Friday, 7 November 2008

TO - 11/07 - purple always…

Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what happened.
~ ~ Jennifer Yane

Today my seminar’s exam went so badly… I was relaxed, but there was a noise that got into my head and I couldn’t concentrate and I started to think “I can’t do this”.
Never underestimate the power of thoughts and words.
Now I must wait for the result. But I had such a disappointment. At least I could turn it over quickly because I was feeling good with myself.

By the way, does anyone know where I can find a faux fur long vest (remember they must ship internationally)?

(Sorry for the photos bad quality, but I’ve explained it earlier)

purple snake skin shoes - H&M
purple tights - Calzedonia
printed skirt - C&A Sixth Sense (detail)
black belt - C&A
palatinate purple belted blazer – H&M
Yale blue ruffled neck blouse – C&A Clockhouse (detail)
necklace as a pearl bracelet - mainland store
lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel



  1. I bet you passed the exam anyway. When will you find out?
    I love that blouse by the way!
    Have a wonderful weekend :-)

  2. Sempre elegante!
    As palavras e os pensamentos tem grande poder!
    Seja feliz!

  3. you know i love those shoes!!

    the quote of the begining is sooo true!

  4. Oh no, I'm sure you did just fine though - pesky thoughts!! I think you should try ebay to find what you want - they generally ship anywhere you ask them too and there are ALOT of goodies to be had on there :p

  5. Seeker: I saw one that was vaguely "Swiss" seeming at Zara this week. So sorry to hear that you don't feel the exam went well...

  6. I hope you did well! That's a horrible feeling - I know it well! You look lovely, by the way.

  7. Hi Seeker! you look very elegant in these I must say....

    sometimes when we take tests those things happen, so what is next is what I say... :)


  8. I don't know where to find a faux fur vest! I hope you find one.

    I love these colors on you.

    I'm sorry your exam didn't go well.

  9. It's so bad that your exam didn't went well. But maybe it was better then expected.

    Love your look... the skirt is great with the blue blouse.

  10. fingers crossed you pass that exam! ;)

    that high waisted skirt looks fantastic on you! what a figure

  11. your skirts are just super! :) mama ur the best =D

  12. Love the skirt. I can't say how much I admire your spirit. =)

  13. If you did as well on your exam as you look, I bet you passed with flying colors.
    Wish I could help you on the vest but I have no idea.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  14. i'd try zara for the vest - and I agree with all of the above, i bet you did better than you think! what color vest are you looking for?

  15. You are soooo elegant just love you. Okay thanks for the words.

    I have tagged you so come and see


  16. Já entendi que posso oferecer-te o perfume Noa de Cacharel para o Natal ! da próxima vez que eu for a uma loja de perfume, vou cheirar este EDT para te conhecer ainda melhor !
    Já coloquei os 2 Awards no meu blog. Mais uma vez muito obrigada !
    beijinhos verdinhos

  17. Hi Seeker!!!

    It's soooooo good to be back! ^_^
    I'd like to thank you for your comment, or to be more precise 'comments": both the one I got from you today and the one you left earlier this week.

    Now that one on Monday was incredible: before I sat down to my computer, Mum and I had been talking about blogging and I was telling her how much I'd like to take it up again because of my wonderful friends here. Then I told her about you in particular, after which I sat down to check my e-mails and wham! I got a notification of the comment you sent me. :-D How's that for "conincidences"? Mum was amazed too. :)

    You're looking great nowadays: great ensembles and wonderful smiles!! I remember one in particular from months back: gotta find it and comment on it... :-)

    How are you doing dear? I hope everything is all right with you and your hubby! I'll go and check your blog properly now to find out. :)

    That quote is great, by the way: I think my inner-child has been doing a lot of that "wondering" lately... :-P

    About the exam: I feel for you, dear. Disturbances can be so frustrating, especially at times like these...

    (Now that I've started blogging again, it seems I just can't shut up... *blushes* Sorry!)

    Talk to you soon, dear!

    Lots of love,

  18. hello darling

    no sorry i dont know where you can buy one.

    hope your exam went well.

    when i was sitting my ext english exam earlier in the year i had the child's lullaby in my head.
    not very helpful when you are attempting to write a 19th C story.


  19. cool. such a woman with style. =]

    i believe you pass the exam. chillax (chill and relax). =]

  20. vas perfecta. i always love the your combo of colors, lovely. i also apreciate if you comment about some dreses that i desing, besos

  21. I see pictures like these... and I keep telling myself to integrate the florals!! You look gorgeous!!

    And I'm sorry things didn't go as smoothly as hoped, although perhaps it'll turn for the better and you'll end up pleasantly surprised!

    So, the long faux fur vest gods were against me, but you must see this one... incredibly gorgeous!!

  22. I love the second outfit especialy, I've been wanting to do a high waisted skirt, you have such confidence with your clothing!

  23. I hope the exam result doesn't disappoint you. Good luck.

    You're wearing heels again! Are you all cured then?!

    Love the blue blouse. Very elegant. :)

    Let me know if you need any help with the pics. :)

  24. i'm so sorry about the exam boo! sorry. *hugs*
    yah, that little voice naging in your head! next time it comes, pray it off! how dare it? ah ahn. sniffs.. hugzzz... u looked amazing jare! at least u score big for that one!

  25. I love this - simple yet chic.
    Have a nice day!

  26. Love your cute skirt!! I can honestly see you dancing in them! Aw; hope your paper will turn out fine!

  27. Oh no... Hope you´ve done the exam well! when do you know result? hope it will be good!
    you look so pretty in this outfits! love the colours :)

  28. That blue blouse looks fab on you! My brother goes to Yale :)
    It's 45 minutes away from where I live in Connecticut!


  29. I hope the exam turned out better than you thought - I'm sure it did. Such a horrible feeling, though, thinking you did badly. :( Good luck! I'm sure it will turn out fine.

    And you look lovely today! Purple looks great on you.

  30. Hope you've done well at the exam!
    You look great, the skirt is gorgeous!
    And I love que quotation by Jennifer Yane.


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