Thursday, 4 December 2008

TO - 12/04 - approach of winter...

My dear readers and blogging friends these have been very busy days, so I had no time for post or check your blogs.

I hope things will be “on track” by the end of the week, so I’m counting that on the weekend I will be able to check you all.
No I haven't been doing my Christmas shoppings...

Meanwhile I leave you with another poem…

Approach Of Winter

The half-stripped trees
struck by a wind together,
bending all,
the leaves flutter drily
and refuse to let go
or driven like hail
stream bitterly out to one side
and fall
where the salvias, hard carmine—
like no leaf that ever was—
edge the bare garden.

~~William Carlos Williams

purple shoes - Aldo
dark gray pants - from my boxes
coloured geometric printed turtleneck - La Redoute
black retro inspired coat - Vero Moda
brooch - gift
mustard scarf - H&M
pearl necklace - mainland store
lipstick - L'Oreal
lipgloss - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. Love those purple shoes and the yellow scarf gives the outfit a little pop - great combo :)

  2. Great outfit as usual.
    I gotta do my Christmas shopping too... :-)

  3. I love the yellow on purple!!
    i must tell you, your haircut is fab

  4. take care and will hear from you soon...

  5. Purple and mustard together are great. I have never seen them together before, that I am aware of. Picture #3 is my favorite. I think I like it best without the jacket. It is a great jacket. But, I love to see the purple and yellow together.

    Hope that you easily get everything done you need to do. You will be missed.

    Much love.

  6. That's a very zippy top! I love the shoes and scarf. I hope things are going well.


  7. I do understand...I'm busy entertaining & fellowshiping this season, almost like a circus! You & purple are a match in haven dear... ~Blessings as always*

  8. you look wonderful, i love the yellow and purple! i wear my mustard h&m scarf all the time, it's wonderful :)

  9. Hi my dear friend, I completely understand your busy life. And you are sooo amazing with all that work and stuff and you still always make time for us... kisses.

    Has your art arrived???????

    Ciao baby.... :)

  10. love ur pants ;o)

    Do drop by my blog n show some love

  11. O sapato combinando com a blusa ficou um luxo!

  12. What a great combination of the main fall/winter colours )

  13. ooh that turtleneck is awesome!

  14. Just adore the purple/yellow combo. I took a whole class on William Carlos Williams, if you can believe it. I mostly just remember my professor, though: He looked like a cross between Santa Claus and a bear. ;)

  15. The mustard scarf is a great accessoire!

  16. Querida Seeker,

    Também ainda não consegui fazer nem uma compra de Natal e não vai ser este fim de semana que vou mudar visto ser mais um fim de semana , que começa hoje à noite, em que vou cantar com o meu coro continuando o nosso ciclo de música sacra embelezado agora com músicas de Natal.
    A cor "mustarda" te fica muito bem mas a mim, que sou loira, fica-me pessimamente, parecendo doente...

    Beijinhos verdinhos

  17. oh darling, you're fabolous!!! i love this purple-mustard-combo! kisses

  18. Oi!
    Obrigada pela visitinha!
    Amo combinações com sapatos.
    Poses de modelo, hein?

  19. The poem is so apt! But there's something so.. sad about that phrase;

    "And leaves flutter drily, and refuse to let go..." I guess, some of us human beings do so in life too!

    Oh and loved your trousers! and your mustard cardigan from the prev post((:

    And I'm hesistant about wearing bright colors because; I just do! Always felt more comfy playing around neutrals=p Although I do give in to colorful tights!

  20. love that blouse! and i love that you list which perfume you are wearing! i don't know what it smells like, but it makes me happy thinking about it.

  21. You. Know. Style!!!!!!! I love the red skirt/yellow belt outfit as well!!! so great!

  22. Struck by a wind together...

    It's so vivid.
    And let's be honest... baby you are so chic.

    I adore it.

    Happy Weekend.


  23. I can see someone is into yellow scarf like me. I am obsessed with mine. love the purple top too :)

    have a lovely weekend darl!! stay safe and sweet.

  24. What a beautiful poem my dear.
    thank you seeker for love and support about the endometriosis. i really appreciated your comment.
    darling purple works so well with mustard so your outfit is fabulous!
    have a good weekend dear.

  25. Mustard and purple work really well. You are an amazing woman. your blog is like my colour reference site and full of inspiration.

  26. Wow!
    You never seaze to amaze me!
    So stylish and charmful! :) You look like you are an editor of a fashion magazine, or a fashion designer!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend!
    Mimi :)

  27. i looooove these shoes!!!
    what a great color!
    yes, maybe we can exchange our links?!

  28. S*, yo he estado super ocupado también la universidad como ando en las dos ultimas semanas antes de las vacaciones de diciembre nos explotan! examenes examenes trabajos examenes!


    Pero Bueno ! here I am ! holding on!

    Love the H&M Scarf ! ohh and those Aldo shoes are to die for!

  29. I love the purple shoes! :)

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

  30. More location shots...I hope your work at the factory isn't suffering, let's not forget we've Xmas orders to ship.xxxx


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