Saturday, 1 November 2008

TO – 11/01 – on All Saints’ Day…

Hope that everyone who celebrated Halloween had a really enjoyable time with much fun.

Traditionally, here on the island, Halloween is not celebrated with the “trick or treat”.
Instead on All Saints’ Day (today), that is considered a Holly Holiday, children go from door to door asking for “Bread for God sake” (literal translation), and people give them all kind of things since sweets to money, which are placed inside their cloth bags.
We bought a huge pack of little bonbons but we still have a large amount of them… would I be strong enough not to eat them… ;)

Well, despite being a Holiday it’s also weekend (we lost a holyday), so I chose a very simple and casual look.

flat shoes - local store
dark gray pants - canadian gift from sister
pink belt - Fantastico
navy blue sweater - Zara
pink and blue plaid blouse with bow - H&M (detail)
bracelet - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)
lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. I'm loving you in the flats! How is your sciatic pain?

  2. love your pink belt! *///3///*

  3. we don't celebrate halloween, too. except for some malls and executive villages (where the rich people live. lol.). All saint's day (nov. 1) and all soul's (nov. 2) day are being celebrated by visiting our loved ones who already died, in the memorial park or cemetery.

    anyway, you look very chic on that outfit. love your pose on the 3rd pic. have a great Sunday. =]

  4. cool stuff i like it..those dress great work...keep up...have a great comment back on mine...add me as follow if u will we can exchange comments...reg

  5. OMG mama you are just the sexiest mama i have ever seen :D

    nice choice of lipstick. :) love it! tsup!

    hope u had a great halloween!

  6. I like the middle pic

    but of course the smile on the left is just melting me darling....

    I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I don't want to be a stranger so here ... a hug and a kiss for you!

    I hope you are well and happy like me :)

  7. I love YOU this much!!!! (My arms are outstretched so that it touches my friends' shoulders lol)

    THANKYOU for the award! What a wonderful way to get back into the swing of things :) You look so cheerful and relaxed here and BOO for missing this holiday lol. Sadly it is the same here also :(

    I REALLY enjoyed your outfit below. The Mustard on the hot dog lol. You are one shmexy hot dog and i would eat ya up if i weren't a vegetarian haha.

    Hope your weekends going smashing! (pun intended)

    muah! :D

  8. That belt really stands out! I love it. This outfit is really sharp on you, Seeker!

  9. great belt! i have to get some pink clothes! NOW!

  10. Any children knocking on my door begging for bread will find themselves making cheap plastic shoes in one of Imelda's 'off-shore'

  11. The kids here ask for halloween sweets even if the calendar says all saints day!
    I really like your colorful accents :). I hope you had a nice weekend.

  12. the idea of the pink belt is truly great !!! nice idea to make your outfit more punchy ( if that's the good word )

  13. Hey Duchess, I was so annoyed that yesterday was a saturday! but we have a national holiday on the 11th, it'll be nice out here!

    I like the picture in the middle. I am starting to wonder if you've got belts in every single colour?! :)

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

  14. Interessting to hear how do you celebrate halloween.
    We are living in a still district and yesterday our bell doesn´t rang.

    Your comment to me was very very cute and i was smiling while i read your comment!it would be very nice to meet you! hope this can be put ino practice someday!
    hope you will have a nice weekend (or are you having holidays too?) sunshine!

    and i love this outfit! that pink belt is great and i wish to have something like that! very fashionable!

  15. I like the way you celebrate All Saints' Day. Your island sounds so magical...
    As always, the outfit is perfect.

  16. that pink belt is looks perfect in that outfit!!

    wiii and you're rocking those flats! :)

  17. love your casula outfit. wonderful colour combination as usual :)
    hope you had a great weekend

  18. The flats look great! And how interesting to hear how Halloween is celebrated there. Hope you had a good day!

    Andrea xx

  19. I send you an award although you got one. :D because you are so nice :)

  20. Para casual, está bem chic!
    Dark gray and pink! Perfeita combinação!

  21. Great belt and it looks lovely with the navy. But, what I love best is how really happy you look. You do look happy.:-D

  22. here in mexico we do something similar. However as we are so close to the States the "trick or treat" thing is being imitated.
    I did have a good time, haha.

    I love the pink belt --nice detail

  23. Looking warm and chic! And the shoes are working for you :)


  24. I think all saints day is nicer!

  25. it's good know that you celebrate All Saints' day. I never knew..

    chic indeed. Great colours.


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