Monday, 24 November 2008

time for balance… one year later…

One year ago I published my first post.
Hurray it’s Blogiversary!!!!!

As I’ve told you before when I started blogging I’ve done it as a way of express myself and gain confidence, to express my life philosophy, some of my ideals and thoughts. Besides it was a way of seeing me as if I was someone else, in a different perspective from the one in the mirror, trying to accept myself and also as my blog’s name says, searching the inner me. A small part of me, however, was selfishly hoping for affirmation, seeking validation and engagement with others.
As a person interested in fashion I also chose to speak about it as a part of me since my youth times. So I’ve begun to explain my ideas of daywear, showing myself.
At first I had just a small number of readers and fewer comments, as I think everybody experiences this.
Some readers have gone, just passing by, a few remained faithful. Those who remained become part of this blog’s history. Those who passed by left some marks.
But new readers have come and stayed with me.
As my blogosphere bubble was getting bigger it started to be more time consuming.
I wanted to write my posts which take more time because they’re done in a foreign language, although when I chose to make them in English I was aware that it would be more difficult.
I wanted to check others’ blogs, I wanted to read the full posts so I could leave comments that made sense (besides being a no English native I have to do a very careful reading to understand all, which takes time).
Having a very demanding work at my office, I had to leave all this to do it at home, and I had more things to do.
Being a floggie I also liked to check Fashion news.
Some days I had to make choices, post in my blog or go check my fellows’ bloggers posts.
Sometimes is stressful, sometimes I’m not able to explore some ideas, to talk about some issues I would like, sometimes it seems that the blog is going into a direction that isn’t what I want, but I always try that it’s not just a bunch of pictures with my daily outfits.
This blog provoked some polemic in my community, sometimes created in me some pain.
But the most important thing is that it gave me so much happiness.
With it I feel that I improved myself and also evolved.
I was able to do that thanks for the support of blogging friends and dear readers. Your kind and incredible comments bring so much to my blog and for that I sincerely thank you!! I’ve made a lot of friends that through this time supported me unconditionally.
I also want to thank those who read but don't comment. I hope that someday you would decide to debunk as I would love to meet you.
I am so grateful for all the lovely blogging awards I have received during this year, each and every one mean so much to me.
I also can’t thank enough all of you lovely bloggers who have placed me on your blog rolls.
Now I hope that you stick around with me for another year.
Thank you all.



  1. What a nice work of art, seeker!

    It's been a great journey I bet and not so easy one at that. I do realise now how tricky it might have been for you reading blogs in the second language. It's my second language as well. (Korean being the first but not to say that I can actually do anything well Korean now since I don't use it often enough).

    I understand the difficulties of reading all blogs, checking media and keeping up with your own posts.

    I've been only doing this what.. for 4 months now and I had to give up a lot of reading as I had to keep my real (as supposed to virtual one) life going.. spending time with my husband and seeing friends etc.. I probably lost fair amount of reader cus I don't have time to visit theirs but I remember this though.. I'm doing this for me not to please others so that's where I drew the line. No offence to fellow bloggers. It really comes down to who wants to read what since the reciprocal reading is never really that sustainable.

    I'm glad that I have met you in the blog world. You truly are wonderful and I hope you gained lots of confidence doing this.

    I'm off to admire your latest outfit.

  2. Happy blogoversary dear! :) I'll keep sticked to your blog one year more if you go on posting!
    I'm glad it means so many good things to you :)

  3. And thank you.
    For some reason I thought you've been blogging way longer than a year. You have so many readers I thought it's been a long time.
    And you update daily... I always thought that that must be a lot of work.
    I am happy to have come across your blog :-)
    Please keep it up, you're doing great!

  4. Congratulations!! I am so amazed that you blog in a second language and I am always struck by the time, love and energy you put into doing your post and commenting on others blogs. Your warmth,love, and kindness---as well as your intellect, passion and depth are there each and everyday. I had no idea your blog started after mine. I just assumed that when I got to your blog that you had been around for years.

    You have been such an enormous support to me and my blog. I cannot thank you enough for all your comments, awards, support and incredible friendship. I am so glad you decided to blog. I cannot imagine the blogosphere without you.
    Much love.

  5. darling you faced all those difficulties head on and was totally successful! There is a sincerity that comes through each of your posts. I am hoping your blog will be here for many more years. Here's to the next year!

  6. Happy Blogiversary !

    an incredible year for you (and us)

    let's hope we can only get better on this blogger world!

    Congratulations (again) (L)

  7. Parabéns!!!
    Eu só tenho a agradecer as palavras carinhosas e a acolhida aqui!!!

  8. Hello my dear friend and Happy Blogiversary!!!!!! That is sooo cool!! I have only been a follower of your blog a short time, but I'm so glad to be a part of it and so glad to have u as a dear friend. So, to this year and many more Seeker!! Congrats my friend!! :)
    much love,
    Julian xoxo

  9. WHat a gorgeous, reflective post Seeker. I think you have articulated the feelings of so many bloggers. Thank you. Kxo

  10. Congratulations on a year of hard work, revelations, and educational experiences. Blogging opens the world and drops it right at our feet. Yours has expanded because you've been open, honest, and giving.


  11. Congratuations The Seeker..what a journey you have been through and I am so proud to have been part of that growth. You are one of those bloggers who take their time and who have something meaningful to say. I luv you and will absolutely be my pleasure to stick around with you for another year :)

    x Grayburn

  12. oh what a glorious day. keep on bloggin'...


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