Monday, 24 November 2008

TO – 11/24 – OMG what did the wind do to my hair…

Are You a Tree Hugger?
Once I did a quiz about it and I got this so funny answer: “You are so huggable a tree might consider marrying you.”
But the true is that I love to hug the trees. One can feel so energized.
But I haven’t hugged trees for a while, until today…

I want to thank all my blogging friends that commented about my Blogiversary.
Once again you were so nice and kind with me. I’m grateful for having you all as my friends.


black ankle boots - local store
blue skinny pants - Vero Moda
mustard cardigan - Vero Moda
black thin belt - from a skirt
blouse - Mango
black trench - Zara
lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. I love those jeans on you - and that little mustard top. And yay for hugging trees :)

  2. The tree looks real happy about being hugged. I love the mustard cardigan a lot!

  3. hehe:) you look so cute when you hugged that tree... hehe:) nice color combination by the way!

  4. Hi oh I just love your smile Seeker, how cute you hugging that tree and your finger pointing at your lips... LOL

    you are sooo cool


  5. What a great color combo! You look so happy hugging the tree. :D

  6. Wind just thinks you are pretty and it wanted to be close to you.Can't blame the elements for having good taste.;-)

  7. Sorry, cheguei tarde à festa...:-(
    Ainda aceitas os meus parabéns ?

    Beijinhos verdinhos

  8. Those blue skinnies are so fabulous!! The color combination is amazing as always.

    Thanks for checking in on me. I am still striving to find a flow in my new life. Hopefully things will settle down soon.

    Happy Blog Anniversary again. Your blog is so advanced that I thought you had been doing this for years.

  9. I love the combo of blue and mustard yellow :)

  10. The colors are so vibrant! So much fun! I got to admit; I wouldnt dare to wear such colors! But youlook great!

    Happy Blogiversay! And your husband's just so sweet!

  11. amazing! your jeans are gorgeous! the colour is wow!
    the last picture is sooo cute. love it!

  12. You are TOO CUTE. Love those electric blue pants ... almost as much as I love you giving big hugs to that big tree! And BIG congrats on your blogiversary. It's quite an accomplishment.

  13. there's something about wearing primary colors that just seems so unique

  14. that mustard cardi is amazing!

  15. I have to admit: I also hug trees :)... your look is really cute! Love the bright colored pants!

  16. so great cARDI. with the thin belt! I love it!!!

    a kiss friend!

  17. wOW!
    Loved those blue skinny pants!!

    and the mustard cardigan too, i love how it all looks together!


  18. I'm really loving all the outdoors shots, and the colors are fabulous on you!!!!

    Okay, I admit... then I saw the last image and practiclly fell out of the chair!!! lol

    Amazing, and so adorable!!!

  19. wind does gorgeous things to your hair!

  20. Do I need to say I loved the last picture???????

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

  21. OMG i love your skinny jeans mama! a real killer! :D

  22. i just noticed. ur shoes are just adorable! :D

  23. Linda como sempre!
    Quanto à árvore, gosto muito de estudo sobre energização, e já li sobre isso, que abraçar árvores realmente nos energiza muito. E também ajuda a neutralizar energias indesejáveis.
    Adorei! Mais um ponto temos em comum!

  24. sweet pictures! i'm in love with your blue pants! nice colour-combination!


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