Tuesday, 13 January 2009

TO - 01/13 - I’m saving my Jasmin Noir… and I got awards and a personalized stamp…

"Your Blog is Fabulous!"
"Prêmio Especial - Gracias por estar aki..."
"You're a 'in my heart' blogger!"
"Award for koselig blogg"

The lovely, stylish and insightful Eneida from Tenga Volantes was so sweet and awarded me with all this.
Thank you so much my dear, I’ll pass them on.

Captain Forr, from "No pain, No tears", an excellent photographer closer than ever to be a professional aircraft pilot, gave me this personalized stamp, with a picture took by him at Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, Calgary, Canada.
It says ““The Seeker” illustrious visitor”. Thank you my Captain, it’s an honour.
So if you want to see nice photography go check his blog.
He writes in Brazilian, but you can leave him comments in English, and to admire pictures one doesn’t need to read.

Today I returned to my Noa perfume. I’m saving my Jasmin Noir for special occasions or for time to time, because it’s like something precious that’s not easy to reach.

Something sooooooo precious is water, and I think most of the times people think that it’s somewhat unlimited, but maybe we should take more care with it.
Think about it!

Well today I wasn’t very relaxed to take my pictures. Don’t know why, I’m already used to have people staring at me… But at the end I was able to smile.

I don’t know what’s happening with me… maybe I’m putting my standards too high, because I think I’m not talented to make “different” outfits.
Alert!!! Alert!!! Alert!!! Fashion crisis….???

I miss doing a “serious” post…. But I even haven’t started to read a book…
But there are so many interesting things to talk about yet in fashion.
The crisis effects, the new trends for S/S 2009 and also the Pre Fall collections, just to name a few.
Thanks God there’s some bloggers talking about that.
Oh have you seen Marian’s gorgeous outfit? I want a Rolling Stones shirt!!!! I’ve been talking of it for more than a month.

black and white shoes - Pimkie
black tights - Calzedonia
red skirt - local store
black belt - C&A
black turtleneck - Zara
mustard bolero - Vero Moda
black and white retro style coat - local store
necklace - gift from Hubby (Bijou Brigitte)
bracelet - gift from Hubby
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
lipstick - Esté Lauder
lipgloss - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. bem! parabens pelos premios. gosto da junção das cores do teu outfit. bjs

  2. fab color combo as usual, love the necklace as well!!!!!

  3. sweetie, you are just a fresh pop of colors... love it.

  4. I liked that outfit from Marian as well! She looks hot! I really like the colour combo you have here. It reminds me of mustard and ketchup, which you are great at pulling off!

  5. Are you kidding!? This outfit is interesting and chic! You always look great Seeker.

  6. Hey Seeker!!!! You are looking lovely as always my friend, and u are sooooo talented. You do awesome outfits and u really help alot of us out with our own fashion faux pas!!!! I know I actually try to do my outfits better since I met you :) You are the best my friend, there are to many serious blogs out there already anyway! lol luvyas, take care,
    Julian xoox

  7. "This may be the only season when ketchup and mustard are in." Anne Slowey

  8. Lovely shoes and bracelet! Great find, Seeker!

    Have a great day and big kisses: Janet

  9. You look so chic and so happy today. Love that. Congrats on all the lovely awards. You so deserve them!

  10. Oh! that is the very reason i see myself catching up on your blog as one of my first every day lol. Don't sweat it. Everyone goes through style ruts but espite what you may think i still think you look fab. And i must say now that you're wearing that beautiful pencil high waist skirt that you have a fabulous figure. Is it sad that i;m jealous? lol


  11. You look fun and fresh - isn't it a pain when you get crisis days over outfits and poses!

  12. I love such a color-striking outfit! Wouldn't it be great to be able to incorporate smells like we do with sounds on a website hehe? Then I would be able to smell jasmin noir when i visit yours :)

    x Grayburn

  13. Helo!
    I like the smiling pictures!
    The Rolling Stones shirt is really something!

  14. Daring outfit darling...good to see u still in top form keep being fab!!!!!!!!! :o)

  15. No fashion crisis. You do a fabulous job of creating great outfits. I have never asked; who takes the photos for you?

  16. Oh wow I love the mustard and red combo :) And I really do think you have wonderful outfits consistently, you don't have to force yourself to change direction at all outfit wise! And it's so true, water is overlooked as a blessing, only 1% of water on this planet is drinkable!!!

  17. wahhhhhh


    you look fabulous here...
    i love your mix and match of colours........

    fab as always!!!


  18. Jasmin Noir is beautiful - I have it too. (Bulgari kindly gave it to me!) I also recommend Jasmin Vert by Miller Harris which is exquisite. LLGxx

  19. My absolute favorite outfit yet! Holy cow, Seeker, you've outdone yourself. :D

  20. Hi there-such a lovely vibrant outfit, your jacket is very similiar to my next jacket/cardi that I've just posted about!

  21. What a great work with colors. Mustard and red are two of my favourite colors and they go so well together.

  22. HEY HUNNY, how have u been, i was away on holiday, that explains my absence. I hope youve been keeping it all fab

    You look great, that outfit does wonders for your figure, love it!!!

  23. that is so lovely of them, you sooo deserve all of those awards! your outfits are beautiful, no need of improving them xx

  24. look at all those awards. well done.

  25. Seriously? Your outfits are some of the MOST creative I see! No fashion crisis here, lady. ;)

    That amazing necklace is the perfect touch.

  26. Oi querida...
    Estou de volta à Brasília e consequentemente à Blogosfera...
    VOltei para meu calorzinho bom... nem to sentindo saudade do frio...rs

  27. Parabéns, querida!!!!!!!!!!!!
    E adorei as cores do look!!!

  28. Hi there my darling!
    I love the colorful ensemble! :)Don't even thinkg you are not worthy or talented enough! It's not you who thinks that, and rather you ego that doesn't want you to be happy. YOU ARE TALENTED! You are inspirational and an extraordinary woman!

  29. Wow, the colours are so great together! And your curves look so awesome in the skirt!

  30. How long does it take you to decide what you're going to wear? Your style is so scrumptious! I look forward to seeing them all!


    p.s. -- I love when you let your inner child out. Let her free more often. Such a fun photo.

  31. wooww me encanta la combinacion de colores y ademas define muy bien tu figura, muy linda , un beso

  32. Hi,

    WOW!!!!! You are still and always my most attractive friend... :) You make the color Red look Royal with your style and your positive energy. I admire the selection of Architecture just hinting in the distance but isolating your display for our muse.

    Congratulations for the awards and all that you are my dear friend. I always look up to you darling.

    Kisses baby....Ciao

  33. I think you look like you could be in a French Film! I think you look fabulous! That belt, those colors! Congrats on all the awards!

  34. you got many awards!!
    love your colorful outfit :)

  35. you deserve all the awards dear!
    i'm inlove with your shoes.

  36. THE COLORS! How do you always put together the colors so damn well?!

  37. It seems as if spring has arrived to your wardrobe! you look faboulous!

    Thanks for taking part in my drawing!Hope you are luckier next time!

  38. oh darling! you look damn hot!

  39. WOW you look gorgeous!!!! you mix colours like no one else my dear. Your hubby is a darling! what a gorgeous necklace that is.My sweet you deserve all these awards and more!
    My dear you are more talented than you know,many people are afraid of co lour but you wear it so easily and with so much chic my dear!
    big kiss

  40. I´ve got a present for you! Check out my blog :D

  41. my pleasure! you really are so lovely though =) xx

  42. Congrats on all your awards! Love your bright outfit!


  43. What crisis dear you look so cheerful & bright! Fabulousss...
    Congrats again<3X for yet again more awardsss... I know why!

  44. seriously does not look like a crisis! just fabulously bright!


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