Wednesday, 26 November 2008

TO – 11/26 – mixing styles and still look professional…

Today I needed a more professional look, but still wanted to incorporated some embellish pieces.

I’m so sorry, I’m feeling very tired.
We’ll talk better tomorrow.

black ankle boots - local store
wide-legs pants with black belt – H&M
green argyle vest - Vero Moda
brown shirt with laces - Vero Moda
Prince of Wales blazer - from my boxes
black and green handbag - local store
culture pearls necklace - Hubby's gift
brooch - Hubby's gift
lipstick - L'Oreal
lipgloss - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel

Space for a collage with details


  1. someone needs some platic surgery...

  2. Get some rest dear, but know this... I'm coming to steal your lovely green argyle!!!

    Happy Holiday!!!


  3. it okay honey!
    go and rest first.. relax and free ur mind from problems.....

  4. The background for your photos is really pretty.

  5. This outfit is definitely in my top 5. Just awesome.

    Hope you get a good night's sleep. :-)

    P.S.: I have an award for you here:

  6. Hi I really like those brown units and the design on the top is very elegant. Thank you for displaying for us such fashion and style. I am proud of you... :)

    No worries I am usually Mr. Exhausted...

    Ciao baby

  7. Loved the Vest!

    ps: you look very tired in the 3rd picture! are you ok ?

  8. Very sharp. What's up with that face Sharon-Rose comment?! :-(

  9. i love pearls! they add instant class to an outfit.
    hope you can get enough rest.

  10. Hey Seeker my friend, u look awesome as usual!!! :) I found a bag similar to yours, its black and blue, and does have some green toward the bottom when the light hits it just rihgt!lol I know what u mean about being tired, I'm exhausted this week, but the weekend will be here soon my friend, take care hun, talk again soon, luvyas :)

  11. Hi there-This is Sharon Rose (no hyphen and a picture)-thanks for stopping by on my blog regarding the above comment you received. Firstly, I wouldn't leave comments like this-most definitely not my style. Now I'm here though, I'd like to say I do love your personal style and the colours are spot on for autumn. Please feel free to stop by on my blog and rest assured, I don't make negative or rude comments, anyone who knows me well in the blogging world will testify to that. A lot of your bloglist are regulars on mine too and know I wouldn't say things like this.

  12. Hi again-in light of the comment you received earlier, I've done a post on this. Check it out if you can.

  13. What a horrible comment from that person calling themselves Sharon-Rose. You might be tired today , but you look very elegant here!

  14. Wow, that Sharon Rose comment! Taken one way, it could be a joke, but taken another way, could be hurtful. What did she mean?

    Seeker, I love the silhoutte those pants give you, it's very sleek, but perfectly curvy. The color is right on with your vest.

  15. Hi there-Just received your comment earlier, thanks so much for dropping by, its much appreciated my dear. I've also added you to my bloglist, so we can keep in contact properly now!

  16. Horrible first comment! Please don't take it too serious... it's just rubbish!

    Love your look - the pants have a great fit.

  17. I love how you are posing :D
    i´m very proud to hear from you that you are agree that point with the open window in the morning ;)
    Loving your outfit, the colors are dressing you well, sunshine!

    About the new haricolour: I think the 3rth one is the best for me... but brown is such a nice colour!:/
    btw: i love your haircut!

  18. I like the green vest, it is a classic!

    a kiss :)

  19. I would love to do this dear!
    adn you are NOT to old!
    It's a page fpr every age and I'll look for your best outfit :D

    this one is reall good. love the brown pants great fit and great combination!

  20. the color combination my dear Seeker... really compliment the back-ground scenenery too ;) Have a great rest! ~Blessings as always ;)

  21. You look fabulous! a perfect professional look!
    The place where you live looks like a wonderfull and beautifull place!

  22. Now I was worried by your intro as I always think professional tends to equal boring but of course I should have known that didn't apply to you! Really good look, very vibrant I love attidude in clothes.

  23. thanks for leaving a comment about my beloved dog... i'll treasure every moment with her...

  24. Acho verde com marrom uma ótima combinação!
    Fique bem!

  25. That's a very sharp look. I bet it went down well.


  26. Awww...get lots of rest soon. The weekend is upon us!

    x Grayburn

  27. oh this is just fab! I love the last photo sans the jacket!! brilliant!

  28. your blazer is great, darling!


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