Saturday, 22 November 2008

TO – 11/22 – playing housewife…

It’s raining. Why must rain on Saturdays?
Saturdays are the days I mostly play housewife ;) You know, the days I have more time to do something at home, cleaning, taking care of clothes, going to the supermarket…
So I went to the supermarket to buy some groceries. I just needed to be comfortable, so I picked a casual and cosy look with a nude face.

Hope everybody is having a great weekend.

flat shoes - local store
purple pants - from my boxes
gray cardigan - Vero Moda
plaid blouse with bow - H&M
green belt - Stradivarius
purple necklace wore as a bracelet - Parfois
green earrings - flea market
black and green handbag - local store
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. Great photos.. and love the outfit..

  2. ok, you look so much better than I do when you go to the supermarket! and those are some cute shopping carts.

  3. If it's any consolation it has been raining in Sydney for days and windy and generally yuk...

    and it's Spring time!

  4. Yeah, you look real comfy! I am a huge fan of plaid shirts with sweaters.

  5. You make shopping look chic. Love how the cart looks great with your outfit. Hope it stops raining and the you are having a lovely weekend.

  6. You'd be the most chic lady at the supermarket!

  7. I always thought that on it was always sunny on sundays

  8. i have an award for you c",)

  9. You picked yourself out a perfect little saturday shoppig look, layd back but still with class and style

  10. That's the greatest shopping cart I have ever seen. German shopping carts look so boring :(.

  11. oh in germany it's snowing ^^ terrible i don't like snow.

    you look beautiful, dear.
    love your blouse and your trousers. I'm looking for some like them but I can't find such ones. =/

  12. Dressed like that, you look like you should have your maid do your shopping. What? you don't have a maid?

  13. Love the blouse and green belt! Eurgh and I hate rainy weekends, I'd much rather it rain on weekdays!

  14. what a lovely belt! love it! mwah! miss u mama seeker! :D

  15. Hahahah love the photos wit the trolley :D I used to want to bring them home secretly ALL THE TIME =X

  16. Love the outfit! The belt look great!

  17. Até para ir ao supermercado você é elegante!

  18. Here we have had some troubles with the rain, i ve been with no phone since thurday, im lucky to have internet (thought its really slow)

    a part of the city is in state of emergency (hate the rain so much in this moment) !

    But i'm fine:),

    that green belt is rocking my eyes!


    ps: you told me that you 've been having mood issues! why s that?

  19. Seeker you put a lovely effort into your grocery-shopping look! I never try this hard.

  20. Where do you live to have shopping trolleys like that? I have never seen them like that before. America?


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