Wednesday, 19 November 2008

TO - 11/19 - the furry vest…

And the same handbag you’ve seen many times.
I have to be honest… I’m not a bag’s woman.
Of course I like bags. I have other bags. I love what they can do for an outfit. How they make a statement or be classic.
But my problem is I just have no time to be constantly changing of bag.
That’s it.
When I come home I throw it to some place and if meanwhile I don’t need something that’s inside, I just pick it when I’m leaving home.
Ops, I did it again… showed my weakness…

Today I wore my new furry vest, what do you think?

black ankle boots - local store
dark gray pants - from my boxes
studeed belt - long time gift from a magazine
mustard blouse - Pautónia
furry vest - Tally Weijl
watch necklace - DIY
bracelet - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)
black and green handbag - local store
sunglasses - mainland store
lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. That vest is really fantastic! It is perfect with your trousers.

    I bet you turned a lot of heads wearing that today!

  2. The vest is excellent. It looks so authentic! Did you buy it on your island?

  3. great outfit.
    love the vest.
    hope it's not real :*

    i MEANT TO ask you, where do you live?

  4. Your island is still beautiful.

    I have a very similar vest -- love it! :-D

  5. Looks fierce darling! But I must ask,
    it's not real fur, is it?
    Posh & Lady Sao

  6. Ok that vest is totally amazing!

    Sorry i didn't respond earlier about the Univ question, everything is doing great Im having a hard time with one subject called "calculo" but the rest is just fine :)
    How about you !? Hows your foot?

  7. Hi Seeker!

    I must say that your Jett Black hair with those Black Shades? Very elegant, and the yellow goes just need with the furrrrr..


  8. so lovely!
    i LOVE that yellow on you! and that bag is wonderful!

  9. those colors are amazing on you and once again I love the setting. Is that your town square? The architecture is beautiful.

  10. Even though furry things are not really my taste, I must admit you look very good in it :)

  11. love your furry vest.i have one similar but in faux fur.darling why change that bag when its super yummy!i think it adds a punch to everything ! love it.

  12. I'm the same way, I love purses, have so many but just too lazy to change around all the time..and so I would forget my keys too!

    I love a furry vest but never have the guts to wear one. But I do love them in D&G's collection.

    wow the weekend is coming around so soon again! where has this week gone? x Grayburn

  13. What a vest. Tell you what, that bag qualifies you as a bad lady!

  14. I looooove your vest... so cozy and comfortable :)... and I'm also not really a handbag girl.

  15. What do I think? I'm torn between "you're my hero" and "my object lust/jealousy is giving me tremors." But we'll go with "hero," though, because no one deserves to look this fab as much as you do, beautiful.

  16. That vest is really gorgeous! feel so warms and comfy!!!

    thanks for the sweet comment!!

  17. wow your vest! i adore it! and wonderful combination with this yellow shirt!

    kisses melmo

  18. Olá Mor

    Só para dizer que te acho Linda com o teu colete novo

    Bejinho Doce


  19. That vest is great! And I use the same bag 99% of the time too, otherwise I'm always forgetting important things like keys and wallets in the other bag :P

  20. Adorei o look!
    Tenho um colete parecido com esse. É lindo!
    A bolsa eu acho super!

  21. You look like the epitome of chic. Love it!!

  22. I think it's fantastic... I'm glad you found one,and it's perfect on you!!!

    Love these outdoor shots dear... gorgeous!

  23. darling its so beautiful it didnt look synthetic! gosh im going to have to come round and knick that from your wardrobe,its so yummy i wrongly assumed it was real fur. i want it Enc!!muah xxx

  24. Hello my sweet friend!!! And once again u truly amaze me!!! The vest is absolutly gorgeous and an equally gorgeous lady wearing it!!I did wear my yellow and purple, and everyone loved it!!, however, I forgot to get a pic, so I think I'll have to wear it again soon so I can get a pic for u, but now the furry vest really has me intrigued, might have to do some shopping this weekend!!! lol I love handbags and shoes as well, and I love to change out the bag when I have time, but seldom does it permit. I wish u and I could go shopping together someday, it would be a blast!!! maybe someday :) take care my friend,
    Julian xoox

  25. ooh, I also agree that the outdoor shots are phenomenal. {better :)}

  26. you know, i don't like fur, even if it's fake, but GOSH! that vest is beautiful!

  27. so kute!!! faux or not it's still quite hot.

  28. It's very stylish :) and I'm glad is faux fur!

  29. i noticed the creativity of this post. keep it up.

    i like the shade of that bag. pretty. ^^

  30. Yay for yellow, one of my favorite colors!

  31. I love that vest! It looks so warm and cozy: now that the temperature is below zero here that's something I find very desireable and tempting. :-)


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