Sunday, 11 January 2009

It happened on January, 10th 2009...

The day had just begun. It was 23 minutes pass midnight when Hubby came close to me and said “Happy Birthday”.

I went to sleep and it was almost 7 am when the phone rang. I thought “so early, it might have happened something…”
When I started answering I heard a sweet voice saying “It’s you…” OMG it was her. She was calling me from Mexico. I felt so happy, but at the same time I was afraid she couldn’t understand me because I write and read better than I talk English. And if she didn’t like my voice…Her voice was sweet and lovely and speaking so very well.
We talked for some time and I was feeling my happiness growing. Thank you very much my dear. If you’re reading this you know I love you and you gave the motto to my day. It was such a good start for a day full of love manifestations.
I told her that I was going to come back to sleep, but I couldn’t, I was too excited and happy that I wasn’t able to sleep more.

Some time after Hubby came with a present. He already had given me my new mustard dress last week, and I thought that it was all. But OMG he gave me THE perfume (in my opinion). Yes, I love it so much and it’s not on sale here at the island. So Hubby knowing that I wanted it badly moved “Earth and Heaven” to get it from mainland.
The Jasmin Noir perfume from Bvlgari… I have it now!!!! The jasmine notes come out after a while it has been on your skin and warms up with hints of almonds and vanilla.

I took my laptop and started seeing the messages coming. E-cards from my family in Canada. The best family a girl could ask for.

E-cards, e-mails, messages in comments in my blog, messages in my cell phone were keeping coming and I was feeling so spoiled and happy.

I hadn’t made big plans, I just was sure of something. No cooking and having a slice of chocolate cake.

I dressed my Bday outfit and we went to lunch to the place we habitually go on working days and where they make me vegetarian food and we are treated more like family.

If I was feeling spoiled then I couldn’t felt it more.
The girls gave me flowers, we had a special decorated table, there was wine and a special vegetarian meal for me.
And at the end the girls came with a chocolate cake singing “Happy Birthday” and I blew a candle.
I felt so touched with everything that I had no great words to say thank you, or I will start crying.
By the way the chocolate cake was too delicious!

We went for a walk, we took some pictures and returned home.
Messages were still coming and phone calls (and I talked with Sister).

And at the end of the day, like the song says:
“I think to myself... What a wonderful world…”


  1. Seeker: What a beautiful day!! And I adore that perfume. It is the most gorgeous, chic, elegant and sexy scent. What a fantastic gift! You are one lucky woman.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog... And happy birthday!
    Captain Forr

  3. I am so so so happy for you. It truly does seem like you had one of the most wonderful days imagineable. Your stories have just beamed up my day. Have a very wonderful night too!


  4. What a great day! And I have another birthday present for you - I just drew my giveaway, and you were one of the two winners! Yay! :D

    If you could email me your postal address at andrea[dot]eames[at]gmail[dot]com, that would be great! I'll also send you an email asking for size details and things like that. :D

    Happy birthday again!

    Andrea xxx

  5. That sounds like an amazing beautiful memorable day. I am so glad you enjoyed it fully with all your senses open and that your heart was filled with joy! You look beautiful to boot as well!
    PS I am kind of jealous of the chocolate cake!

  6. Hi there lovely lady! I loved reading your post about how wonderful your day was! You truly deserved every single bit of it and more! :)
    I hope the universe will manifest more love and excitment in your life!
    Muaaah :)

  7. Hey darling!
    I loved reading your post about how wonderful your day was! You deserve every single bit of it and more!
    I hope universe manifests more love and excitment in your life!

  8. Amazing writing!
    You seem to have lots of people around you that love you, and that is good to know!

  9. Hi there-wow, what a wonderful day, you are a very lucky lady and so deserve to have all these wonderful gifts too!

  10. Os meus parabéns atrasados!

    Adorei o vestido e o perfume - belas prendas, sem dúvida!

    Confesso que também gosto muito do restaurante a que foste.


  11. Oh so cool to hear that you had such a great day! That's soo wonderful!

    :) Grayburn

  12. Uau!
    Que dia especial, hein?
    Te desejo tudo de bom nesse novo ano de vida!

  13. absolutely beautiful! happy birthday mama! :D

  14. Yay!!! Happy bday Seeker!


  15. Sound like a really great day. I'm glad you had fun.

  16. congratulations!
    It seems you had a great day!
    and you had a beautiful outfit!

  17. Hi Seeker,

    What a lovely day! I'm glad you had happy! :) You are very lucky and pretty! :) I adore Bvlgari parfume (all)... lol

    Have a great evening! :)

    xoxo: Janet

  18. darling HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! your day just seemed amazing my sweet! I love the dress hubby got you,also i have that Bvlgari perfume so i know how beautiful the scent.My darling im glad you had such a beautiful day,you so deserve it my love.Hubby did so well!
    love all the pictures,even at the restaurant,just lovely.

  19. Aww these pictures are just darling... and while it comes a tad late, I hope all your birthday wishes come true!


  20. wow your day sounds so perfect! wonderful dear. It's nice to hear that you birthday was so good!

    lots of kisses

  21. I'm so glad you had a lovely birthday. You deserve it because you are a lovely person. What a wonderful hubby you have, to put that much effort into your gift. It sounds divine, I will have to try and find some here so I can sample it. Hope the rest of your week goes just as well.

  22. Happy B-Day Girl!!!

    My best wishes of love for your life!

    from Brazil,


  23. thank you!! no wonder you get so much lovely attention on your special day, you are such a lovely, kind and caring person! i like the sound of that chocolate cake... =) xxx

  24. Happy Birthay (even though it was 2days ago!).
    The "Jasmin Noir" perfume from Bvlgari is fabulous (I have a sampler and love it). And Kate Moss is the model for that fragrance, and I just love her!

  25. Hurrah! It sounds like an utterly perfect day, beautiful. Happy, happy birthday and big hugs.

  26. What a lovely day! I'm so happy for you! *hug*

  27. Sorry I didn't know....

    Happy Birthday ! Feliz Aniversário ! Joyeux Anniversaire !

    Mas naquele dia cantei e posso pensar que foi a pensar...em ti !

    Beijinhos verdinhos e muitos anos de vida...boa !

  28. what a wonderful day!! happy belated birthday!

  29. Hi,

    OMG Seeker I am sorry I missed your birth day darling....

    Happy Birthday

    kisses baby.... :)

  30. I'm so glad that you had a nice day!

  31. cake, flowers, perfume and I'm sure there was something a little less G rated that awaited you :)

    I'm glad you had such a wonderful day.

  32. Nooooooooooooo!! I missed your bday!!...How could that happened to me???!!!....

    I wish you all the best, seems your bday cake was delicious!, hope you enjoyed your day.

    I send you a big hug!, lots of kisses and more years to enjoy here!

  33. Happy Belated Birthday, Seeker. It sounds like a perfect day for you. :D


  34. Happy, Happy Birthday beautiful lady!
    It sounds like you had the loveliest day :) I'm so hungry for chocolate cake now after looking at your photos.

    Your husband is so sweet to track down that perfume for you - it's divine, isn't it?!

    <3 xxx

  35. Capricons are the best... happy belated birthday lovely,


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