Friday, 21 November 2008

TO – 11/21 – at the main plaza…

As the holiday season approaches, I find myself thinking more and more about the topic of… happiness and what it means.

Happiness is produced not so much by great pieces of good fortune that seldom happen, as by little advantages that occur ever day ~ ~ Benjamin Franklin

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. ~~ Albert Schweitzer

What’s the use of worrying?
It never was worth while,
So pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag,
And smile, smile, smile. ~~ George Asaf

It is one of the beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. ~~ Emerson, Ralph Waldo

If only we could remember some of these quotes when we need them most, our lives would be a lot more satisfying! Don’t you think??

black ankle boots - local store
green pants - from my boxes
green belt - Stradivarius
green scarf - flea market
black blazer - local store
mulberry sweater - Hubby's gift from mainland
bracelet - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)
silver brooch - gift
black hat - mainland store
black and green handbag - local store
lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel

at the main plaza with the City Hall behind


  1. I love the A.S. quote -- so true.

    Great colors, as usual. That hat sure looks good on you :-)

    Have a great weekend.

  2. lots of inspiring quotes. love it.

    what a lovely place and a lovely outfit of yours. cool. ^^

  3. I love the green scarf. I am not so good at wearing them. I guess I need practice.

  4. I love the green and purple!

  5. You look AMAZING as usual!!! Such a great outfit!! ...and again, the outdoor photos are just phenomenal!!!

    A quote I am in love with by unknown author:
    "Life isn't about finding yourself's about creating yourself"

  6. Green and purple are so great on you. I am so loving this outside photo series.
    Hope your weekend is filled with feelings of happiness.

  7. I'll second La Bel's comment about the green and purple. They're both great colors for you.

  8. I want a pair of pants just like that, I'm jealous!!
    I love the shoes too you are so cute.
    Thank you again for the awards, I will leave you a special note on my blog soon xx

  9. I love the quotes! Great selection!

    The last picture is soo cute, too! I like your look - like always ;).

  10. Happiness is the key to success.. this is what I'm trying to work out. I'm successful by outsider's standards. I'm unhappy. So there you have it. Great looking chic you are!

  11. Amazing and impeccably stylish )

  12. Sweetheart thank you for your sincere and very thoughtful comments!they always make me smile as i know we live in a massively busy thank you for always taking the time out to leave me your thoughts.
    This post was made for me my love as im such a worrier! I suffer from insomnia and this is majorly due to lying in bed and worrying about all kinds of stuff. Your post really reminds me that all that worrying results to nought!
    Now on to your outfit...I LOVE IT MY DEAR!!i adore the peg pants on you!!! love that shade of green and the way you rolled them up is darling with the ankle boots!Now a stylish knows how to play with tricky proportions ! you ALWAYS get it right!im coming to visit to knick that yummy bag! ;o)
    have a lovely wknd my Sweet,thank you again for the inspiration on not worrying and happiness.

  13. your last picture is great :)
    your outfit is also great. love the colours and your blazer!!!

  14. you look too cute. happiness is what we make of it. if i am happy then i have happiness. no amount of money or material things can make a person truly happy.

  15. One finds true happiness as we accept our limitations and stop trying to change what we cannot.

    I cannot remember who wrote this quote but it goes something like this:

    " you may only be a plant, and you know that you'll never grow to be a beautiful tree. Just make sure you are the best plant you can be."

  16. As frases são lindas e realistas!
    Realmente, se pudéssemos nos lembrar delas quando precisamos seria ótimo, mas acredito que se as lermos sempre e passarmos a praticar as coisas boas que lemos, quando precisarmos, elas nos virão à mente!
    Adorei a bolsa combinando com o lenço!

  17. What a great outfit, a great 3th picture and woman :D
    you look very beautiful and the colours are very special but it looks good! wish you a great weekend!

  18. yay to you in hats! and luckily, whenever i'm brooding i get a bit of a kick in the ass from my man. but it's really hard not to worry sometimes!

  19. Looks beautiful where you are...

  20. i love how you can rock that top hat...

    your style is fab, dear..

    and getting better everytime i drop by!!!

    catherine ashley

  21. You look so chic! Wow! Great pictures!

  22. aaaa i have a lot of catch up to do with you !


    Benjamin Franklin's quote is for me the best one :)

    loved the contrast that the green scarf gives to your outfit!

  23. ohhh! how i love the green scarf! very well-done, honey!

  24. Very, very elegant! Also, as a beauty-blogger I can't help but notice that you have beautiful, smooth skin! Hats still look great on you, btw. ;-)


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