

Hubby says… a guest’s post

On this blogiversary I asked Hubby - O Viajante - to do a guest’s post about it. So here's what he wrote:

"The blog "Searching the Inner Me…" has one year old. Happy Blogiversary!

When the
Seeker decided to do a blog I supported her immediately because I thought that it would be important that she could share her ideas and points of views about several major issues of today.
During this year the
Seeker helped by her blog, changed in many ways, however I will consider only three that I think are very important in her struggle to achieve her inner self: she started to see her real image on the mirror, improved it and faced her fears by accepting herself as a human being and a woman doing the path for perfection.
She is a sensitive woman very connected to the nature that defines her moods and as you have already seen define the type of cloths that she wears. She can dress sophisticated or casual, classic or modern, colourful or not, but she can't plan today her outfit for tomorrow. So in the morning she needs an extended time to make her decisions. Women stuff as we men say, but when I see the photos I must recognize that most of them show her elegance and beauty.
Another thing that I want to share with you is the importance that the
Seeker gives to answer to her fellows’ bloggers comments, or to comment in their blogs. It is something that she does daily after work, in the weekends and even in vacations.

Loved one I wish that your search will be successful, and I hope that in the next life we will meet again to live what we have missed in this one.

Very proud and in love"

Thank you so much my love for your unconditional love, support and understanding.
I’m grateful that despite we haven’t met earlier we still have met and were able to leave our print in each other.
Love you, Hubby.



  1. Happy Blogiversary! This was very touching, and true. Your husband seems like a lovely man.

    Thank you for all your wonderful comments - they always make me smile, and I appreciate the time you take out of your busy day to say something kind and supportive - I really do.

    Andrea xx

  2. Oh my, that nearly made me cry. How lovely. You are both lucky to have each other. I'm so happy for you both.


  3. waah... i didn't notice that my blog was already a year old.. hehehe:)happy blogiversary!!!!

  4. How are you Mr&Mrs Seeker? Yes, I'm back... This is beyond sweeeet!!! Congrats & happy Blogsevary! You are truly blessed dear ;) Lovely new week to both!

  5. Oh my goodness, how sweet.
    So glad you two found each other.
    And I too think that you have immaculate taste, and you always look sophisticated, even when you're in casual gear.
    Happy Blogeversary.

  6. oh, how sweet! congrats, keep on doing what you are doing, because i love your blog!

  7. Mr. Seeker is as wonderful, lovely and supportive as Mrs. Seeker. Very-very-very sweet post. So nice to meet your very wonderful husband. And, most heartfelt congratulations to you on your blogiversary. I am so happy that what you have sought you have found. Keep Searching, dear Seeker.
    Much love

  8. darling CONGRTAULATIONS on your blogs anniversary!
    I know I have not been reading it for long but have come to relish your posts.
    Your hubby is a darling! what a beautiful guest post,what a truely loving and supportive man!
    We really appreciate your blog darling and will be here as you continue to search your inner self.

  9. awwwwwwww what a super sweet post... and happy blogiversary!!

  10. Happy Anniversary! I love what you're husband wrote about you! He's just great!

  11. CONGRATS sweety on the anniversary, keep the beautiful outfit and great color coming. hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!


  12. happy blogiversary! congrats!
    your blog is amazing! please do not stop writing :)
    I am addicted to it :D

  13. Congratulations!!!

    I wish you so many great blog years ahead!!!

    have a great time,


    I am happy to be here too!

  14. How wonderful what a fantastic husband - love the love!!!

  15. Happy Blogiversary to you! You are one lucky woman to have such a sweet husband. I am so glad you are my blogging friend.

  16. Muitos parabéns!!!

    Continua com o excelente trabalho que tens desenvolvido - as mulheres agradecem!


  17. wow loved the kind words your husband write you !

    I agree with him on the comments part!
    you're always looking after all of us (your fellow bloggers:) )

  18. Parabéns!!!
    Você merece tudo de bom!!!
    Adoro seu blog e venho aqui todos os dias, porque me sinto muito bem aqui!
    Obrigada por compartilhar conosco suas idéias e seus looks!!!

  19. hoping more years to come for your blog. congrats!

  20. Mr. Seeker is fantastic! It's obvious how much he loves you (even if you do take a long time getting ready in the morning :-))

  21. Yeah!! Happy Blogiversary!!!

  22. Yay, Happy Blogiversary!!!

    You know we adore you...

  23. happy blogiversary! what a wonderful husband, he wrote you such a lovely love letter.

  24. Happy Blogiversary. No wonder you always look so well, it is the love you get!

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