Wednesday, 12 November 2008

TO - 11/12 - nude face…

I am imagination. I can see what the eyes cannot see. I can hear what the ears cannot hear. I can feel what the heart cannot feel.
~~Peter Nivio Zarlenga
What would life be without it?? But I have to ask… have you lost some of it along the way? I seem to have had tons when I was a kid, but somewhere along the line, logic also took some place. I am going to have to set aside a little time for some old fashioned day dreaming.
What was the last thing you day dreamed about?
Today we had a lunch party at the office and after that I left a little to take some pictures at the stairs’ Church near to my office.
I had no time to go retouch my lips, so today I’ve no lipstick…
Also was the first time I wear my faux leather pants. I felt powerful but yet cosy with my long cardigan.

By the way I found a not so long faux fur vest, but it’s enough… I’m waiting for it.

black oxford shoes - from mainland through a local store
black faux leather pants - Tally Weijl
studed belt - gift from sis and goddaughter
mustard blouse - Pautónia
gray long cardigan - Tally Weijl
purple scarf - local store
necklace - mainland store (detail)
perfume - Noa from Cacharel

I want to thank to Songy for the blog tip about the new Picasa version. I’ve tried it and I made my first collage (which is above)… now the sky can be the limit… when I learn a bit more.


  1. Quanto estilo!!!
    Super produção!!!
    Nude face no problem!
    Que lugar lindo! Adoro Igrejas!
    A frase inicial é linda!

  2. You're right, without our dreams we're nothing.

    Great pictures and yes, yes, yes, Songy is AWESOME!

  3. The place where you took your photos looks amazing

  4. Unbelievable! You look so sex-ay in those pants!

  5. ok , S*

    this is soooooo my favorite post on your blog !
    god the pictures are just amazing!!!!
    Love the contras of the clothes and the background!
    Those leather pants looook just amazing on you !

    can't wait to see that faux fur vest! :)

    ohh and that collage :)
    sky is the limit now !

  6. OMG!! You look fantastic!! I love this outfit and I love the new Picasa and how it allows you to play with the layout. Really, this is one of my favorites that doesn't include red.

  7. Seeker, you look so good in those pants! You have a very nice figure.

  8. This is one awesome outfit and it looks fantastic on you. I second Belette's sentiment; the best one yet. Yes, I have lost some imagination. I too am left brained and logical, but from time to time the imagination shines through. I am hoping that writing this blog will be an exercise in freeing up some creativity.

  9. oh, honey, this purple and mustard combo looks fantastic! and the pants are so hot! you work them so well! i'm jealous!

  10. You look great with those pants. fabulous. I'm so proud of you! Thank you for the shout out. That's so sweet. :)

  11. Oh I love the collage! Cool! And those shoes together with the pants and sweater...I'm stealing this look :)

    Imagination..yes we tend to lose some when we get wiser but really we shouldn't. I day dream every-day. It is what keeps me a creative person and sane. I used to work in an environment where I wasn't able to be creative and it nearly turned off my livelihood completely. No more!

    I'm doing good my friend and thanks for sweet of you xoxo Grayburn

  12. You look so hot in those pants and boots! And so pretty(: Without the lipstick too! Love your smile!

  13. OMG you rock the leather pants SO well!!!! <3 it!

  14. Hiiiii
    Thanks so much for your wishes dear ....
    I had an amazing wedding and i'm still enjoying my newly wed honeymoon days..hihi..

    take care,

    Lucy and Raymond

  15. BTW...
    you looked really nice here.....

    the colours that you matched go so well..
    and those pants... wow!!!

    looking fab as always dear!!

  16. Thank for visiting my blog .. She 'profile as all applications on the web blog!

  17. you look so great! everything is perect!!!

    my favorite outfit of yours :)

  18. You're so right!

    I love the pants - you look so hot wearing them.

  19. Thanks for your note :-) Yes, you're right, you did introduce me to Songy and for that and many other things I thank you :-)

  20. Gorgeous colors, enviable accessories ... you're the whole package, lady! And heels, too ... how are those tootsies feeling?

  21. I like the photograph in the middle. You are playful, charming... and I understand why you felt powerful!!

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

  22. dreams, no humanity. u look fab! love the pants on u... btw, what language do u speak??

  23. The pants look amazing! Power and beauty =]

  24. Wow-wow-wow! You look smoking hot in these pants. I love this look on you, it reminds me of something Samantha from Sex And The City would wear, very sexy :)

    I love the thoughtful quotes you put up, I had been wondering about doing something similar :)
    I daydream heaps, always have and always will. Dreaming=hope=life!

  25. so lovely!
    you have amazing taste- and your writing is delightful to read!

  26. Very hot )))

    have a nice week-end!

    hugs from Angel

  27. faux leather pants!!! love it!!! and love the layering and mix of colors!


  28. Wow your pretty rock lady! Yeah you look great!:D
    I love your boots and the belt! Great pictures!

    I think dreams connect our wishes with our live... there´re somthing special and sth. very very individually!

  29. I just had this conversation with a friend the other day. As a writer, you see, I can set free the flights of imagination... and of course, I'm not just daydreaming... this is hardcore research!


  30. Oh this is excellent! How did I miss this. Seeker not only do you look beautiful and have artfully chosen the setting to reflect this; you are completely suiting that outfit! You could be some designers muse, you know that.
    Ach, I am so impressed. Keep it up Hottie!

  31. love the quote. it fits me. lol.

    that faux leather pants and black shoes look gorgeous on you. it's a wow! =]

  32. OMGoshhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Dearest SEEker, I have been following your blog for only a short time now, but, I truly have enjoyed every post! I must tell u though, this outfit u have on in this post is absolutly FAB!!!!!! You look sooooo wonderful and now I have to wonder if maybe I could pull off a pair of faux leather jeans?? Well, not pull them off, but, you know what I mean, lol. The colors work so well in this outfit, and at least where I live, not many would be so daring to put yellow and purple together, although, I'm not sure why, as they do appear in nature together, but, that is getting off point, lol, sorry. Anyway, I am blonde headed and blue eyed, do u think these colors would work for me?? OH, and my skin is very fair. I truly respect your style and opinion, hope u can get back to me, but just whenever u have time my friend, thank you soo much for sharing, I love your blog, it's really fun to come visit! TAke care my friend,


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