Monday, 3 November 2008

TO - 11/03 - busy, busy, busy...

This is going to be a very busy week!!!!

I’m in a professional training course about some Management Tools.
Balance Scorecard (a strategic planning and management system that is used extensively in business and industry, government, and nonprofits organizations worldwide to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improve internal and external communications, and monitor organization performance against strategic goals) and Common Assessment Framework (a quality management tool specifically developed to support the introduction of self-assessment and quality management in the public sector across the EU. It contains all the elements that will allow to analyse where the organisation stands and to carry it further).
Today was the first day, but I already felt full of pressure. Besides at the end we will have a test.

Also tomorrow I’m starting my class of yoga with a group I found, I think it’s a more about the mind and spirit than the body yoga, which is good for my life philosophy and not so for my sciatica… will see. The classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 90 minutes, so… less time for blogging.
Venus here I come… lol
No my dear readers and blogging friends I didn’t quit… yet, so if you want to bookmark your seat, you’re still on time… lol

Yes I did wear high heels today! Yes, it made me feel worst! Yes, tomorrow I’m going to wear my flats again!

My friend T didn’t like that I had cropped my pants, but I had such a great and intriguing relation with this pants, that I liked it! So…I still wore them. Besides 80's are back…

I’ve tried to take some pictures outside since it wasn’t all dark when I got home, but I guess it’s not enough light.

Have a great week guys, I’ll try to visit you, but if I don’t… I’m busy.

black oxford shoes - from mainland through a local store
green pants - from my boxes
violet belt - local store
purple shirt -Vero Moda
purple and golden necklace - local store
mustard scarf - H&M
black faux leather jacket - Stradivarius
black and green handbag - local store
red lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. I love the scarf, and don't work too hard. If you like the Nurture shoes I posted about on my blog ( and it doesn't hurt my feelings if you don't) they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I think the only place that sells them is Dillard's though, so you could order them.

  2. Picture #1 is amazing. Seriously, it looks like an ad or something. I love this outfit. Your friend is wrong. This is a great look!!!

    Your class, to my non-business mind, sounds dreadful. Yoga sounds lovely. And, I hope you know I want on that flight to Venus. I do have a seat booked, don't I?

    Hope that your sciatica responds to the yoga and that you come to love your lovely flats!

  3. I like the cropped pants with the shoes, and the green w/yellow is lovely.

  4. Yes take it easy - stick to flats.

  5. Que chic!!!
    Bom trabalho!
    Tire fotos!
    Linda bolsa!

  6. seem like we have same yellow scarf from h&m. you look so chic. the bag---love it colors. do you decide on what to wear the night before or do you decide on the go?

    thanks btw for the comment dear!!


  7. gorgeous combination of colors.... hehe:)

  8. grate outfit, love the colors, and the bag it`s amust... kisses

  9. I want your whole look especially your bag and shoes, you know how to work with color like no one can!

    Thank you so much for the awards you've given me you are a sweetheart.

  10. Ilove your green handbag !


    back to flats its okay ! ;)

    hope you have fun in your yoga lessons :)

  11. I still like the outside pictures even though they're dark. There's something about them that I like.
    Hope you'll enjoy your busy week :-)

  12. Dear Seeker, I've been following your blog for about 3 months now, I humbly say that this is your best look!!! The color,the propotions, the little pink splash, the bag... everything! Sincerely!!

    Anyway you sound that you'll be a busy bee indeed...I hope it's all good to/for you luv... ;)


  13. The Seeker,

    you are a star, and remember to just pace, main concepts with outlines.

    Take the good and leave the useless, you look very nice in Green darling...

    kisses baby

  14. Good luck with the yoga classes. I hope all goes well.

    You are a green person I think. You look gorgeous with green every time.

  15. Have a good week, Seeker! I hope the seminar isn't too awful.

    I love your jacket, and the cropped pants. :D

  16. Hey Seeker! Awesome outfit - the colour combo is so cool! I love your jacket, yellow scarf and oxfords!

    Thanks so much for your comments on my last post and for the awards!! You're really so kind :)

    Good luck with your course and the yoga class! Take care and have a wonderful day tomorrow darling :)

  17. I always wanted to try yoga - but I never really had the time :(. Your look is so cute - I totally adore the bright yellow scarf!

  18. fantastic scarf, honey, and i love your bag! today i'm dressed very colourful, and that's why i think of you all the time ;)

  19. Wow! What a detailed description of those courses lol! BUt geez that sound like some mighty touch work. I'll be thinking of you and trying to send some positive vibes your way hun but i'm in no doubt you will tackle everything well. You always seem to have such a solid head ontop of your shoulders :P

    As always you look wonderful and lol you made me giggle with your comment. You aren't too old at all! 30's are the new 20's they say!

  20. Heels again? Oh dear ))) You look gorgeous ) my absolute love is your yellow scarf!

  21. I like them cropped actually and try to have fun during all the busi-ness and channel the energy with yoga :) I've been practising yoga too and what a difference it has made for me. I like those shoes but you know better than to wear them right now :P

    take care,

  22. thanks so much for the award, i really appreciate it, you love absolutely lovely here

  23. love the shoes! as always! mama seeker you are the best! :)

  24. Wow very colorful,i love it!:)
    I hope your week will not be to busy and you will have enough time to relax! good look for your week, have a nice week although there will be so much work (how did you say...)

  25. i noticed your blog looks wider :) nice one :)

  26. that's a great training. how long are you taking the management tools training? good luck on the exams, i know you'll do great. cheers!

  27. oh I love what you're wearing here! perfect combination.

  28. Love the length of that cropped pants! Have been looking for something like that or slightly shorter! Anyway; FAB SHOES!

    Hope your feet will heal soon! Will be praying for you dear!

    Anyway; thanks for the tip! But I'll probably go thrifting for a blazer like that((:


  29. yes of course you got it back ;)

    Your outfit is wonderful
    i love your yellow scarf and your bag

  30. Ohyes I am def most comfortable in flats too! AFter a day of heels, I always go back to flats. Hahaha

  31. Querida Seeker, estás sempre tão elegante !
    Eu também prefiro sapatos rasos por causa dos meus problemas de coluna.... aie...aie...aie.. e também porque tenho 1m73 de altura e já ultrapasso muitas pessoas da MINHA geração...

    Também eu estou muito ocupada. Se não te importas, vou levar o "award" que me ofereceste e colocá-lo no meu blog e tentarei um dia deste fazê-lo circular. Está bem ?

    beijinhos verdinhos

  32. Wow, you do sound very busy! Stay calm and happy :)

    I really like the colours you are wearing today, particularly the green trousers and bag.

  33. Your poor little feet! Take it easy on them ... and yourself ... this week.

  34. Take it easy with the heels, make sure your feet get better!!
    Yoga sounds fun =]

  35. I just love this cool green bag :)

    a kiss!!!

  36. Oh, I just love the scarf! The outfit looks great - and you look even better! :)

  37. I hope the yoga will help your back - I've heard it helps arthritis and chronic pain, so I believe it will. Hope you're feeling better in no time!

    I love that jacket! The shape looks so fun. And I love how you mixed green and purple and yellow. Such a great look!

  38. Thank you so much for the awards! You are too kind! (You are a maverick!) I think the yellow scarf looks great with all the dark greens. Really lovely.

  39. Loving your yellow scarf!! And those cute little booties are adorable as well - i need to get myself a black pair of booties, so cute!

  40. Enjoy Yoga! I love these 3 little photos and te boots are cute!


  41. ganda ng scarf. :)

  42. great trousers,
    good luck with the busy week and the yoga!

  43. Thanks for the awards! REally sweet!
    I also gave you these two awards, because you deserve it!
    You look great and I hope your week isn't to busy!

  44. lovely mix of colors and love those shoes!

  45. Thanks for you lovely comments, i´ll answer it soon!

  46. Obrigada, querida Seeker , pelas tuas palavras de incentivo !
    Não fiquei zangada mas antes desiludida e não sou pessoa de rancor, fez-me muito bem desabafar porque o assunto está quase esquecido !
    Thanks to have visited me even if you are so busy ! A lot of green kisses for you !

    Visita-me quando quiseres ou poderes, nunca te levarei a mal. Nunca considerei a amizade uma obrigação.

  47. Hello Seeker,

    I found your blog thru Jesse, and I love it!!! This is the first time I've visited, I love alllll of your fashion pics, u are very beautiful too. Maybe I can learn how to put things together better, fahsion wise, lol. I work in a business office, I should probably pay attention more to fashion than I do,so I'll be visiting if that is alright with u, Thanks alot, hope we can be friends, take care,
    my gamer name is "JokersVenus", so when I saw u said something about "here I come Venus",it scared me! LOL

  48. My dear I love your bag and the color of your pants.
    As time goes, you'll learn to love flats, lol. I ADORE them.
    I think yoga will be perfect for you, keep us informed. Since long time ago I've been wanting to take yoga classes but there's nothing near my house :(

    Enjoy and relax

    Love u

  49. aww sugah! mighty success with the seminar! gosh, u look amazing. hope u were careful in those oxfords?? please be extra cautious...mwaah! u look lemony tasty! heheh

  50. that's our life. life of a career woman. but i'm happy with the life that i chose. i never dreamt of being a plain housewife. lol.

    anyway, please take it easy. we'll be right here. =]

    your green pants didn't look bad at all. ^^


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