Friday, 23 January 2009

TO - 01/23 - it’s the crisis… but don’t stare at me… it’s just a hat…

Britain has officially entered recession for the first time since 1991, after the economy shrank at the fastest pace for nearly 30 years in the fourth quarter.
The United States, Japan and Germany are also in recession.
Here central bank predicted the country's economy will enter recession in 2009 for the third time in six years. (Great...)
We are one of the European Union's smaller economies, representing around 1 percent of the bloc's total gross domestic product.
I think we should be grateful if we have good health.

We have also bad news in the world of fashion, Chanel cancelled Mobile Art Tour.

Conceived by Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld and Iranian architect Zaha Hadid, the exhibition of works by 20 artists including Daniel Buren, Yoko Ono, and Wim Delvoye, and installed in a handbag-inspired, pod-like structure designed by Hadid, was widely considered one of the most ambitious, if not ostentatious, collaborations between the worlds of art and fashion. The show has already been seen in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and New York, but nobody was counting at that time with the economic situation; stops to London, Moscow, and Paris are being cancelled. Chanel has not disclosed the project's costs.

So the Mobile Art Tour ends its short life. After all the uproar it caused in New York, where he held a big party for the opening, we see as Chanel is also not immune to the crisis (as happened to Louis Vuitton some days ago).

But according to sources from the French firm, because of the current economic situation, it has been decided to stop the project and dedicate this budget to other areas of research and development.

Apparently, no one is immune.
Hmmm… would I be able to do my “shopping trip”??? Lord knows.

black ankle boots - local store
black short carrot-top pants - from my boxes
black turtleneck - Zara
red and black plaid coat with faux fur collar - Tally Weijl
white wool scarf - gift from Hubby
gray handbag - Mango
black hat - mainland store
bracelet - gift from Hubby
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. FABULOUS! You always look so perfectly pulled together!!! beautiful!

  2. What a great post!

    You look great in hats, always. Have an awesome weekend.

  3. ((((((Seeker)))))))) Aren't u just the cutest!! I really adore the jacket for sure! :) Looking lovely as always my friend. And yes, the recession is hitting everyone pretty hard here in the states. It really sux. We have had several lay offs in a few companies just here in the little city I live in, and I know the bigger cities are laying off even more people from their jobs. It really is sad, u are right, no one is immune. Hopefully soon, it will turn around! :) take care my dear friend,
    Julian *hnk*

  4. I was dissapointed when I read that the tour was off!

    I'm loving your jacket!
    and that bag!!

  5. hey.
    U look sooo fab.
    I like the way u mix and match ur outfit.

    about comment u left on my blog.
    yes, we put the water over body. Like shower but its from gayung. :)

    Thats new for u, right?

  6. Poor Mobile Art Tour:( Well, now you are in the recession trend. It's not so bad. A lot of people in the city I know have lost their jobs. It is pretty sad but it's all about your outlook I guess. I also want to tell you that you look lovely as usual.

  7. Hi there-yes, the recession is officially here. Still, I will still thrift for bargains! Looking lovely, the hat soo suits you!!

  8. i love the hat!! reminds me of ur profile pic(which i love so much)..the world is going into recession! God help us! amen!!

  9. It was completely indulgent nonsense in some respects but whatever at least you look fab in your well heeled boots!

  10. The hat looks so sweet on you, I can't stop looking at the pictures!

  11. Oh, it's a disaster anywhere! My father has a business and it is difficult to get ahead!

    Wondelful outfit, compliments!!!!
    I love so much your hat, is delicious!!!

    Have a gorgeous week-end you too!!! And thanks for your delicious comment!!!


  12. This recession scares the hell out of me.

    But on a happier note. You look great in that hat and outfit. very model like.

  13. I always thought that places like Chanel were somewhat insulated from recessions, but I guess this is a 'never seen before' type of recession. I don't think its an altogether sad thing if the exhibition is stopped, (I agree with Make Do Style) and I'm sure we'll see it again when the market is right!
    Your jacket is divine, actually your whole outfit is lovely!

  14. I agree with the others! A great post... and I love your pants. Such a great fit.

  15. You're looking lovely as usual! Great jacket.

  16. you look great. it's such a shame about chanel mobile art tour...

  17. Ótimo texto, vc abordou esse tema de forma leve e divertida! O chapéu é tudo de bom! bjins

  18. i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee your coat :o)

  19. Linda de chapéu!
    Realmente a crise está afetando muita "gente grande"!
    As coisas precisam ser contornadas, tem muita gente perdendo o emprego!

  20. It's too bad, the crisis is getting to everyone, even fashion! At least you look fab in your shoes.

  21. Very much likes and Karl Lagerfeld would believe it in this manner - I am sure and of course.

    xoxo and Have great weekend!

  22. you have a stunning look!!

  23. I love the cloche on you, Seeker. It works very well with your hairstyle and gorgeous face!

  24. Possibly no shopping trips? Oh no! Recession calls for us being creative with what we've got though. I've got to pull out my sewing machine!

    hope your weekend was a good one,

  25. Seeker darling i need those peg pants!!! they are super! plus they would go with everything. I like all your Tally Weijl pieces,I keep telling you that you have a great eye my dear because you do!
    darling how you feeling these days,hopefully not too tired still my sweet.
    big hug from LOndon my sweetheart.
    Muah x

  26. you look amazing. Yes, its all about the fear. The moneys still there but people don't want to spend it.
    I hope you still get your shopping trip- you will get some amazing bargains!

  27. Very interesting!!!

    I love your boots, I ust lerarn to wear heels.. sorry I've been absent but Iknow you understand.

    You look really good

  28. It is quite sad, but just like you said no one is immune to the financial crisis. It's time to wake up and value what we have in our lives: our family, friends, freedom, health. I think by 2012 the world will be a different place...

  29. Oh my goodness! I love this outfit! Gorgeous!


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