Wednesday, 10 December 2008

TO - 12/10 - life and a song…

When O Viajante made this meme I thought it was so funny that I’ve decided to do it too.

So one must answer those questions with the title of a song and tell the artist. Here are mine:

1 – Are you a man or a woman? ---> “Three Times A Lady"– Lionel Richie
2- Describe yourself. ---> “The closest thing to crazy" - Katie Melua
3- What do people think of you? ---> “She's In Fashion” – Suede
4- How do you describe your relationship? ---> “Endless Love” - Lionel Richie
5- Describe the state of your relationship. ---> “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” - Shania Twain
6- Where do you wish to be right now? ---> “ Where Do The Children Play" - Cat Stevens
7- What do you think about Love? ---> “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This” - Annie Lennox
8- How is your life? ---> “Amazing Grace” - Christian hymn by John Newton
9- What would you ask if you could have a wish? ---> “ Color My World” - Chicago
10- Write a wise quote. ---> “ Do What You Have To Do” – Sara Mclaughlin

If you liked this feel free to do it… I had a lot of fun, so I hope you’ll have it too.

Talking about fun, these pictures aren’t flattering, but I was in a funny mood…

black ankle boots - local store
green pants - from my boxes
studeed belt - long time gift from a magazine
yellow sweater - Zara
black biker jacket - Stradivarius
green scarf - flea market
black and green handbag - local store
lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. Seeker: I love this. You've chosen some great songs to describe your state of mind!

  2. Great songs and great colors! I love the candid pictures :-D

  3. I'm loving your scarf and the ankle boots!
    Thank you for leaving me a sweet comment on my blog!

  4. they are too flattering! You have a great smile're making ME smile! love the look!

  5. I really love this outfit on you. It's so youthful and fresh and fun :) I especialy like how you've styled your scarf and rolled your pants cuffs - nice details! xxx

    ps - and I like your pics, they're fun :)

  6. 1 – Are you a man or a woman? ---> Deep in the Forest by Keenhouse
    2- Describe yourself. ---> Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa by Vampire Weekend
    3- What do people think of you? ---> Inseparable by The Jonas Brothers
    4- How do you describe your relationship? ---> Instant Karma by Duran Duran
    5- Describe the state of your relationship. --->
    6- Where do you wish to be right now? ---> 4th Dimensional Transition by MGMT
    7- What do you think about Love? ---> Easy to Please by Coldplay
    8- How is your life? ---> California by Metro Station
    9- What would you ask if you could have a wish? ---> Secret by Maroon 5
    10- Write a wise quote. ---> In Another Life by The Veronicas

    So i put my iTunes on shuffle and those where my results to the questions!
    love this games!

  7. LOVE the booties and the jacket. You look fantastic as always. :)

  8. I freaking Love the lime green and yellow! and you pull it of so well!!
    awesome :D

  9. How do you manage to look chicer, lovelier, and more beautiful every day? I am loving the green.

    I am remembering back when you didn't show your face and then when you did all your photos indoors. I am so glad you show us your beautiful face and island.

  10. Hi darling,

    I completely loved the meme.. soo fun I may have to incorporate it into my posts, but still I have to hand out those awards soon... I am sooo bad...

    You always look so fashioable and elegant to me.. and that picture with the smile just melted me....

    kisses baby

  11. Hi there-a lovely post to describe yourself and I love the outfit post, you really do mix colours so very well indeed!

  12. Aww...I love your choice of songs...I have a hard time doing this, becuase I always forget the title's of the songs, ha-ha...
    Stunning outfit darling! :)

  13. What a lot of fun!
    I love the big smile on the 3rd and 4th pic. So great!

    x Grayburn

  14. Lindo look, ótimas fotos! kkkkkk
    Preciso de uns lenços, são charmosos demais!
    Amei o meme, vou responder também. Suas respostas foram bem legais.

  15. Olá :)

    hoje vou comentar em português, porque normalmente escrevo sempre em Inglês... e acho que ainda não tinha escrito (na nossa lingua) no teu blog :)

    Adoro o teu fato :) essa cor fica-te muito bem!

    Mas o que eu amei mesmo foram as músicas escolhidas por ti, que representam mesmo bem as tuas "respostas"! Adorei :)

    Um beijinho muito grande

  16. sweetie you chose the perfect songs for each question! what a great idea,i loved reading this dear. love your outfit. yellow and green look so good on you.

  17. Great outfit and your smile is lovely :).

  18. wow, i so love the songs you choose esp Annie lennox... love the whole shades of green--beautiful!!!xoxo

  19. Love Annie Lenox! Great scarf!


  20. great choices... well you look like you are having fun and you still look fab.

  21. What an incredibly fun meme! Who knew you were such a Lionel Richie fan? Just adore the biker jacket/scarf combo, lady.

  22. awww, cute stuff! i love the green scarf and yellow tee. they suit you so well! =) x

  23. I do love your happy smiles!

    a kiss friend!

  24. I must say, i really do like you in green, you look wonderful.

  25. I adore the scarf and those trousers! And the song choices are wonderful :)

  26. This is fun!!!
    NO.3- What do people think of you?
    I think mine would be the children's song= "Twinkle-twinkle little star how I wonder where you are..." lol! cos' of my lack of commitments to blog postings ...hee! What can I say... I'm too busy this time of year! Got to manage my time better i guess... :(

    Anyhow, you look amazing Seeker, luv your smiles :)

  27. wow i love your color combo!
    looks great!!!

  28. I love your photo's, it's like you're giving us a tour of the Island and I LOVE the last pic of you laughing :)

  29. Saudade!!!
    Amei o green scarf!!!
    A bolsa, já tinha dito que adoro! :)
    Ficou linda!

  30. I love your outdoor shots. Matt's right. it's like touring your place.

    That's another fab colour.

  31. LOL the tag is SO funny! Hahah I love your ankle boots <3 & the scarf!

  32. this is nice, i'll try to come up with my answers. cheers!

  33. love ur play with color its so adorable :o)

  34. SO MUCH FUN! I was laughing at the choice of songs! It's lovely:D

    Love your outfit! You look like you're having so much fun! Love the greens! And your boots!

    PS/ How do you Walk ON the cobbledstones?! I tried; and I almost broke my ankle or smt! GEEZ~ LOL

  35. Oh, that was very clever! I loved it.

    What a great green look for you, Seeker.

  36. hellew darling!! i am baaackkkk!!
    u look amazing! as always....mwah!
    and those boots are fierce!!!

  37. i like your answers so much!

    and darling your outfit is great

    kisses melmo

  38. thanks so much for your help I'm looking now for your bloggerfriend.
    Hmmm don't know if I should cut my hair because I want to let it grow ... but I'm not sure...

  39. what a great way to describe yourself!! lovely outfit as always!!

  40. Love the songs and the spiffy fun outfit and the poses!

  41. Hi Beauty! how are you? you look great in these pictures, the outfit is great!
    I was a little bit absent from blogger and web in general, now i kinda found some more time and I hope we'll be getting more in touch on our blogs :)
    I wish you a great day, see you!!!

  42. you look so cool with this biker jacket! and i'm in love with your shoes <3


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