Friday, 26 December 2008

Xmas gifts from blogosphere...

I'm feeling very privileged for all the love I felt that came from my blogosphere corner.

The beautiful purple shirt that was sent with such warm feelings, the e-cards and e-mails, that lovely poem about “The Christmas Gift of Knowing You” and that “thank you” for somehow supporting the reconciliation between a daughter and a father, and also the sweet comments that were made in my blog, those were my Christmas gifts from all of you.
All them made me smile, feel warm and happy.

The story of Christ’s birth is a story of promise, hope, and a revolutionary love.
This is the stuff Christmas is made of, stuff that we keep during all year to make as move forward.

Thank you very much for all your Xmas gifts.



  1. Hi,

    Oh, very kind post!

    Happy Holiday & have a great day!

    xoxo: Janet

  2. Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card, the Christmas wishes and all the gifts you give all through the year. I sincerely hope you are having a very festive, merry and beautiful holiday season.xoxo

  3. I'm grateful to "know" you Seeker!

  4. lovely post dear.did you and hubby have a good xmas? hope you had a lovely time.hows mother in law? hope shes feeling better. i am praying for her.
    muah x

  5. you are very sweet. happy holiday.

  6. You are too wonderful sweet and kind dear.

    *big huggies*

  7. Awww what a sweet post. Really nice.

    I am at the airport between flights killing time...

    I wish you and your family an awesome 2009.

  8. You are a wonder, Seeker making a lot of people happy and filled with hope.

    Happy New Year!

  9. Obrigada, querida, por Xmas gifts!
    Meu presente maior aqui foi conhecer, não sei mais como cheguei aqui, essa pessoa maravilhosa que você é!
    Obrigada pelo seu carinho e pela sua amizade!


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