Monday, 8 December 2008

I went to the Opera…

Yesterday night we went to the Opera, to see “Madame Butterfly” by Puccini.

It was an event to the Island… you know. It happened at the City Theatre, but unfortunately I didn’t feel it was a great exhibition.
Many things could have contributed for that, for example the theatre conditions.
I wore the outfit below, something “casual chic”, not too ceremonial not too casual.

Today here it’s a Holy Holiday and we have a party at my friend T’s home, it happens that I have a huge migraine and lots of things to do (like check your blogs).
OMG when will I stop to rush against time?????

Oh I did a soft make-up...

red shoes - local store
black wide-legs pants - C&A Clockhouse
black lace top - Cortefiel (detail)
red and black plaid coat with faux fur collar - Tally Weijl
red bag - Bata
culture pearls necklace - Hubby's gift
bracelet - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)
lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. Woo! So great for the holiday season! Love the red shoes! You look Fab!

  2. Oh, this is a GREAT look!
    Have a great time at T's :-)

  3. Você está linda!
    Todo o look está excelente!
    O casaco é maravilhoso!
    E o sapato combinando com a bolsa ficou muito chic!

  4. That coat is 100% fantastic. But oh, a migraine! Hope you're able to get a quick headache-relieving nap in before the party ...

  5. Your outfit looks lovely. I too saw Madame Butterfly, but our seats were so far back it wasn't worth going. Have a lovely day!

  6. it's been so long since I've seen madame butterfly! hope you enjoyed it!! you look marvelous btw, as always :)

  7. Looking so GLAMarousss!
    I would love to watch opera live performance one day... so far only on YOUTUBE...hee! Glad the post brought some happy thoughts this Christmas season dear... Time to celebrate a great Birthday! (although the date might not been accurate...) Anyhow;"JOY to the world...still"~Blessings as always*

  8. ooh madame butterfly! me and the hubby have seen it, did you like it?

    i adore your jacket!

  9. fantastic!
    I never been in an opera...fantastic that you did!

    a kiss friend!

  10. Migraine? No, I am so sorry. Feel better. Opera? I love Puccini. Madame Butterfly always makes me cry. You? You are gorgeous and look amazing!!!! Love that jacket and those shoes and that bag!!:-)

  11. Oh Madame Butterfly... you're so lucky. I imagine it was nothing short of spectacular.

    And you look incredible in this plaid little number sweets.

    Always do.


  12. You look absolutely gorgeous!
    Too bad you had a migrane...they are definitely party ruiners...Hope you are feeling better and smiling as you are reading this post! Smiling helps fix any situation :)

  13. I wish my town was close enough to have an opera :(
    i loving the coat with the fur.

  14. That jacket is incredible! The faux fur collar frames your face beautifully.

  15. Love those red shoes peeping out.

  16. Hi there-thats a totally gorgeous jacket, very stylish and cosy!

  17. I know the feeling very well. But isn't it great that our passions drive us to do all these things in life! Don't stress over x'mas dear. Just let it be the way you feel ok?

    x Grayburn

  18. hmm, i like the look. I love going going to the theater. Hope u had fun

  19. Majestic I'll say, seeker.

    I hope you enjoyed the show.. operas make me sleepy. :P

  20. love the coat, you look great! sorry about the opera, I love the opera but a bad production is like torture.

  21. Camile Saint-saens is better than Puccini! Pretty nice red shoes! So long!

  22. elegant!! Seeker you looked lovely for the show.
    I'm sorry about your migraine. I hope it goes before the party.Have a great time at the party dear.

  23. Um verdadeiro evento na Terceira!

    Estavas muito bem!;-)


  24. i love my scarf as well though the threads get caught on my just manicured nails very easily which bugs me so much! i hope you recover from your migrain, i get them pretty often =(, and i am loving your very co ordinated outfit. it seems you feeling rather festive hence the red. and i am sure it is just a phase the whole lack of time thing. =) x

  25. sorry to confuse you, i just found your most recent comment =S
    the iPod lives!!! i am so happy and my mum will never know =)
    i would never be allowed a new iPod for christmas as we are alredy getting a wii which has been sent back and we have a new one so all is good! thank you for your concern, you are so sweet! x

  26. I just love Puccini! And you look so beautiful! I really like your coat.

  27. I love the coat, it is stylish!

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

  28. you coat is gorgeous. and i love the red accessories.
    look adorable :)

    yes of course you can show taht you are on chicisimo on your sidebar perhaps you can say that they can send me pics 2!

    kisses melmo

  29. I love the coat. Have fun at your party.

  30. Too the Opera? Sounds just divine.. and you look great to boot!!

  31. grate outfit for the ocassion, love black and red... kisses

  32. lovely! those shoes are so so amazing!!

  33. Look lindo!
    Programa maravilhoso!
    Tá frio aí, é?

  34. Olá Linda

    Como Venus está em aquário até dia 3 de Janeiro está na altura de dizermos às pessoas o que sentimos por elas por isso eu gostava de te dizer que te AMO muito, que te admiro por tudo o que tens conseguido e como esta conjuntura priviligia as relações amorosas temos de fazer o tal jantar adiado em desde Agosto.
    Outra das coisas que pode acontecer é dedicarmo-nos a artes bizarras espero que a limpeza da casa não esteja incluida.

    Beijinho grande

    O Viajante

  35. perfect outfit! i love how you combine classic things with a trendy piece!

  36. FUR and a night at the Opera - how civilized.

  37. That is a stunning coat!

    I do very much love this outfit! You look very 'opera'ish :)

  38. Claro linda Seeker, que podes "levar" e não "roubar" tudo o que queres no meu blog ! Nada está bloqueado no meu cantinho !

    Beijinhos verdinhos

  39. we saw Madame Butterfly at the sydney opera house a couple of years ago. It was wonderful! I remember intermission being surrounded by people drinking champagne. It felt so grown up!

    I love your jacket.

  40. Classy classy! I love the coat! You have some wonderful stand out pieces.

  41. The rush never stops!!!!!!!


    Love your plaid jacket!!

  42. Woah that coat is amazing!!! Haha love the plaid and fur combo.


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