Sunday, 16 November 2008

TO - 11/16 - walking in the city…

Continuing to show my love for hats, today once again I wore the same one as yesterday. It’s a crazy thing that this hat seems to fit so different looks.

Hats draw attention, so it takes confidence to wear one well… (I’m still working on mine…)
If you’re a working woman don’t expect a hat will be the salvation for a bad hair day. If you’re going to work you should take your hat off when you get there.
Besides if you’re wearing a cloche hat (a 20’s felt hat that resembles a bell) you can ruin a great hair do.

Up until about 1960, hats were a basic component of every man's and woman's wardrobe in most of occidental countries, regardless of his or her profession or social class. The rules required men to remove their hats indoors and when speaking to a woman.
Hats for women were an obligation. We were not to go bareheaded anywhere. Our hats, which were often pinned on, remained on our heads indoors and out.
The etiquette of wearing hats evolved and still revolves around showing respect.
Nowadays, as I’ve been learning, it’s appropriate for men and women to wear casual hats in public areas like a store, hallway or building lobby that you are just passing through. Once you reach your destination - a restaurant, museum, theatre, office, and home - removing your hat shows respect to those around you.
Hat etiquette also requires you always take off your casual hat at a meal in a home or restaurant. Again, a woman's hat that is clearly part of her dressy ensemble remains on in a restaurant or a formal tea but generally is removed when dining in a home.

So do you enjoy hats? Are you aware of hat etiquette? What do you think of it?

red shoes - local store
red tights - Calzedonia
gray pencil skirt - from my boxes
houndstooth top - Zara
red belt -Tally Weijl
black retro inspired coat - Vero Moda
bracelet - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)
pearl necklaces - mainland store
black hat - mainland store
lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel

exploring the red details


  1. darling red looks FANTASTIC on you! you dont need to work on your confidence as you carry hats of fabulously! love them on you.

  2. I absolutely love your outfit -- so classy!

    Oh, I love hats. Berets, newsboy caps, cloche hats, you name it.

  3. What a gorgeous outfit!You look FABULOUS with or without the hat...
    You and your Goddaughter should go together into fashion, you both know how to match the colors and the styles.
    Great job!

  4. yes I do, but not as much anymore. For a while in my twenties I wore a hat almost everyday. But I have largely put them away.

    Here in America, hats were an icon in men and womens norm. However, they went largely extinct when the late President JFKennedy swore into office that January day. He removed his hat and since then all men abandoned wearing hats altoghether. Except for baseball hats which I think are quite tacky.


  5. I have now given you an award, please come see!

  6. Once again you have put together such a gorgeous outfit with my favourite colour red, it is so subtle, yet so full of energy and life :)

  7. Are you kidding me? Is that a photo shoot?Are you channeling Coco Chanel???? LOVE this. All of it. But, all that red. J'adore!!!

  8. oh wow

    That collage image totally works. well done. I love all your reds. very evocative.

  9. Nice blog... Are you interesting in a link exchange with my blog :
    Bottes pas cher
    Marina (from France)

  10. You look so beautiful.

    When I decide to wear a hat/beret I do it because of a bad hair day - and hope that I don't have to put it up anywhere.

    I miss the times a hat was a real part of an outfit.

  11. I love your outfits! I bought a hat last week just as yours at Dayaday shop in Seville. I´m willing to wear it. Maybe next weekend.

  12. I love your look today!! A pretty 20s vibe... :)
    I'm concerned about the hats etiquette but as I only wear them for fighting the outdoors cold, I didn't know much of indoors etiquette... so thanks for sharing :D

  13. I think this is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite look of yours! You look so so classic in the black & white sans the red section;

    Love the hat and the strings of pearls you got around your neck and wrist and the houndstooth is GORGEOUS!

  14. Oh girl I love those red tights! Hats are my thing also now. I have heard that silk scarves eliminate hat hair but have yet to try them. I do often take my hat off when I am going to stay somewhere for long but I never on the subway. It does take guts to wear hats!

    hope you had a relaxing weekend,

  15. Olá mor

    Acho que estás "espantastica" muito chanel e claro adoro ver-te de chapeu


  16. This outfit is so chanel ish! & the red details is so awesome. I LOVE THE HAT!

  17. love love the hate and love the ourfit and the accents of red!!!!

    and YES, i love love love hats but here in sunny sunny cali it doesnt get too cold and gets too hot often that i cant wear them too much. but when i can i do!


  18. you look very chic!! I love the chanel vibe..

  19. This is my new favorite outfit, Seeker!

    I am aware of hat etiquette. Those in my town, however, are woefully UNaware. Many wear hats inside, at restaurants, while eating. Alas.

  20. wow! you are so fancy!
    like a lady from before :)

    a kiss!!!

  21. You look stunning - I think this is my favourite outfit of yours!

  22. AMAZING!!!! i love the pops of red!

  23. Oh my goodness - I love this, you look like Jackie O!! Very elegant :)

  24. oooh,,,I LOVE this look!!!! The red tights!!!! so great ...and the hat....just awesome!!!!!

  25. You look so Coco Chanel :) so, so chic!

  26. Seeker!! How do u do it my friend?? You are just to fab baby!!! lol, love the red, and u do look awesome as usual!!! Keep it up, I'm learning alot from u! take care,
    Julian :)

  27. I have to tell you one more time. I LOVE this outfit. I wish I had an award to give you for best outfit of the year.

  28. I LOVE THIS, its like something out of the 50's, u look stuuning

  29. I am totally pointing my peeps to this post. What a great explanation of hat etiquette! And LADY what a phenomenal outfit! Oh, I love everything about it. Houndstooth and red is one of my favorite combos.

  30. great outfit!
    love that red belt :)

  31. ok thie setting is amazing!

    you look so chic!

    love it ALL!

    and thosee boots! (L)

  32. ok now i realize that those are shoes plus tights, my eyes confused me


  33. oh, i wish more people, men especially, would wear hats!

  34. fantastic, i love the retro feel of your shots, and the red - wow. you totally pull off a hat. and thanks for the etiquette, I always try and get away with wearing my hat indoors during the winter.

  35. Hi dear!

    Now these photos have made me stop and stare in awe. Again, it's as if they were made for a fashion magazine, very professional. You have once again managed to create an amazing outfit, and you look absolutely regal on the second picture (on the right).


    *still staring in awe*

  36. Wow. This looks like it is straight out of a magazine.


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