Monday, 1 December 2008

TO - 12/01 - I took out my jacket just to take the shot…

Today it was a national Holyday and since I was a bit sad Hubby took me in a little car trip during which we acquired these pictures.
I took out my jacket to show better my outfit set, but it was cold and windy, if I hadn’t hold my cap the wind would throw it into the sea.

December the first…
The Christmas season has officially started.
I used to look fascinate at all of the social practices surrounding the festivities.
I have such good memories of my Xmas childhood.
This time I'm not in the mood.... Maybe it's a little bit earlier for me, and I'll get in latter.
But now I just wish I could skip it.

Inspired on this post of the lovely K.Line, I would like to know “Who Plans Christmas in Your Family?”
I just thought that I would put this question out there and see what kind of feedback I get… Here are the possibilities:

~I do everything
~My partner/husband takes care of most of it.
~It’s a joint effort.
~The entire family launches in.

So, who is doing all of the stuff in your family?

rubi shoes - La Redoute
black skinny pants (cropped) - Vero Moda
gray vest - H&M
plaid men's shirt - Tally Weijl
gray shirt - Zara
golden necklace - gift
2sd golden necklace - another island store
black cap - Parfois
black jacket (not seen) - Zara
lipstick - L'Oreal
lipgloss - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. you look great sunshine!
    i like your red shoes and how you are smiling in these pictures!
    i think it has a reason that the sun is shinning! i think your father think at you and is smiling at the same time!

    so thank you for your comment!
    no, the translator has translated it in the wrong way (lol... i don´t know how to say;) ) i wrote that my school starting today!

  2. This is such an adorable outfit! I love the plaid under the waist coat and the little hat that just tops off the whole look :)

  3. Who Plans Christmas in Your Family?
    The guys at the cruise, we'll be spending this christmas in a cruise and by december 25 we'll be somewhere in south pacific ocean



    The vest+ Shirt (i used something kinda like this last friday (photos in the blog) and the red shoes are just AMAZING!

  4. Que linda!
    Xadrez e sapato vermelho!
    Gostei mesmo!

    Bom, quanto ao Natal, aqui passamos em família, fazemos guloseimas e trocamos presentes!
    É uma farra!


  5. your cap looks perfect!!
    love it :D

  6. woow love the ouftfit look aout of the d&g runway... love the necklace.. kisses

  7. I like everything about the outfit, you nailed the look! I still hope that you will have a nice Christmas.

  8. i love those shoes! a pop of red from her flannel shirt and those shoes are the perfect amount of color!

    La C.

  9. I'm sorry you feel uninspired by the season this year, Seeker. I hope we'll all help to infect you with it yet! :-)

    I do practically all of the shopping. My husband does practically all of the wrapping (but this year I'm going to give it a go because I'm really in the Xmas season and he's feeling uninspired like you...) We do the tree more or less equally and often with irritation and an overexcited child. I'm working on changing the atmosphere. If we aren't away for Xmas (our fave plan) then Scott makes the roast chicken and I bake the desserts. And we do the other things together. It's more or less joint. But one of us usually "feels" it more than the other.

  10. La Redoute heels. Skinny jeans. H&M vest. Plaid.

    This is some kind of outfit perfection + all those key accessories.
    = Amazing!


  11. You look ready to set sail...loves it!

    To answer your question I do ALL the cooking and Imelda Mike does all the cleaning!

  12. I love the vest and cap. I think your adventurous side is coming out with accessories, Seeker!

  13. wow you managed to wear a red shirt and red shoes with out looking to matchy matchy.
    great outfit

  14.'s a join effort in our family, but I'd step in most of the time to do most of the creative things... which is the most fun! It's quite sad sometimes to think that Christmas is getting too commercial and loses its true meaning...
    Your previous post on your late father; its a good reminder for me to spend quality time with my own dad, while he is still around...Thank you Seeker.

    ~Blessings as always*

  15. How do you do it? You just look more and more stylish? I love the shoes, the hat,the vest, the shirt and the shoes( I love all of it)!!

    I am the planner and my He-woozle is the implementer of the plans.

    Hope you enjoyed your day off with your darling!!

  16. Oiiii amiga, que belas imagens e o look tbm está incrível, adorei a sobreposição com o colete, ficou ótimo. Tenho adorado as poses...

  17. Hi Lovely!
    Don't worry, I get in those moods once in a while...Thank God I have my boyfriend to bring me back to reality and appreciate life and all the great things I have in it! :)
    I absolutely love your outfit, ESPECIALLY the red shoes! Yummy!
    To answer your question, I have to say that my parents plan most of the party and me and my sister help around a lot. :)
    Hope you are feeling more positive!
    Take care darling:)

  18. i like the plaid shirt! and the shoes is nice.

  19. Hi there-looking soo cute my dear and a lovely background too! We will also be sharing christmas duties, the best way to go!

  20. Wow! You look wonderful! I love red shoes! Red in everything!
    This year we will have a small dinner, we haven't dicided where, but I like to help my family.

  21. The holidays usually take me by surprise but this time I seem to be on top of it. I think the feeling comes as the family starts to gather and the thought of spending some special time with the loved ones come. Enjoy the lights and the music that they play in the stores :)

    I'm on vacation right now so I might not be able to visit often but will try my best. Wifi is so difficult to get around here!

    x Grayburn

  22. i agree, cant believe its christmas season already!
    u look so lovely with ur plaid and res shoes!!!


  23. Your hat is a perfect match for the whole look... so great!

    In my family my mother organizes all the stuff.

  24. Love your outfit, S... Especially the layering of the vest over the plaid shirt!
    As for Xmas, the girls in my family (mom, sis & I) do most of the planning & decorating but we all buy tons of gifts and adore this holiday season!


  25. i love ur hat n shoes fab :o)

    Do drop by my blog n show some love got a new post ,an interview with one of the hottest models abt now , u dnt wanna miss

  26. your plais shirt looks great!

  27. you look grea. that shirt is amazing. And you combined it really good.

    kisses melmo

  28. i like the shirt and the waistcoat combo, very chic. relating to your question, in my family, both my parent work, so they share the responsibilities and i chip in the odd few times lol.

    ive been gd hun, And i don't need to ask, i know you always keep it fab yourself.

    school has been wearing me down though, i mostly just really have time, to do my posts and thats it, I know i havent been heere in a while.

    Happy December to you too


  29. another favorite look, love the cap! And i'm the opposite of Imelda, my man does all the cooking and I clean his enormous mess.

  30. love the outfit, cute plaid--am just obessed with plaids :) everywhere has the xmas feel--have my christmas tree up already :)


  31. hope you are feeling less blue. i have to do all the work since i live alone.

  32. Oh, you look so cute! I love this outfit. You look like you're having so much fun, too.

    Christmas is very complicated in my family, and so I'm not really sure who plans anything :P

  33. the background is lovely in the third photo! i love that whole outfit, especially the waistcoat and red shoes!
    at christmas i normally make a big batch of brocolli soup for my family, they call it my signature meal. takes ages though, cutting enough brocolli to feed eight people!

  34. very chic!
    I love your vest combination :)

    a kiss girl!

  35. Love that jaunty cap, lady! I'll admit to being a lazy do-nothing when it comes to the holidays. My husband and I pretty much just use the time to relax and unwind ... very little cooking, no decorating. We're total grinches!

  36. Nice outfit.

    Christmas is usually spent alternatively between my parents in Australia or my husbands parents in the UK so I never have to organise anything except the gift buying and I do all that.

  37. Have a lovely winter!!!!!!

    You are looking fab as always!!!


    take care, dear

  38. i'm in love with your hat! i looks so sweet! unfortually they don't look good on me...

  39. My sister in law does it all. I try to help her with cleaning. This year tho I might help her with some desert!

    Perfect sailing outfit with red shoes! Those shoes make me happy.

  40. this outfit is sooo kute!! love the cap

  41. Love the shirt and those heels! The photographs look lovely, especially with that red...thing for boats to be tied the background! For Christmas my brother and I do almost everything, including the cooking!


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