Friday, 2 January 2009

I’ve been sick…

I hope everyone had a great and gorgeous New Year’s Eve and that 2009 started on a fabulous way.

Unfortunately I’ve not been very well. On New Year’s Day I hardly could eat some crackers. All that I wanted was to drink tea and I didn’t leave home. Hubby (always so sweet) went for Mother to take her to our home, so she could be with us.
I don’t know if it was something I’ve eaten, if it was some debility because what happened in the first days of the week or if it’s some kind of a virus that they say it’s on the air (well I never saw it yet, but if they say it is….).

Anyway what reason it was I’m still recovering, but I’m trying to keep in touch with you.

I want to thank everyone that voted on the pool about Seeker’s best Fall/2008 outfit on the side bar, and ask the ones that didn’t vote yet to do it.

I’ll be back….


  1. Oh, I hope you feel better really soon!
    Too bad you had to start the new year like this!

    I wish you a wonderfull 2009!

  2. Please feel better soon. :-),
    Sorry you had to start your New Year this way!

  3. I love this green little monster, it's so cut.
    I hope you are getting better!

  4. I had the same problem! Poor thing! I hope your better now.

  5. Sick?!?!!? :( I'll pray for you alright! GET WELL SOON! *hugs

  6. awwwwww feel better soon!!!!! and happy new year!!

  7. oh no. hope you feel better soon!

  8. Aw, hope you're feeling better!! Your husband is so sweet(:

    At least you have the people whom you love most, around you(:

    Get well soon!

  9. Hi friend,

    I am so soory for you. I wish you can be better soon. Relax and recover.
    a kiss and a hug,


  10. oh, feel better! Happy New Year!

  11. awwww... sorry sugah! please get well soon! sorry!
    i'll beat that virus to a pulp if it weakens you more than you already feel!
    *bear hugs...*

  12. oh no, poor you! i was feling a little ill last night. throbbing head and like i was about to throw up. i think it was the aftermath of all those baileys! get well soon, ace piture though =)

    you are so sweet but i am going to be firm for a while xx

  13. a little late, but i just wanted to wish you a happy new year and all the best for 2009. get well soon!


  14. Corajosa menina que, mesmo doentinha, vem falar com os amigos !

    As melhores !

    Beijocas verdinhas

  15. Oooh hope you feel ok soon!

  16. Oh, Seeker! I feel for you. Just looking at the sick people around me makes me scared! I really hope - and know - you will feel better soon. All the stress can really throw your immune system for a loop...

  17. Fell better soon, dear sister!

  18. awh..... get well soon darling... i'll pray for your good health....

  19. Happy New Year!!
    I hope you get better. Take care my dear and have some rest :p

    It's good to know that you could be with your mother and your sweet husband.

  20. Oh I hope you feel better! That's just unfortunate that you had to open up the new year being sick. Please get well soon! We're dying to read your great posts!

  21. Oh my sweet dear Seeker, I'm soooo very sorry u aren't feeling well!! You must rest and drink plenty of fluids ok? I'm a nurse u know so u must trust me on this one, lol. We will all still be here for u when u are feeling better my friend, take care of yourself and feel better soon! Oh, and I did vote too! I believe it was 11/12 :) Of course, I truly love allll of them!!!! Get well my friend, talk soon, *hugs* and a spoonful of honey should do the trick!! :)
    your friend,
    Julian :)

  22. Hey lovely!
    It is definitely something that is going around...My whole family was sick last week and we are still recovering. Just try to stay home, drink lots of hot tea with lemon and honey and RELAX...that is by far the best remedy:)
    Sending you my love and best wishes!
    Get well darling! :)

  23. seems like a lot of people got sick during the holidays. get well and happy new year!

  24. Hi there-oh poor you, I wish you a very speedy recovery and take care my dear.

  25. darling please get better sad to hear that your unwell. you sound like you make have a flu virus.i have the flu too,its horrible.
    get well soon!
    big hug,

  26. oh no, hope you are feeling better soon. i was sick on christmas day, not fun.

  27. Get well and stay healthy! Your writing will be missed if you have down time!


  28. Get well soon, Seeker. I don't know if I can believe you though since you're so diligent about sending cards to all of us on time. :P

    Thank you so much. You're always very kind.

  29. Oh, awful! :( Feel better dear!

    xoxo: Janet

  30. Happy New Year, lovely, and I hope you feel better soon! Thank you for your wonderful comments, as always. :D

  31. Im sorry to hear that your new year hasnt gone too well so far, get well!

  32. Horrid stuff going round everywhere look after yourself xxx

  33. Good to know that you're feeling better. It seems that many people are feeling sick at the moment and that much rest is needed.

    I couldn't help but love this sick x'mas tree with slippers and tea. It captures the moment perfectly.

    Hope you had a good weekend and lots of love to you.



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