Wednesday, 5 November 2008

TO – 11/05 – we can’t always look great…

What did you do today that you really could have let someone else do? Have you noticed that sometimes it’s just easier to do things ourselves than ask for help??
I need to bring a new word into my vocabulary… it’s called delegation.

So yesterday I had my first yoga class. It was very relaxing at the end and did wonders for my mood. Today I’m experiencing some sore muscles, well I’m just starting out, besides I think yoga can cause soreness, even if you are in good physical shape, because it encourages you to use muscles that are otherwise neglected.
Tomorrow I’ll have my second class which I expect will be good to unstress me to my friday seminar’s exam.
I’m feeling tired, because we have been working a lot at the seminar, but at the same time it has been very dynamic with many brainstorming, which gives it many interest.

Well, not everyday one has the creativity, the conditions, which can come from many factors, to look great…
But we have to accept it… and why not picture it? It’s also part of life.

flat shoes - local store
dark gray pants - from my boxes
violet belt - local store
black blazer - local store
berry shirt - H&M
purple plaid scarf - Stradivarius
bracelet - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)
black and green handbag - local store
lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed the yoga. Isn't it great for balancing the mind and body? I'm sure you're going to sail through your exam with relaxation!

  2. What wise words missy and dw you don't always have to make massive lengthy comments back lol.

    I'm sending you positive vibrations and a huuuge GOOD LUCK for your seminar!

    As for yoga it'll get easier lol. Have fuuuuuun :D

  3. I like being busy so I am happy for you.
    I really think you could get dressed with your eyes closed and still make everything work.
    Good luck on Friday!

  4. Beautiful look, and I love purple plaid scarf!
    Bless you!

  5. oh, congratulations for your first yoga class!

  6. Jeeezzzzzzzzzzzz, u are so put together my friend, thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my blog! The yoga sounds great, I could definitly use the exercise and the stress relief! Just might have to give a try myself!! Truly do love your blog lady! Talk again soon,
    Julian hugs!

  7. Adorei a bolsa verde e o lenço, lindos.
    Amiga, passa lá no Luxos pra ver uma entrevista que eu dei pra um programa de tv a cabo, é o Luxos e Luxos na Mídia.

  8. Haha! This looks like an ad with two sides... like you know, the light side vs the dark side... I suck at explaining things but yea, mad men style!

    "I need to bring a new word into my vocabulary… it’s called delegation."
    HA. Love it!

  9. I knew you'd enjoy yoga. COOL

  10. I do like a lot your look today: simple, colourful and pretty :)

    I hope yoga keeps unstressing you to do a great work in the seminar examination!

  11. hmm yoga!
    i always wanted to try it too, too bad my life is too busy. a little rest and meditation would be welcome :)
    wonderfull outfit as always :D

    question: how could you understand what I wrote in Dutch? Do you have a translator tool or do you simply understand my language? Cool! :)

  12. It's so good to hear that yoga is working for you. What type of yoga are you practicing? Oh sweetie, you look good all the time :)

    x Grayburn

  13. We may not always be able to look great, but you do. Love the violet and green together.

    So glad you are enjoying the yoga and I hope it provides you some relief from the sciatica. Happy class! And, enjoy your seminar.

  14. This is my new favorite outfit. The colors are so connected and vibrant on you!

    Yoga will be great for you, Seeker. It's good for the mind and body.

  15. Hello! how have you been??....Thanx so much for the awards...That makes me feel a little bit better...

  16. love it!! that berry color looks great on you!! and yay for yoga! i've only done yoga on the wii fit.. lol.

  17. You are looking so good!

  18. I always have a problem with delegation - I know it's sometimes better so give instructions to others but I also think I can do it fast on my own.

    Love your look! Great color palette again!

  19. hey! darling!! i'm soo sorryyyyy!! credit crunch! just paid for internet!! thanks for the lovely awards!! thanx! thanx! thanx! i'm honoured!
    ps; as soon as the internet hit go, this is the first blog i came to!! so, yay! i love you soo much!
    and as always,u look amazing! purple looks great on you..and flats as well! i love that sneaky sexy new header! fab!!
    now, im going to comment on every post i missed! mwwaaahhha!!

  20. delegation isn't in my vocabulary yet as well. though i really have to put in it asap. lol.

    yoga. i guess, i need that, too. o_O

    but you always do look great. =]

  21. love the berry color on you, adore the scarf. I will love to try yoga too, have fun :)

  22. The berry color lifts you completely.
    I am jealous of the yoga. My pilates mat remains empty with the new job. One day!
    Good luck with your exam.

  23. Yay Im glad the yoga is going well!
    I love both outfits - simple yet fun =]

  24. I love your belt. Good luck on your seminar

  25. I think even an olympic athlete will be very sore the day after a first yoga class. i know you'll really enjoy it!

  26. yoga is so fun.

    i havent been in a while.

    swapped to running.

  27. im a huge fan of those plaid scarfs, they add such a fantastic touch to the look

  28. Great that you have enjoyed you yoga class!
    I hope you can relax at the weekend and load up your power! Next week will be busy for me too and so i trying to relax a little bit and enjoy the last days of my holiday!
    You look so pretty with this scarf, wonderful colours!
    And thank you for you lovely comments all the time! I love it :)
    Hope you will have fun at your next yoga class, sunshine :)
    (And you don´t look tired, you´re smiling and you look pretty!)

  29. Yoga did help me during difficult times.
    I got my mantra from yoga classes. :)
    Enjoy while you can and delegation is must!

  30. Wow, I havent exercised in ages! :X Love how you wore the scarf though :)

  31. Always beautiful... I adore the way this outfit seems to transform without the jacket!!!

    And I know exactly what you mean!! I'll prepare the ubiquitous question, "Would you mind..." and then stop dead in my tracks, answering before anyone has the opportunity. "Never mind, I'll do it myself."

    Why is that?

    Yes, because by default, sometimes it is just easier!


  32. I agree, my boyfriend likes to do stuff for me all the time, but it makes us fight because he never does it properly it's always easier just to do it myself!

  33. I almost never ask for help!
    Love your scarf!

  34. your scarf is amazing, just like the shirt! i have to get myself a similar.

    oh darling, i'd like to write a bit more, but theres a HUGE spider in front of me and so i can't concentrate. i'm sorry.


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