Sunday, 9 November 2008

TO - 11/09 - a second chance...

Today I woke up with the lowest self-esteem you can imagine.
I was feeling ugly, fat, with no creativity to manage my wardrobe, “needing” some new clothes, some things I would like to have and I don’t, but I’m not thinking in invest in those. I even cried.
Can you see the picture?
Hubby just said this to me “I’m going to make a big poster that can be the first thing you’ll see, every morning, saying “I’m living my second opportunity!””.
And he is so right, how can I sometimes forget that I’m living my second chance (for those who may not understand maybe you would like to read a bit of this) and think so much about material things…

I must thank for what I have…
I must thank for being loved…
I must count my blessings…
I must thank for the everyday things in my life…
I must apologize to take some things for granted…
I must ask forgiveness for my wrongdoings…
I must hug the trees…
I must hear the birds…
I must stop to smell the flowers…
I must try to love myself!

red shoes - local store
black wide-legs pants - C&A Clockhouse
golden belt - El Corte Ingles
white shirt with black and golden stripes - Zara
red short blazer - canadian from the 80's
1ft golden necklace - gift
2sd golden necklace - another island store
brooch - gif from hubby
sunglasses - mainland store
lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. I love your outfit! So well put together.

  2. Your list of "I musts" Is just right.

    Some times i feel so down and upset but i think we should all be so thankful for having health and friends and family who loves us in this amazing world!

    I love these photos also, the colour red is so lovely. What a pretty background also


  3. Seeker, I had no idea! (That's what happens when you come late to a blog...) You know that yoga can be so helpful in managing one's self-judgment. I, as well as everyone else here, know that you look fabulous and that you have a fantastic spirit. Kxo

  4. I had read The Turning Point before and now I have read it again. It must really have been a life changing experience for you and it is pretty obvious to me that you chose life and you chose to be equal to the challenge and emerged as a stronger person... I admire your strength very, very much.
    On a different note, I have to tell you, this is my favorite outfit thus far!!! I couldn't love it more -- you look like you've just stepped out of Vogue -- you look STUNNING!!! And the town in the background is just lovely -- another thing to be thankful for.

  5. You are so, so right about the "musts" :) we all should do that!

  6. You look so lovely - I adore those red shoes. If I just looked at the pictures and didn't read your words, I wouldn't have guessed the inner trouble you're going through. I feel for you and know what that feels like - it's terrible to feel low about yourself. Your list of musts is my new lists of musts, so thank you for it! Give yourself big hugs, lovely Seeker!

  7. These pictures of you looking so beautiful, alive, and just stunning, need to be on your poster. I am so very grateful for your second chance. And, I am so grateful you share your journey with all of us.
    Huge hugs and lots of love to you.

  8. "I was feeling ugly, fat, with no creativity to manage my wardrobe, “needing” some new clothes"

    sometimes i get that feeling, too. but i get to accept that i should be happy just the way i am. if we think of those things that we're missing rather than that what we're having, we'll never be happy.

    i salute you and your hubby for that wonderful insight. =]

    you look very glamorous on that white top. really. ^^

  9. You are sooo gorgeous Seeker, wow baby you might as well surrender and buy me a cup of coffee sometime...:)

    I love the red shoes and the photography, the tilted head backwards and sideways just made me go oooooooooohhh... lol

    kisses baby

  10. You raised such a good point. And you can be so glad to have such a lovely husband to cheer you up! I hope I'll find one, too!

    You're such a pretty and well dressed women! Please don't forget it and you're a big example to me for never forget my style and my personality when I get older.

    Beautiful look by the way :).

  11. Oh Seeker, these are the best photos of you since I started following your blog. Super.

    Dare I say I share the same feeling? I was feeling very low as well.

    the list is very inspiring. Don't forget that you're not alone in this.

    Feel better soon. I'm sure you will.

  12. Your husband is a treasure!
    That list of TO-DO things is something we all should think about frequently, because we tend to forget them in the blur of everyday life.

    And, dear, the results were magnificient, you looked wonderful!!

  13. Today's photos look really nice, simple and smily. As always, I seek the smile.

    Damn, Duchess, you need to put that mood up up UP, and raise those hands and holler to life!

    We are beautiful... I am beautiful, tell that to yourself every morning, for God's sake! :)) it'll work!

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

  14. I get it...sometimes the 'second opportunity' isn't always the first thing we think about-but you have your fierce poses and keen sense of colour. Big kissesxxxxx

  15. And just look how you've turned it all around and what a great ensemble you've created!

    I agree with Agnes above about everything she said. You look so put together here, so smart and sleek, everything is perfectly in place and the pictures really do look like illustrations from a fashion magazine, they're exquisite!

    So take a look at those pictures and let them convince you that you're a fabulous and creative person, inside out. *hug*

    Please pass my greetings and a 'thank you' to your hubby from me for being such a great companion of yours in life and for cheering you up. :-) This is one of the reasons that make me respect him.

  16. Oh do not feel bad!! You look amazingly fantastic in this outfit!
    remember happy days, love life.

    Just letting you know, I received the sash in the mail today! Hooray.

  17. I always admire the way you add colors in your outfits so effortlessly! you look amazing in that blazer.

  18. This post is very interesting. i´ve read the post which you have link about your car accident and it touch me very deep (i don´t know how to say this)
    some events in our live can chance ourself and how we´re thinking about the world and all the people which are living on it.
    i have these mornings too! when i get up on the wrong side if my bed and then i´m thinking that i´m ugly,fad and all these thinks...
    i´ve never had an accident but there have been some events in my live when i´ve been thinking: i have to be happy! i have to be thankful for the things and friends and family too!
    hope you will have no more moments like this because you ain´t ugly,fad or something like this! ;)
    sorry for the long post but i had to write all the dings i´m thinking about!

  19. GASP!!! My jaw just fell to the floor, and hands-down, my favorite outfit shots!

    You'd better come claim your award... You absolutely deserve it!

  20. Well done hubby. Well done indeed.

  21. Have to say, I love your style!

  22. You're such a star, Seeker. I have a very similar mantra that I haul out when I'm feeling cruddy and it works wonders. One more thing to be grateful for: Looking and BEING a fabulous woman.

  23. I just read your story and was so moved. You are very inspiring, both for your inner strength and for your style and the joy you take in life. :)

    I'm sorry you had a bad morning, but I admire the way you pulled yourself out of it.

    This outfit is beautiful, and the backdrop is beautiful too! The place in which you live is so lovely.

  24. Dear Seeker, I think you are being sooooooo hard on yourself, you look absolutely glamourous and chic in this outfit...but I understand how you feel, we all have bad days now and again and feel incredibly sad, I know I do, I think that's part of embrace the sadness and allow yourself to feel the pain, it's okay to feel long as it doesn't happen too often. Well I hope that doesn't sound all preachy, it's so easy to give advice and so hard to follow one's own advice:) I just want you to feel better about yourself and be happier and enjoy living your second chance. At the same time, it's okay to feel your feelings, if we didn't ever feel sad we wouldn't know what happiness was because there would be nothing to compare it with.

  25. You are so elegant. fantastic look!

  26. oh my!!! love the red blazer, from head to toe you look fabulous.

    THANKS a lot for the wishes, mom sent her thanks too.

  27. wow. what a difficult time that must have been ...recovery. wow. it's so scary. You have come through to the other side. Congrats!

    You look fabulous in this outfit. It's got "confidence" written all over it.

  28. Great poses and fantastic look. I prefer without the jacket as your figure looks amazing in just shirt and trousers.

  29. this was really thought provoking and touching.i must remember to be thankful for all the little things we take for granted on a daily.thank for sharing this look fierce in red my dear.

  30. Don't be too hard on yourself. We all have those rough can't be in constant appreciation/joy every second! As long as you feel it overall in your life...

  31. Que linda!!!!
    Amei o look!!!
    Hug the trees!!! Dizem que abraçar as árvores nos transmite energias positivas, o poder da natureza!
    Amar-se! Very important!
    Fique bem!
    Está linda!

  32. love it, with and without the jacket!

    here i can't uise anything RED, the color is associated with our crappy president! and all of his people :(

    and you know i love reddddddddddddddd :(

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  34. It's always a great idea to make a "Gratitude List." It can make you feel better instantly.

    You look gorgeous, as always.

  35. How could you not love yourself looking so well in those wide leg pants. The cut really suits you and I love the backgrounds in the photos too.

    Seeker; never feel down on yourself; we will always love you.


    And Mr Seeker is a sweetheart!

  36. chic shoes. you inspire me. i'm going to get one for myself.

    take care

  37. Oh I adore this outfit! Such elegance!


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