Saturday, 29 November 2008

I believe in Angels…

Now I’m speaking about those angels who are just people you have in your life or you just met at some point...
They send you a message when you needed it the most or they give you something or they help you in a way you didn't thought possible... And your burden gets lighter and your smile comes back...
And I'm lucky enough to have some angels in my life...

The beautiful and sensitive Agnes from Agnes’ pages presented me with these awards:

I'm passing it to the following blogs: The Art of Jesse, A Color, Already Pretty, Lenorenevermore and Café e Bolos.

I am passing it on to Hammie, Grayburn, Izar, Lenore, and Mina.

The lovely talented artist Jesse Mendez from The Art of Jesse honoured me with these awards:

This award is given apparently to blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!

I would like to give it to La Belette Rouge, Hammiesblog, Café e Bolos, Agnes' pages, and Potpourri Promenade.

This award is for blog friends who have sparked creativity, conversation, controversy and friendships with you.
And I’m passing it on to: Enc, Hammie, La Belette Rouge, Mina, melmo, Jenna, Nadine, DraMandarina, K-Line, Izar, Bella and O Viajante. I'm also giving it back to (you have not to do a thing it’s just for you to know) Jesse.

I’m passing the Kreativ Blogger on to: Songy, Wana Sambo, Grayburn, Bronwyn, Marian, autumn and Enc.

And that’s with great pleasure that I pass this one above to all the blogs of my blogroll.

Thank you so much Agnes and Jesse for being part of the angels in my life.



  1. Thank you S***

    I have been so busy lately, that's why i havent't post nothing new in the blog!

    I have to do a super post with all the awards you have give me in the past month

    Thanks Again !

    Juan :)

  2. I love all of these awards, which you deserve so much! I particularly love the one you've given me. Thank you so much. Pls. know I am going to do a tag post soon. I've been very remiss but it's coming, I swear! kxo

  3. ...blessed week indeed ;)
    Thanksgiving week & now this award from you... another reason to be THANKful! Appreciate it very much from the bottom of my heart...especially our friendship in this blogsphere...


  4. Such a sweet, peaceful post! This is my first visit to this blog, but you've got a lot of awards to you're bound to be good ;) so I'll read on! x

  5. Lovely Seeker... it goes without saying that you deserve each of these very special awards! I pause now to do my little happy dance in lieu of the fact that you've so thoughtfully given two of them to me.
    (winks... pausing...)

    I feel incredibly honored to know you, even if only through this superhighway, and will giddily display these on my blog.

    warmest wishes xxx


  6. darling these are brilliant awards! i feel so blessed to have met you here on blogland and see you as a friend.You are such a beautiful person,I know i dont know but im sure of this as I see your beauty through your blog and the comments you leave for all.Im honoured to have gotten the awards from you my darling,simply honoured!Keep writing the amazing blog,it really inspires me!
    much love dear,

  7. Congratulations and thank you so much :-)

  8. Hi Seeker, and thank you darling fot passing this honor to me... I feel jolted with gratitude.

    I am very lucky to have a frienship like yours in my life, and it is only getting better and better... thank you darling


  9. You deserve every single one of these! Congratulations!

  10. HELLO MAMA SEEKER! :) thanks for visitng my blog. wow! great awardrs. :) congratulations! I miss ur blog! :)

  11. Congratulations on your awards, Seeker. You have certainly earned them through your kind goodwill.

    Thank you for including me on your recipient list. I'm grateful to have you as a friend.

  12. Dear Seeker, you are very very well respected by many and this is a proof of that. Congratulations.

    Thank you also for including me in the honorable recipients' list. I'm very very grateful.


  13. Wow Seeker, you sure deserve all those awards. Congratulations. I really like the new header too, they remind me of the hairy boots that Imeldamatt is always on about.

    Do you think Hammie needs a re-fit too?

    thanks for thinking of me again.
    you angel you.

  14. Hello Seeker, u are such an angel too my friend!!! Sorry I haven't got back to u for a few days, been working to hard!lol, hope u are having a great weekend and u are looking great as always hun!!! Take care , talk soon,
    Julian xooxox :)

  15. oh, thank you so much!

    i'm a little stressed at the moment, so i don't know when to post them on my blog :( i want to go to venus with you!

  16. Thank you dear!
    I´m very very happy to get these awards from you!
    You are so nice and i´m lucky that i´ve met you (just in the internet but its great to writting you comments and getting some from you)

  17. Thank you soooo much :)
    I'm glad that you gave me this nice award!

    kisses melmo

  18. Fantastic!

    Congratulations and have a great day!

    a kiss friend :)

  19. Querida, fico tão feliz em ver isso!!!
    Você merece muito!
    Ficou tão alegre o blog com esse tanto de colorido e prêmios!!!

  20. I wish I had some ability with graphics because if I did I would create an award for you. You deserve an award for being the blogger that does so very much to create community and to make a blogger feel loved and appreciated. It is no wonder you have so many awards!!!!
    I thank you so much for the beautiful awards, dear Seeker. You are a very dear bloggy friend.
    Much love

  21. Thank you dear Seeker. Sorry I have not been on much. My daughter has been home and I have spent most of my time with her, and my internet is being very naughty. You are very sweet to give me this award, and I appreciate it so very much. I'll try to get back on the blogging wagon asap. Take Care.

  22. Sweetie, thank you so much! What can I say but that I love getting awards :P It makes me feel stronger, like I do belong here somehow and that what I do has a sort of small impact. Thank you!

    x Grayburn

  23. oh my, i'm deeply touched. even i was gone for a long time, you still haven't forgotten to give me an award. thank you so much. much love.^^


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