Thursday, 22 January 2009

TO - 01/22 - question to myself… am I needing holidays???

I’ve finished my work of teaching the professional training. It wasn’t many time, just a few days, but was indeed very tiring.
Could it be because it started on Blue Monday (officially the most depressing day of the year)?

Now I have to put my habitual work up to date.

I think I need holidays…

Isn’t this tree absolutely gorgeous? I just felt like hugging it and at the same time to feel its protection.

green shoes - Xmas gift from Hubby
gray tights - local store
printed skirt - C&A Sixth Sense (detail)
black belt - C&A
purple turtleneck - H&M
gray cardigan - Vero Moda
black blazer (from a suit) - Ana Sousa
gray handbag - Mango
colourfull brooch - Hubby's gift
bracelet - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
necklace - gift from Hubby (Bijou Brigitte)
lipstick - Esté Lauder
lipgloss - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. Hello fellow tree hugger. Aint it just the funnest past time? ;)

    Thankyou for your thoughts and messages. Reading them just made me grow in strength. THere must be a word more stronger than 'thankyou' because i don't think this word does what you've given me justice. Just thankyou dear, from the bottom of my heart :)

    As for the outfit you look wonderful as always and YES you most definately need a holiday. Don't we all? ;)

    Much love xoxoxo

  2. Hi, Seeker,

    U neeeeed & I neeeeeed tooooo! :D

    Perfect outfit and what a lovely flower brooch!

    xoxo: Janet

  3. You look like a very chic Eve in the Garden of Eden. Gorgeous!!xoxo
    p.s. I think you should take a holiday!

  4. hope you can have you're much needed rest dear! have a happy weekend!

  5. hey,
    I love those pics.
    Looks soo sweet and fresh. :)
    I also love that gray's cardi.

  6. Hi there-I do love that skirt, is the C&A Sixth Sense skirt vintage or new? My waistcoat is this brand too, but its a vintage one!

  7. I love the print on your skirt! It's stunning how you combined all of it together, looks amazing!

  8. The tree is beautiful indeed! And what are those flowers around you? Are those roses or am I seeing things? :)
    Darling, it does sound like you need a there a possibility you can take some time off ? a couple of days, or maybe even a week? It will be so refreshing and inspiring for you! Work can always wait, but YOUR LIFE can' think about that...
    I promise to do a post about the photoshoot, sometime next week with all the juicy pictures and details :)
    I'm feeling a LOT better, thank God. Still trying not to be outside for too long, because it's too freezing...:)
    Have a gorgeous friday!

  9. Look great ! Added your link :)
    Hope you are having a wonderful Friday...

  10. What gorgeous garden and tree you're standing with. In spite of feeling like you need a vacation, you're still smiling and looking happy. I'm too feeling a little tired with all that's going guest, AIFW coming and my regular stuff. But I'll get through it all somehow! Gosh I'm tired and are making typing mistakes...I called it a bodysuit instead of a jumpsuit (thanks for correcting me!) :)

    Anyways, so glad it is friday! But I have a busy weekend coming up and I don't have the energy already!

    hugs to you and the tree,

  11. Acho que isso não está acontecendo só com você, é geral. Depois de tantas festas e feriados é difícil voltar à rotina.

    Ah! Faça sua listinha, quero ver!


  12. Absolutly, the tree is wonderful. I love big and strange trees but where I live there isn't anyone =(
    Skirt and bag are delicious...
    Beautiful pics!
    p.s. I need holiday too!!!! =(((( but I can't! Argh=/

  13. yes, you are totally right, that tree is wonderful :)
    a good background for your great outfit!

  14. i love your purple skirt combined with the skirt and the acessories. totally lovely.
    and this tree is wonderful

    kisses have a nice weekend

  15. darling lets both go on holiday :O),somewhere nice and warm my sweet.what a gorge tree,its so inspiring! gorgeous dress my sweet. i hope you get tine off to rejuvenate yourself.
    happy wknd

  16. The print of your skirt is absolutely lovely :) And that tree really does look embracing, I adore the almost ground level splitting of the trunk.

  17. Not to be totally non-fashion focused, but lady, it sounds like you DO need a holiday! Blogging and working are wearing you out. Maybe just a weekend away with your lovely husband?

  18. thank you so much =D looking so sunny and happy as always in your gorgeous outfit

    i am so exhausted already and i have only been back at school for three weeks =S xx

  19. I have no holidays this sem cause my internship will be during my holidays! :( look very stylish in the tights though <3

  20. Oh, it's depressing that there is an official most depressing day of the year. :(
    That tree is beautiful indeed. I like trees, they are like a piece of eternity.

    Kisses and Hugs,

  21. You must think I'm weird, but I had no idea that there was a such thing called Blue Monday! How come I didn't know?

    Oh and I love that tree. When I was a little girl I wished I had a tree like that to climb on and sit around in!

  22. oh i just adore how you pair things.. perfection!

  23. Que linda!
    Que árvore linda!
    Tem vez que a cabeça da gente fica mais cansada que o corpo!
    E se não podemos parar, meditar por alguns minutos ajuda um pouco!

  24. you look so fabulous with the tree, nice background, have a wonderful weekend sweetie!!!
    thanks for the wishes :)

  25. Not only the look gorgeous, too!!

  26. You are right, that tree is really great. Looks like you could pull out a blanket and pillow and settle into the middle of it!

    As always - you never get the outfit wrong!!! Beautiful and unique as always. :)

  27. Purple is such a great color and you wear it very well.


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