Tuesday, 11 November 2008

TO - 11/11 - I missed my green belt...

"Anybody can become angry, that is easy; but to be angry with the right person, and to the right degree, and at the right time, and for the right purpose, and in the right way, that is not within everybody’s power, that is not easy."


So when was the last time you flew off the handle? I have a tendency to keep things bottled up and then I blow! Not a good habit.

The weather gods are crazy. Right now it’s raining, yesterday rained and in between made a warm sunny day that allowed me to take some outdoors pictures.

I’m not completely better of my sciatica, so I have to rotate between flats and heels… today it was flats day.

Today was also yoga class day… I feel so relaxed...

With the wind on my face and the ocean going on my backs

flat shoes - local store
dark gray pants - from my boxes
purple shirt -Vero Moda
pink shirt - Mango
purple and golden necklace - local store
black and green handbag - local store
sunglasses - mainland store
lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. You look so relaxed! I could use some warm sun. Next week they say it's going to be minus 20 C!?

  2. Sweet friend, sweet photos, beautiful heart, what else do I need? Thank you for making my afternoon, and thanks for the post and the glimpse... :)

    We learn to open up like a flower in a hot/cold desert... waiting for the faint sound of thunder, and that drink of clear water.

    kisses baby

  3. Yay, outdoor photos! Your island is so pretty.
    Purple is such a pretty color on you.

  4. I agree with Agnes. That color is great on you. =)

  5. hey the pink really suits you... tanks for you commenta i rally apreciate...kisses

  6. Beautiful pictures. Where you live must be lovely. I am still working on the award... How to post it and I don't know if I have seven people to give to, so I may have to break rules too hehe.

  7. Pink is a fabulous color on you. Is there any color you can't do? ;)

  8. you are the queen of color!! i just love your use of colors.. you look fantastic as usual!

  9. It has been a long time since I have totally popped my cork. I am not one for a lot of anger. It is not something I do very often.

    But sometimes it is good to get it out. Sorry the sciatica is still bothering you.

    K.line is right, you really do look very relaxed. Orchid is a great color on you.

  10. this green bag is fabulous darling! I love the way you look with the wind in your face. You look great! and, as the manner in which you must keep your anger and let everyone,do not try to change, only the work on reducing the level of anger, and you will be perfect!

  11. hi.. it's been a long time since i visited your site.....

  12. I'm going to try Yoga as an extra class next semester on school!

    hahaha ;)
    wiii outside photos!

    you look amazing:)

    PS: my second choice would be(more like it IS) Black or Green! Ilike blue but not that much :)

  13. What beautiful background for pictures of your outfit! As always, you look lovely!

    x Grayburn

  14. Looks like a nice day :)... great pictures.

    I don't get angry that often... I wish I could impress my feelings better sometimes.

  15. Seeker,

    I just went back and read your bad day blog. I then read about your accident. Oh how scary. That is one of my biggest fears; a car accident, it has kept me from travelling but I am getting over that. Again I am reminded of Kahlil Gibran and his writing about Joy and Sorrow. He was so brilliant.

    I have those days. I think they are what perfectionist suffer with.
    I am glad you came through and I can visit with you through the blog!

  16. beautiful pictures, and I love the purple shirt and handbag. you are also reminding me how badly i need a yoga class.

  17. wow these pictures are so cute :)
    your shoes are great!


  18. very stylish layering. yoga is great for relaxation and peace of mind.

  19. I love yoga too! Fuchsia is a great color for you, Seeker!

    Thanks for the happy birthday wishes and for the follow-up - it was great!!


  20. darling i love these images! you look so relaxed in them. I still love those flats and in reference to getting angry.. im awful and bottle up my feelings too. Its not a good and pretty thing when I then lose my temper,so working on that.
    these are my fave images of you sweetie.
    loving the backdrop.

  21. Linda senhora numa bela paísagem!
    A tua sciatica não te torna mais feia, pelo contrário !

    Beijinhos verdinhos

  22. you sure look really relaxed, love the pink and the different poses!!!

  23. as i said before, i love pink and i absolutely adore your green bag! pink/green-combos always look great, just as you do!

  24. Está linda de rosa! E com preto ficou bem adequado!
    Fique bem!
    O céu está lindo!

  25. These are great shots! Gee I want to visit you.

    I know I know. I should try more colours but I'm just too lazy.. that's why I enjoy seeing you everyday! :)

  26. i like the ocean in the background. so calm and relaxing. and of course, i like your pink shirt, too. ^^


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