Saturday, 3 January 2009

TO - 01/03 - in the green of the forest… Seeker in black and white…

Today wasn’t as beautiful as yesterday… a darker day, with the sun behind the clouds.

Have you made New Year’s Resolutions? I haven’t.
People normally start the year saying they will eat healthier… I’m vegetarian.
People normally start the year saying they will exercise more… I think my yoga is good (Thanks K*).
People normally start the year saying they will be better for others… that’s part of my life’s philosophy, based on the Reiki Principles by which I try (That’s what I try. I don’t always succeed, but that doesn’t mean I stop trying) to live my life and that are:

Japanese - English

Kyo dake wa: Just for today:
Okoru-na - Don't be angry
Shinpai suna - Don't worry
Kansha shite - Be grateful
Gyo-o hage me - Work hard
Hito ni shinsetsu ni - Be kind to others

Observe throughout the day, with all your effort, the arising of anger, then look deeper for its true cause.
Observe your mind throughout the day for the arising of worry and restlessness, look deeper at their roots.
Be mindful, each moment of your day, appreciating the gift of life, find the right livelihood for yourself and be honest in your work.
In your day, as you appreciate your life, be kind to yourself and to all beings.

So I think my resolutions have been made some time ago.

But I’m very worried!!!
Worried with the economical crisis that we might have to face and that can make 2009 one of the worst years.
Worried with the millions of people that have no food and may die of starvation.
Worried with the situation on Gaza Strip.

black ankle boots - local store
black faux leather pants - Tally Weijl
studed belt - gift from sis and goddaughter
ivory cowl neck - from my boxes
black and white retro style coat - local store
bracelet - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
long earrings - gift from Hubby
lipstick - Esté Lauder
lipgloss - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel

Please don’t forget to vote on the pool about Seeker’s best Fall/2008 outfit on the side bar.
Thank you.


  1. beautiful words. you pull off those leather trousers off so well. amazing outfit! can i add that to my vote? are you feeling an btter? xxx

  2. Great post! And thanks for the mention. You are more than welcome for the yoga info but you're the one that's doing all the great work to bring balance and fitness into your life! And, seriously, these pants are so great on you. I love them more every time I see them.

  3. Hi,

    Oh, yeah! I am worried. I didn't make New-Year's pledges, but I try to be better. My year began with a little conjunctivitis unfortunately. :( Are you feel better, now?

    Your outfit is wonderful. I adore this your faux leather pants and coat.

    Have a great weekend!
    big kisses: Janet

  4. Hey my dear!
    Lovely made me think. In fact I do tend to worry a LOT as well, so I always have to stop myself and just live life. We can't change the world and that's not really why we are here. We can change ourselves though and be as good as we can and spread that goodness and that will ultimetaly change the world...

  5. great post, i enjoyed reading it... and i'm very worried too.. i think we all should think and talk about these things!

    but i also have to say that i really like this outfit because of this black-white-grey-combination!

  6. Wonderful pictures!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. wow this outfit is really really amazing. love how you wear your leather pants.

    have a nice day darling.


    (this outfit will be on chicisimo ;) it's great)

  8. thank you, you are so lovely! =) thats good to know that it will evntually come to an end! xx

  9. Great post! I like the leather pants, you really can wear it with your legs!

  10. Seeker san, Chotomate kudasai...Shinpai suna & Kansha shite neh.... Harikato Gosaimasta!

  11. I love the trousers and jacket! And I'm a veggie too, I felt a sort of morbid fascination with taking that photograph, it was a sadly beautiful scene.

  12. Those leather pants are amazing. Happy 2009!

  13. I have read somewhere that it is NOT GOOD to have resolutions! It just makes you depressed or something@

  14. Hi there-I do love this post, a great set of values to abide by through life, I agree. I love those trousers on you, I voted you in these trousers as your best outfit!

  15. You are a supermodel, Seeker! That outfit and particularly the first shot in B&W are exquisite!


  16. You said it so well! I totally agree with your resolutions and I'm also very worried.

    But nevertheless: you look awesome! So elegant and strong!

  17. i think you have 2009 figure out for yourself. just don't change what you have been doing. with economic crisis, we will always come out of it. it's just part of business cycle.

  18. I'm worried too, my dear!
    Também não fiz New Year's Resolutions, como pôde ver no blog.
    Estou tentando apreciar a vida, como você disse, but I'm very worried!
    Blessings for us!

  19. Tive que voltar aqui para dizer: você herdou a irreverência aquariana do seu pai, amiga?!
    Com o gosto pelas cores, pela luta pela vida?!
    Adoro isso!

  20. darling what a thoughtful and insightful post. your so right about the resolutions. I'm worried about the same issues as you but God is in control.
    hope you get that beret soon dear. i love graphic t-shirts too.
    love those trousers sweet Seeker!
    muah x

  21. I'm with you on the worry. But you've certainly got the positivity to make it through. :)

    And your outfit is quite lush! You really rock those pants! :)

  22. Yes, everything that's happening around the world definitely makes me worried to, but let's strive to enjoy life. I like how you used Japanese in this post.

  23. I love this outift on you, it is so classic yet the leather pants makes it more adventurous.

    Beautiful words also. Very inspirational. I have written more of a 'To do' list for the year rather than resolutions. I don't like "eat healthy" and "exercise more" resolutions also. I think these should be intrinsic and not something to have to "do" as such.

    I hope you are having a happy, healthy start to the beautiful new year! xx

  24. I always like the pictures on your blog darling but the black and white one is genious!!!!

    Sorry I have been MIA per say, or not lol


  25. Great post and reminders for each and everyday!

    I am liking this look a lot. Fierce!!

  26. these issues are worrying everyone, but keep trying to stick to the Reiki Principles. You look fierce in those trousers! x

  27. very true to every word dear!
    i dnt make resolutions tho...

    and u look amazing!looove the coat and pleather (u do post alot boo! i cant beleive i missed a post!lol)


  28. I like your jacket and trousers a lot!

    And about the resolutions: I haven't made any either. My only resolution is not to let life stress me and take everything easy.


  29. Hello beautiful! You are a true beauty from the soul and out! Very fine words, I relly agree. What's the use of New Year's Resolutions just for the sake of it - no, a good life way is my cup of tea.

    Just wanted to wish you and your beloved ones all the best in 2009!

    Many happy and warm hugs,

  30. It's a worrisome time, isn't it? And sometimes it's not enough comfort to know that this too shall pass ... but your resolutions are wise and hopeful, and I KNOW you're one of those good souls who knows to find solace with loved ones.

    Seeker, are you a Reiki practitioner? A dear friend of mine is and I find the whole healing system to be astonishing.

    Oh, and did I mention how envious I am that you can rock those faux leather pants? ;)

  31. I agree, there are certainly a lot things (worries/fears/choices/changes) on the table for 2009... I'm interested to see how the year developes.

    But as for this post... fabulous as always, dark day and all!


  32. You look amazing in those leather trousers! Wow.

  33. This outfit is just perfect, love so much the coat and those pants!

    a kiss friend, hope you are better :)

    see you,

  34. Super hot look. You can't go wrong with that one! The jacket is fab and so are the boots!

  35. someone once told me that worrying is asking for prayers you don't want answered...i thought that was good advice...and a Buddhist thought on worry:
    "If you can solve your problem, then what is the need of worrying? If you cannot solve it, then what is the use of worrying?" - Shantideva

  36. This is so Givenchy! I love it. It seriously reminds me of the Fall 2008 collection. Congrats for being able to pull off leather pants sucessfully. Only the daring and truly fashion foward can do it. <3


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