Tuesday, 18 November 2008

TO - 11/18 - at Hope Street...

Today I went to the hairdresser to retouch my hair. I don’t want to be rich with some silver hair… ;)

Thank you Sister!!!!
I received today the yoga matt you sent me. It’s soooooooo cool, the teacher liked it a lot. Of course I took it today to my class, and it helped a lot not to slip when doing the asanas .
No, mother’s Birthday card didn’t arrive.

I wasn’t satisfied… I felt like I was in a fashion crisis.
I don’t plan my outfits in advance. Every morning, according to my mood, the weather and what I’ve to do, I choose my outfit.
So when I wake up I never know what I’m going to wear. And some days I have to run to leave home on time.
Today was one of those days. It seemed that I was blocked… creativity “nay”.
I started to feel very anxious so I picked something mixed it up and come like this.
I think I have no enough transition clothes… or just the weather use to be colder in November.
Yes, I’m in a fashion crisis…
Maybe that’s why I took these pictures at Hope Street…

black oxford shoes - from mainland through a local store
bordeaux tights - Calzedonia
black pencil skirt - H&M
berry belt - Stradivarius
yellow sweater - Zara
black biker jacket - Stradivarius
blue and black scarf - flea market
lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. hey seeker you are making grate outfits lately, love the lather pants, and the looks whit the biker jacket even in the crisis you look adorable, i`m steel try to find one....

  2. loving the scarf... thanks for the comment....

  3. I know I say this every day, but I really love your island.

  4. Like Agnes, I really love seeing pictures of your beautiful island. I think that is you ever went to Venus you would miss your beautiful home. Love the bordeaux tights!!

  5. Hey u adorable Seeker u!! lol, So, this is your "fashion crisis" outfit??? How do u do it?? :) I love it!! It truly amazes me the things u can put together and make it all work!!:) You are brilliant my friend!! Talk again soon, and thank you for your comment on my blog, oh and one more thing, I didn't wear the purple and yellow today because it was to cold! lol, so I'm planning on wearing it tomorrow and will get a pic, thank you again! Byeeeeee!
    Julian :)

  6. I'm oficially a fan of those tights and that Biker Jacket!!!


  7. I know how those days are! They mix a girl right up!

    I think you look very well put-together, so don't worry. The tights are superb.

  8. Oh, but you look really good, don't worry, my dear. I love the tights and the jacket. I saw a pair of shoes similar to your oxford's and I remember you, they were red. Cute but not my style

    Take care!

  9. Hi I think the outside posts you are working on these days are great. The cobblestones, and the red with red and red, very elegant if I can say.

    I still love the black leather jacket... :)

    Ciao baby

  10. I plan my looks in the evening. I don't like to be in stress in the morning. But I love what you wear today.

  11. That's what I do, too, because sometimes I plan my next day's outfit and when I wake up I'm not in the mood for it, or the ground is wet or who knows... so I have to rethink it anyway!

    Your today's look, to have been thought in a rush, came out really well, I like the smooth contrast of colours :)

    And please, post a picture of the yoga matt, I'm a yoga analphabet!

  12. I know what you mean, a good mat is so important for yoga. So much easier for doing the downward dog!

    Interesting connection to Hope street. It is soooo cold here too.

    luv, Grayburn

  13. u call that fashion crisis?! gosh mama. hahaha! :D i like ur scarf and stockings! so hot! :) mwah!

  14. Love your tights! Have been wanting to get some of those burgundy tights for the longest time! And your booties!

    Oh and I never realise, but it's so special that you've put in the scent which you're wearing for the day(: Gives us an idea of your mood and aura which you're giving off!

  15. I think you're making particularly lovely outfits lately! For a crisis outfit, this is fantastic :) I love the leather jacket over the short skirt and tights, you look wonderful.

    A xx

  16. amazing as usual!! the color queen!!!

  17. I always have to have some idea of what I might wear the next day so knowing the weather forecast is essential! But this is an amazing outfit - i wish my crises outfits looked this good!!

  18. It doesn't look like you're having a crisis to me! I love it. The jacket is wonderful and those two colours together are great!

  19. I'm glad you like the yoga mat.
    Enjoy it as much as you can.
    Love your pose near the Theater Angrense.

  20. i want to marry coloured tights.

  21. I think you look very very pretty and if i would have this clothes i would war it too!
    Great outfit, i love the colors!
    Hope you had an wonderful day and a lot things to laugh about!
    you sad you wish the best to me and i´m very happy about it! you made me smile! my day was wonderful because my boss sad to me that she is very proud of my and happy how i make my work!
    Love you to, take care and thank you!

  22. Oh i´ve forgotten: I tagged you!

  23. Mesmo in fashion crisis ficou linda!
    Você sabe se vestir!
    Pode se considerar sem crise, porque está ótima!


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