Friday, 16 January 2009

TO - 01/16 - on a rainy day… recreating the midi-skirt moment…

Last year, when I was doing an inventory of some clothes which hadn’t been wore for ages and seeing if there were some I could recycle, I found this navy blue skirt that I liked, but I was in doubt about its length, because it’s almost an ankle length. I didn’t wish to cut it, but I didn’t know if it was longer that it should be. So I kept it for “better days”.
Since current hemline options include more skirts that descend to the calf and below, I decided to try it today.
What do you think?

It was such a rainy day today…

black oxford shoes - from mainland through a local store
bordeaux tights - Calzedonia
navy blue long skirt - from my boxes
blue turtleneck - local store
red cardigan - Mango
red and black plaid coat with faux fur collar - Tally Weijl
bracelet - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)
pearls necklace - mainland store
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. I like it. I haven't seen you in a skirt this length yet, I don't think. You can wear any length!

  2. You look like such a lady! I love it. I want a long wool plaid skirt exactly like the one you have on but printed. I say stick with it!

  3. Hi there-just perfect for the cooler weather and looks lovely with your jacket too!

  4. Hey darling!
    I'm sorry for the lack of comments. I have just been sick in bed for the last couple of days. THank you so much for all the comments that you left. I love reading them, you know? :)
    Don't worry about the self confidence crisis. WE all go through it. IN some people it's more obvious, than others, but we all do. So, it's only natural, and it will pass...
    You are a gorgeous woman with such a big heart and beautiful soul. I love you very much darling!

  5. You were it well but I much prefer you in shorter skirts, but then I'm not a fan of longer skirts much anyway - so ignore me!!

  6. i really like that red cradigan with the blue turtleneck!
    and thank you for always write these lovely comments on my blog :) they make me so happy!

  7. Eu achei bonita a saia!
    Gosto de saias!
    A meia combinando deu um charme!
    Gosto dessa coisa de reciclar peças! Acho bem legal!

  8. darling it looks good on you.You shouldn't worry about the lenght. i love that you can see a bit of the tights ;)

    thanks for your kind words!

  9. Magnificent. It works beautifully

  10. EVERY day is a good day for a fur collar!! I love this outfit. And those shoes are so great.

    You always pick the best backgrounds for your pictures - makes me want to travel Europe!!!


  11. Nice midi! And you know I love that jacket! Hope you are having a fab weekend, S!


  12. I love the length of the skirt! I think it looks wonderful on you!

  13. I agree, it looks good on you! :) I can't pull off such lengths. You wear the skirt so well!

  14. I think this skirt looks great on you!


  15. I really like this skirt. It has great lenght cause it makes you look very very elegant.

  16. very ladylike!
    i looove it!
    the second picture is so great :)
    and thanks for your wishes... i hope i will feel better tomorrow because on monday my work at the hospital will start again... my last week!

  17. I really like that skirt! I love seeing more people wear that length - you worked it so well!


    P.S. I'm finally back in the "blogosphere" - new updates on my blog!

  18. You look really good with this length! It looks classic

  19. its your smile that makes it look perfect. perhaps try taking the hem up a little so it can be used with other clothes, just to decrease its cost per wear of course! xx

  20. The length is perfect on you. Don't change it!

  21. Hi Seeker,

    only two words: Perfect loooook! haha!

    xoxo: janet

  22. Wow, I think the skirt looks fantastic!!

  23. I love rainy days.
    The skirt looks great, and I really like the colors!

  24. Por aqui choveu muito nos últimos dias. Eu não gosto, apesar de saber que é necessário. Amei a saia!


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