Tuesday, 23 December 2008

TO - 12/23 - not enough light to see it…

I’m so sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. They were taken on my way home after work and it was almost dark.
I even though twice if I should post them…

I still have mixed feelings about my style and the way I dress and the fact that I live in a small and conservative community.
Although I try to make my own style.

Tomorrow it will be Christmas Eve, so on what side of Santa’s list are you, have you been good or naughty? ;)

black boots - local store
black skinny pants - Vero Moda
black turtleneck - Zara
bordeaux blazer (cropped sleeves) - mainland store
furry vest - Tally Weijl
black glooves - H&M
pearl necklaces - mainland store
black and green handbag - local store
lipstick - Esté Lauder
lipgloss - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. Great furry vest!! It looks so toasty and cosy; perfect for the holidays (in the northern hemisphere).

    I love how happy you look in your photographs- it's so, so lovely to see! x

  2. have a wonderful Christmas :-)))

  3. You know what. Just screw what anyone else thinks dear. Their opinions shouldn't stifle your own creativity and happiness. Honestly i think you have a wicked sense of style and it really should be expressed if you're happy to do so.

    Despite my poor sight i can see you beautifully. That bright collar around your sleeves makes your outfit that more exceptional.

    Luvs ya ;) xx

  4. Hi there-you look delightful my dear!! Have a very happy christmas, take care!!

  5. thank you sooo much for your nice comment :)

    Oh no don't have mixed feelings about your style. It's fantastic being different. Imagine you would wear everyday jeans and shirts... that's boring and it wouldn't fit to you!

    kisses melmo

    Merry Christmas!

  6. oh my god thank you sooo much for your nice christmas card. wow I was so happy and it's so funny. love them dancing :P

  7. your vest rocks! Hope you have a magical, wonderful, memorable Christmas! Thank you for your constant friendship my dear Seeker!

  8. those colors are amazing, I think its a great photo, it is the winter solstice !
    (hammie here, supposed to be working on autism blog, but sneaking off to read about fashion)

  9. thank you! i am so happy as i have a rather fabulous year! i have been naughty (!) in some cases =S but i got decent grades and no detentions (yet) so all round i think i have been good! what are you hoping to wake up to tomorrow? xxx

  10. Absolutely be yourself and dress the way you want. It may inspire others which is always a good thing!

    A smokey eye sounds lovely for you for x'mas. The easiest I would say is to start with lining your eyes with an eyeliner then smudge that line a little to soften hard edges. Blend eyeshadow darkest color on the outer V of the eyes, medium color in the middle, then lighter color in the inner V and brow bones. Finish with mascara and a beautiful rich jewel tone on your lips. Oh it would look great on you!

    Are you getting the x'mas feeling now?

    x Grayburn

  11. So, I really hope Santa has lots of presents for me because I really think I have been good this year ;) Do you celebrate today or tomorrow? I celebrate today, as we do in protestant Europe.
    Merry Christmas!

  12. Happy Christmas, dear Seeker!!! I hope you have a very happy day. I am so pleased you are with your husband.
    Hugs, kisses and sincere wishes.xoxo

  13. The vest is a great match for the rest of your look :) - awesome as always. I love the way you dress.

    muy feliz navidad!

  15. Love your furry vest!

    Merry Christmas, Seeker!


  16. that vest is fab! merry christmas eve darling!

    La C.

  17. SEXY..hubba-hubba!!!!

    Thanks for the Xmas card and I hope you and hubby have a fun and safe Christmas. All my love and kisses.xxxxx

  18. love the fur vest!!! hope you have a very merry christmas!!

  19. So gorgeous! Fur is not so easy to pull off but you do a wonderful job. I love how very conscious of proportion you are and always look absolutely stunning. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  20. I love that furry vest- I was looking at some the other day but didn't find one I could commit to.

    Hope you and your family are well - happy holidays!!

  21. Oh Darling! Please don't you worry about what others might think or say...It all comes from their own insecurities and jealousy. Just remember, you are absolutely fab! :)
    The combo that you've put together is fantastic! Ohhhh...I LOVE your style! :)

  22. Que linda!
    Adoro o jeito como você se veste!
    É moderna sempre! E elegante!

  23. LOVE the furry vest and blazer combo :)

  24. Cool style, I love the flash of bright pink on your wrists!

  25. Thank you for the card, Seeker. You're such a wonderful friend and stylist!

  26. you are the queen of beauty mama! :D happy christmas! :D

  27. I love that faux fur vest on you, Seeker!


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