Wednesday, 17 December 2008

TO - 12/17 - on a dark, cold winter day...

Suddenly the weather changed. Today it rained a lot and it’s so much cold… and the day was so dark.
I had to go pick a coat that I have for several years that is sooooooo comfy and warm.

When I was storing some things today, I found some buttons. And I thought that there was a time when every home owned a box full of buttons and when kids were bored, they were handed the box. Those buttons could keep them occupied by the hour. Sadly, I don’t think I know anyone who owns a button box.

So, what do you do with all of your buttons? And if you manage to find a ton of them throughout the house, you just might be able to make yourself some interesting jewellery! There just might be a designer in you that is looking for a way out!

On another note I’m sooooooo worried!!! We just had a phone call from one of Hubby’s sisters, telling that his mother took a drop and might need him to go some days to mainland soon. If so he will spend Christmas there…

brown boots - local store
black skinny pants - Vero Moda
brown belt -Tally Weijl
brown turtleneck - La Redoute
mustard wool scarf - local store
coat - unknown brand
black and green handbag - local store
black cap - Parfois
lipstick - Esté Lauder
lipgloss - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. Nice. I like how the scarf goes under your belt. :)

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your Mother-in-law's fall. Please let us know if she is okay. If your husband has to go with her will you go too? I don't want you to be alone on Christmas!!xoxo

  3. Linda de botas!

  4. i always love how you wear colors :)

    La C.

  5. I hope your mother in law will be ok, and I hope your husband doesn't have to leave without you. Let us know!

  6. wow love those boots!
    I wish I had a buttons box, When the designer at Gossip Girls get mad with Jenny she sends her to organize buttons! FROM A BUTTONS BOX!

  7. I hope you won't have to spend Christmas alone, I could imagine you alone and making button inspired jewels on Xmas :(

  8. oh thank you so much! i bought it about 5 years ago at h&m... i don't know where you can get a similar one, but if i don't want mine anymore, you can get it, if you want :)

    you know, i'm not into that (fake-)fur-thing, but your coat is pretty cool!

  9. I hope your mother in law is ok :)

    I too am loving the scarf under the belt look, it really looks great!

  10. Very cosy coat and I do have a tin of buttons - I adore buttons.

    Take care and hope not too much strain for you and your husband, these things are always a worry.

  11. I hope she's OK, but maybe it's a sign that you should spend Christmas night there :)

  12. I have a jar of buttons. I love moving it around and listening to them in the to my ears!

    Oh dear, but don't worry my dear, there is always a way to fix things. Can you go with your hubby if that happens? Stay in touch and let us know how it goes ok?

    xo Grayburn

  13. Eu lembro que minha mãe tinha essa caixinha de botões! Era muito legal! Espero que a sogrinha esteja bem e que vc não fique sozinha! Bjão

  14. Hope your MIL will recover and your husband won't need to go away for Christmas

  15. Love so coat! Hope you don't have to be alone this Christmas dear...also hoping that everything will be fine with your hubby's family...~Blessings*

  16. darling im so sorry to hear about your mother in law dear,please let us know how she gets on.darling i hope you wont be spending christmas alone.your family is in my prayers.
    big hug.

  17. I'm sorry to hear about Hubby's Mam, hope she improves. Christmas can be tough for families.

    My Grandma had a button box, I can still smell it in my memory and remember the feel of putting your hands in; all the different shapes. Buttons are very under-rated and deserve a comeback, maybe in the recession we will revive them to update our clothes.

    the coat is very SaSSSY!

  18. Hi there-you look so stylishly warm and cosy!! that coat is really lovely! thanks for the well wishes!

  19. I have to wear a lot now too, because here it often drizzles, it's cold and dark...
    The thing with keeping the kids occupied by the buttons is so nice. I will do that with my kids! Because I think it's outrageous that nowadays kids always need a TV or a computer to not get bored.
    I hope your Hubby makes it to the island for Christmas!!!

  20. Love your coat and bag and how you belted the scarf - nice!


  21. I am giving good vibes to your husband and his mother - and to you of course. And you look so cosy in your beautiful coat.

  22. Your coat is so cute! Looks perfect for winter :).

  23. YAY for the belted scarf!!!

  24. Oh dear - keep us posted on your mother-in-law, OK? Worrisome indeed.

    I have a button box for all the spares that come with my cardigans and suchlike ... but it rarely gets opened!

  25. I hope your mother-in-law is okay.

  26. i totally remember the button box as a kid, we loved going through it! I've read the following post so i know you won't be alone for Christmas, but that is a tough one to deal with. I hope your holidays are great!!


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