Saturday, 20 December 2008

the holiday work party…

The time has come to mix together with your co-workers and small talk with your boss in a place far disconnected from the comfort of briefcases, pie charts and water coolers. The time has come for the holiday office party!

I think most of all the fashion sites and blogs have already talked about what to wear to a Holiday Party.

You were probably told that for a work holiday party, you should avoid garments that may be considered jeopardy. It is never a good idea to wear something revealing for a celebration hosted by your boss. You can do simple, in a sophisticated way.

The jewellery you choose can make the outfit, and of course, the shoes (and there are always options with shoes). Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour, texture and pattern. However, if you go bold with colour, keep your accessories in a supporting role.

A retro chic look with a twist can start with a simple pencil skirt and ruffled top. Added a cocktail ring and ruffled clutch for interest, and finished it off with some amazing bright heels! Who says classic has to be boring? Throw in some opaque black or patterned tights and you’re good to go.

The classic LBD (little black dress) gets dressier with patterned tights, bright high heels, and a splattering of sparkles. Our favourite fashion essential will never go out of style - well, as long as you keep on updating. Perfect for a formal occasion that you want to make a little more fun!

So with some of this guidance in mind here’s what I’ve chose for my holiday office party…

red shoes - local store
black tights - Calzedonia
black lace dress - Mango (detail)
red and black plaid coat with faux fur collar - Tally Weijl
black clutch - Parfois
culture pearls necklace - Hubby's gift
bracelet - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)
perfume - Paris from YSL

some make-up

The pictures were taken outside the restaurant and the weather wasn’t that great


  1. As ususal my dear, you look fablous!!! I love the dress and the red shoes are the bomb!!! :) I have been taking some of your suggestions, but I don't have a photographer to take a pic so I can show u, lol. But, I do feel like I look better and I feel better too! I do love reading your blog Seeker, thank you sooo much for sharing your fashion ideas and advice! We can all use a little help at times! :) Take care my dear friend,
    JUlian :) *hugs*

  2. The coat is incredible, and coupled with lace and those saucy red heels... it's perfect.
    Love it my dear.

    Warmest holiday wishes...

  3. You look great as usual but what I loved the most was your advice on style, adding interest, jewelry, etc -- you explained it so well. It makes perfect sense.

    Have a merry christmas and a wonderful 2009.



  4. You look really nice in that dress..
    It looks like the lace dress from prada.. :)
    and the jacket really compliments your look...

    and i'm so happy that its faux furrr////


    lots of love..


    take care.xoxo

  5. that dress is amazing, i love lace♥

  6. Olá :)
    Estás muito bonita com essa roupa :) Os sapatos são de arrasar!
    Tem um Feliz Natal e um excelente Ano Novo, com muita saúde, amor e moda ;)

  7. what a fab coat!

    La C.

  8. you look fabulous aswell! I am considering buying my own necklace in the new year sales. that lace dress is gorgeous and the shoes really do brighten it all up. have an amazing christmas aswell! xxx

  9. You've made a great choice! I really like what you're wearing!

  10. Uau! Que vestido lindo!

  11. Holiday office party! I love this kind of thing!! I would wear a simple cocktail dress for that one, I think.
    So I see in your outfit, you've incorporated elements of the 'retro' outfit you had talked about earlier! It looks great and elegant! Cool!
    That lace dress is just amazing.

  12. Ooh, I love your coat! You look beautiful.

  13. You look so nice! That outfit is just gorgeous! :)

  14. Adoro o vestido... não teria usado os mesmos sapatos ( de novo a historia da minha atenção focal so poder ir para um sitio ) mas adorei oh THAT DRESS!

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

  15. Stunning! I love ho you achived the red look perfectly. It's exactly what I meant when I said how you can achieve a holiday look without green. Perfection. <3

  16. Coucou Duchess,

    No, you weren't nosy at all, that wasn't what I meant. I just infered again that dealing with so many bloggers and trying to please everyone is getting hard. So I only do it on sundays :)

    And I dont reply to every comment anymore (it got impossible as well).

    I love your blog roll idea, to divide it! should be a solution for my issues! but it would mean I would spend a little amount of time everyday...

    Epaaaaaaaa, there is no perfect solution. Two PA, please :) as you said.

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

  17. Ótimas dicas para holiday work party! Importantíssimas!
    Você foi lindíssima!
    A escolha do LBD clássico foi excelente! Aqui diríamos que escolheu um "pretinho nada básico", porque vestido preto seve para todas as ocasiões, ainda mais um bem feito e edetalhado como o seu!
    O casaco, o sapato, as meias!

  18. Oh dear, you look wonderful!
    red suits you ;)
    if i unterstand right you went on a party? hope you had much fun!

    Thank you so much for your sweet words. i´m very happy about my new haircolor!first i was not sure if my hair dresser is good in her work because she is an apprentice (3th year) but now i think she is very good!:)
    i´ve posted on stil-los a photo of my face (with curls)
    but i can post a photo on my blog too!
    and yes i have a email adress: :)
    do you want to sent a mail to me? if yes i would be soo happy :)

  19. u look amazing! i know ur always hot at work! im sure u have aroused some jealousy, buh cos of ur sweetness it cannot be let out by ur beefers!(ppl jealous of u) heheheh

  20. Thanks for your comment.You're right about the tights+shorts thing.

  21. you look fabulous. your dress is so beautiful.

    wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

    lots of kisses melmo

    (will upload your pic on chicisimo ;) )

  22. Hi there-the lace dress is beautiful and the outfit is a great choice, well done my dear!

  23. Tres chic and very festive. I hope you had a fantastic fete.

  24. gorgeous dress and jacket!!

  25. So sylish!! I love love love the jacket! So damn chic :)

  26. As always, simply smashing. Just love how you mix textures, lady.

    And THANK YOU for the lovely e-card. You are such a thoughtful, caring friend and I always, always appreciate your kind words. Big hugs for you!

  27. Yay! You're wearing black lace! Looks great red and black. Great indeed for work x'mas party :)

    Wow x'mas is almost here. I'm worrying about having to make turkey. What will you all be doing?

    x Grayburn

  28. ahhh you looks so festive and stylish. i hope santa is reading my list too and will make my list come true.

  29. OMG what a elegant outfit you choose, it's perfect.... love the lace with the plaid, grate combination..... y que pases una feliz navidad

  30. wow really pretty, love the dress!


  31. You look amazing, obviously all the stress isnt showing!
    Great pictures, the settings are very photogenic and the model is even better.

  32. i adore the shoes, they're red hot!!!

  33. This is my favorite holiday look all season!

  34. LOVE the look. That dress is fierce! Have a wonderful holiday season!

  35. You are fabulous & you look stunning! The jacket is my favorite... Now what did your hubby wear? Happy holidays!


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