Tuesday, 6 January 2009

I want to regain my time…

My dear blogging friends, if anyone knows the joy that a comment can make it’s me. So I give a big importance to comment in your blogs and answer to your comments. It is something that I do on a daily basis after work.

But to check the 167 blogs I’m following just in Bloglovin’ started to be a great time consuming.
I get home, take my laptop, make a pause to eat something and do a quick post and continue to check blogs until midnight or something.
I don’t read a book for sometime ago, and I miss it. I don’t do searches, I don’t watch a TV show without my laptop.
I think that I must get back my life.

So, starting today I’ll comment in your blogs when I’ll have the chance to do it. Therefore if you don’t see my comments in your blog, during a time, don’t think I forgot you, I just reduced my comments.

Hope you’ll have the patience to wait for my comments and also that you’ll stay with me on a regular basis, because I’ll continue to post.

Always your friend and fellow blogger



  1. darling you take your time my sweet dear,blogging can be far too consuming my dear so i know exactly what your saying my dear. dont feel any pressure to comment my sweet ok.
    big kiss and much love,

  2. Seeker,

    I so understand. I would miss you, but I have the same problem. I used to be a voracious reader, now I hardly have time to read at all. Take Care, don't disappear, I would be sad.

  3. You are so sweet, we all completely understand!! It is increadibly time consuming to answer all comments, and it seems to take over everything...

    Take some time out and live life! When we do recieve comments it will be 10 times as sweet xxx

  4. just take your time dear! I really appreciate that you take time to visit my blog and leave a comment. You're such a wonderful person! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  5. awww, thats really stressful! i wonder how ppl keep in touch with say 190 comments and such! thats like reducing ur blogging strenth cos it will be chanelled into returning comments... check the blogs as often as you can though! love u!

  6. Hi there-you take your time my dear, I think we all feel like this from time to time, take care too!

  7. Hey darling!
    I know exactly what you mean, and I don't even get as much comments as you do. So, take it easy for now...Your real readers won't care if you comment back right away or not!
    Have a lovely week my darling!
    I hope you are feeling up and taking some time to off to indulge in something that brings you pleasure and excitment!

  8. Don´t worry dear friend. this is something which is very common in all of us. there are so many blogs, and sometimes is impossible to follow and comment in them.

    many many thanks for participate in my draw.

    Good luck!

  9. Olá!
    Entendo bem o que vc quer dizer, acho que todos os blogueiros passam por isso, pelo menos por um tempo. Temos que saber nossas prioridades, não é?
    Obrigada pelo carinho!
    Vou sentir sua falta!

  10. I understand you and I'll be loyal to your blog!

  11. Ah yes, I have so many blogs on my google reader too!!! :/

  12. TOTALLY UNDERSTAND! Having a blog does rob you of precious time you could be enjoying your real life and that the virtual one. I've been doing some soul searching myself and I plan to pull back because it has been eating up time that I could be doing other things! Good for you!

  13. I've recently started the same thing and so I completely understand. 167 blogs - that's a lot to read!

    Happy New Year to you, dear!

  14. I know what you meen.Sometimes you have other things to do. I dont blog everyday and sometimes i take breaks.
    Have a great week!

  15. You are seriously the best and so genuine. I always enjoy checking in with you and seeing what you are up to!

  16. I can totally relate, beautiful. I'm glad you're setting some boundaries. Blogging shouldn't be stressful!

  17. Damn, I totally understand you. Nobody has endless time on their hands, so whatever you do, don't feel guilty.
    I agree with you, you must get back your life. Blogs are NOT life. We'll be totally okay with it if you blog once a week, we will not forget you even if you don't comment on our blogs daily.
    You're only human, after all :D Checking blogs should be the thing to do when you have nothing else to do, not a full-time occupation.
    I'll add you to my blog list now, because then I can see whenever you update.
    Kisses and hugs,

  18. oh darling, that's no problem! that's good. I should do it also ;) but then I'll miss it to much...

    hope you enjoy your time also without your laptop ;)
    kisses melmo

  19. You don't even have to ask, you know we'll still love you. *hug*

    I mean 167 blogs??? OMG!!

    I could never do that, and you've been following them for a good while now, never forgetting about any of us and always taking the time to talk to all of us. You're an angel, but even angels need rest sometimes.

    I know from first hand what it's like to abandon everything and focus on one single pursuit only, and I know one thing: it's not good for you. So go out, look around a bit, listen to the world, feel it, experience it in as many ways as you can, and rake in all its rewards.

    Take care of yourself. That's the most important thing.

    Lots of love,

  20. I totally understand your feelings. Commenting takes a lot of time and sometimes other things are just more important!

  21. take your time dear, it can be so consuming--i really understand. I have same situation--being able to blog +my 40hr/wk job and personal time. wish the days where longer :)
    have a lovely day!!

  22. Oh I know the feeling! With so many wonderful blogs and the nicest comments, it's very hard to write back to everyone without losing track of time! Hope you get to read that book or have time to watch tv more!

  23. Thanks for your comment!
    I really liked here,and I'll probably come back very often!


    A kiss

  24. Compreensível, querida!
    Administrar o tempo é realmente complicado.
    Já notei isso por aqui, lendo e comentando blogs.
    É uma satisfação ver os comentários queridos, mas nossa vida não se resume nisso.
    Fique à vontade, comente quando puder.
    Continuaremos juntas aqui!

  25. THis makes perfect sense. Read a book, for a change! Kxo

  26. it's totally understandable darling! :)

    La C.

  27. I so understand. I am now reading/commenting on average of 200 blogs a day. It takes a whole lot of time.

    Absolutely, take time for yourself and I'll see you when I see you and will always be happy whenever that is. Enjoy your book.
    Much love and hugs and kisses.

  28. HOLY SHIT! 167?! i only follow a few and have problems keeping up!
    but it's understadable.
    Love the picture by the way :)

  29. I totally understand!
    Don't worry

    tons of love

  30. Don't worry about it Seeker, these things like reading a book and basic relaxation are way more important! xxx

  31. Of course you need your personal time, don't worry =]

  32. It's good to know from an experienced blogger what could happen after a while, so thanks for warning me (I don't wanna lose my life and this little things I use to do a part from reading blogs!);)

  33. Seeker, you have the sweetest spirit...I always look forward to receive your lovely comments; it makes my day! But I do understand...I feel the same way regarding this matter lately... Just to let you know that I'm Forever grateful for your kindness, dear friend!


  34. Totally understand. I could never spend an entire evening on-line, either.
    You know, I hardly ever watch TV (maybe 1 hour a week) because I consider it a waste of time :-D

  35. I totally understand, I think sometimes blogging can become rather consuming, it takes quite a time to check and actually read and absorb posts. I used to answer every day when my 'blog circle' was small, so to speak. But now, to give them all the attention they deserve, I answer comments when I get the time in installments, whether only a few, or all of them at the same time :)

  36. Don't worry! I have the sae problem. Since I'm in school from 7am to 2:10, I ahve to come home and ake a post, then try to get out and comment. It makes me feel bad sometimes, when I see people leaving comments but i don't have the time to respond. <3

  37. I completely understand! I have exactly the same problem. It will be good to see you whenever you stop by :D

    A xxx

  38. But we live for your validation!!
    Seriously, I know the time involved, and just knowing your attention is involved in reading our stuff, works for me.


  39. yay!!! i love u and ur blog as well!!

  40. I always wondered how you did it! You are dedicated to follow 167 blogs so closely. Of course we'll keep checking your posts! I wouldn't want to miss out on your colour wearing genius!

  41. Of course OF COURSE OF COURSE

    We all understand. We're all juggling the blog world with the reality ourselves. Now, go and tackle that big wide (real) world out there! :D


  42. Oh dear Seeker... we certainly understand without question.

    Delve into a great piece of literature.
    Watch something you haven't seen in a year.
    Celebrate your playtime away from the laptop, and live.

    We'll still be here... in that little land called cyberspace.



  43. I know exactly what you mean! Don't feel any pressure. I'll always be here for you and we'll talk every now and then! Loads of hugs from Linn

  44. I totally understand, and support you!! You must devote some time to yourself and your husband, otherwise you'd end hating blogging :) And we don't want that! hehe

    We'll wait for you, don't worry :)

  45. i'm in the same position right now. so much to do, so little time... i think we need a break, honey!

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