Saturday, 24 January 2009

TO - 01/24 - somewhere, under the rainbow…

Today it was raining and the sun shining, at the same time, so… a gorgeous rainbow as you can see a little.

People here say that when the weather goes like that “the witches are getting married”. Why?? I don’t know.
So I dressed actually casual, because it’s weekend, because I felt like it and we went on a road trip.

My friend T. and I, we are always arguing one another about the colour combo black and brown. *big smile*

“I know T, but I think they look good together!”

“… but it is black and brown… and the rule says we don’t mix them!”

“T, you know I mix the colours I feel, not by the rules”

So, Today’s Outfit it’s for you lovely T.


brown boots - local store
black skinny pants - Vero Moda
brown belt -Tally Weijl
black turtleneck - Zara
scarf - flea market
black biker jacket - Stradivarius
black cap - Parfois
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. Olá! Lembrei que há uns anos era moda por aqui preto com marrom e eu tinha uma bota como a sua! Eu acho que a combinação fica legal! Bjins

  2. What a beautiful rainbow. I think it all looks great on you :-)

  3. Oh my the last time i saw a rainbow was like 10 yrs ago...great pics love the way u captured the rainbow in them :o)

  4. Que linda sob o arco-íris!
    Dia 20/01 tivemos arco-íris aqui também, e coloquei foto no blog também, tirada da minha varanda!
    É lindo e colorido, como gostamos!
    Quando a preto com marrom, não costumo usar, mas ficou ótimo em você!

  5. lol witches getting married? Thats a first haha. I think brown and black go well together (sorry T) aslong as you have other colours contrasting them; like that fab bright green fringed scarf!


  6. ...The rainbow is enchanting, when I see it I fell happiness and sadness at the same time. Whi? I don't now (ok, I'm a little bit strange girl!).
    However, your outfit is great and brown and black are a perfect combination. Boots are so beauty and foulard is divine (I'm obsessed with foulards!).

    Thank You so much for you sweet're delicious***

    ...I live in a little region in north-east Italy, Friuli Venezia Giulia (precisely in Gorizia), do you now??? I went in Rome many times. Rome is magic, is history, is fun, is romantic... Rome is all =) Firenze isn't far for me and It is perfect for peoples that like art!!!

    I'm sorry for mistakes in english... But you speak italian very very well... Great!!!!

    Kiss, kiss...many kiss**

  7. what a fabulous picture and with a rainbow too, it was meant to be! You live on an island so you probably see them quite often.

  8. Only one word: Amazing!

    oh, haha! TWO: cozy!

    xoxo: Janet

  9. love your scarf! just amazing. queen of beauty :D

  10. i love rainbows, and your scarf matches the background... well done!!!

  11. You look like a ab fab road warrior! T would hate me because I live on black and brown pieces!

  12. Hi there-you look gorgeous here, the rainbow behind you is stunning, hope you're enjoying your weekend!!

  13. This outfit is WONDERFUL! I love the subtle touches of colour and not to mention that lovely smile :)

  14. thta rainbow is so beautiful and you look gorgeous under it :)

  15. oh, beautiful, honey! i'm in love with your scarf and the rainbow!

  16. darling you rock the place ;)
    love it so much. and brown mixed with black goes really well. But this green scarf makes the outfit perfect.


  17. thanks for the heartfelt comment.. you've made my day... don't worry, i wont expect too much... i'll just do my best!!!

  18. splindid looks with look and style infact the location... its picture perfect!!.

    Your comments surprised me!! delighted.

  19. I hate all the so called rules! Who started it anyway?! We can just wear what makes us happy! :D Black & brown are good together for me!

  20. Here in my side of the world, when the weather's like that people say that dwarfs are getting married. Haha..

    Gah. Black and brown have always been a dilemma of mine as well-- but I wear the combination anyway.


    I shall add you to my bloglist.. just so I dont lose your link-- I always seem to be misplacing links.. lol.



  21. It's amazing how a hat can give you a totally different look

    This girl is ready to rock!

  22. Gorgeous! You, the rainbow, your breaking of "the rules!"

    Love it!

  23. I mix black and brown all the time. I guess that makes me a rule-breaker!

    You look great. Mix away.

  24. T has no idea about colours! :-) I like mixing black and brown and you look so good in it!

  25. I totally adore the rainbow in this picture :).

  26. In Zimbabwe we called it a 'monkey's wedding' when the sun shone and it rained at the same time. :D

  27. Holy!
    That rainbow looks almost magical. What a great idea to go on a road trip, I wish the weather would allow us to do the same here...:) You look so happy and vibrant in your photos darling :) It's nice to see you smiling like that :)
    My weekend has been very relaxing so far, however today I need to do quite a bit of work for a project I'm working on. But it's ok, I don't mind that...
    I always mix black and brown, becuase I believe that rules are there to break!

  28. Hi dear!
    Thanks so much for you're sweet comment!!!
    So, I have food disorders, but from one month I'm following a diet and I'm slowly healing. It's very difficult, but I know that I'll win [I hope *=)*]. And I, like you, when I was child many kids called me with terribles names. And, like you [again], I try to eat normally (is very very difficult but....).

    However... I know. I must can stop smoking!!! I know that it's dangerous but I can't *argh*. When I feel so good (with my food problems) I promise that I stop smok! And don't worry, I don't mad with you... You're always honest and delicious and I love You***

    Thanks, thanks, thanks so much... for all your words!
    Kiss darling!

  29. You are such a great rule breaker!

  30. I love rainbows!!!!
    You look wonderfull!

  31. this is seriously the perfect set of pictures :)

    La C.

  32. you look so hip. seeing rainbow always make me feel happy.

  33. I feel like youre channeling biker chic cool here - LOVE it!!

  34. gorgeous dear! you look so biker hot! love the pants and biker jacket. amazing images,love how you took them on the deserted raod with rainbow in background my dear.
    rock on my sweetie.
    sweetie hows your wknd been? hope youve had a relaxing time.
    muah x

  35. Lovely rainbow and the outfit looks great!

  36. oh the jacket! that's my fave. you're right on not following re the rules as long as it looks good on us! keep the post comin' dear.

  37. WOW!
    que bonito paisaje! y no corriste al principio o fin del arcoiris to get your goldpot ?

    hehe :)
    LOVE love love the scarf!

  38. A rainbow! I never get tired of their beauty.

  39. Hey Seeker! I love your outfit - so cool and stylish! The photos are really gorgeous as well (I hardly see rainbows anymore but when I do, they always make me smile)
    Thanks so much for the comment you left darling - you're so sweet!
    Anyway, I hope you have a great day. Take care :)

  40. Hi! Please check my blog for the Fabulous blog award I pass on you!

  41. "The witches are getting married", that is a beautiful saying. And those pictures on the road with the rainbow are gorgeous.
    I don't really know about black and brown - sometimes they look good together, sometimes no. In this case, they do!!

    Kisses and Hugs,

  42. I shared a very inspirational story on my blog that i would love you to read and share with others too :o)

  43. Oh My God..
    Is that real??
    Soooo amazing rainbow.
    And also u wear a gorgeous outfit.

    I've pass a fabolous blog award to you.
    I know u've got it. But I don't kno, I just wanna pass it to u.
    Ur blog is amazing. :)

  44. Beautiful rainbow and outfit!

    Check out my post today :)


  45. I love these images! You look like you're really making the most of that glorious rainbow, doing a little rainbow dance. ;)

  46. u look amazing sweetie!!
    too hot! the outfit completely blended in the weather!! i absolutely love!!
    love love!!
    and the shoes!! i love this look!!
    woo hoo!!

  47. I have something for you waiting on my blog:)

  48. Oh wow! Such beautfiul pictures! i looove them :)
    you are looking so happy <3
    and yes, 1,0 is a very good grate (the best i could have) :)
    thank you!!

  49. you totally rock the leather jacket & skinny jeans!

  50. What a spontaneous shot it must have been...

  51. Thanks for sharing the "witches are getting married" expression. I love learning things like that. The rainbow is beautiful, like you.big hugs.xoxo

  52. mix them, for sure! I love the green scarf, and you're such a hat girl.

  53. Lovely, fun photos :) I love that you captured that beautiful rainbow!

    You look lovely in the black and brown. I like to wear them together too and yes, I've heard that line about the "rule" too! I also like navy and black which has the same reputation.
    I always say that that rule went out the door when YSL paired black/brown and navy/black, years ago :)

    I also love what you wrote in the post above, about letting things go. Wise words <3


  54. aw cool pictures. love rainbows...

    check out


  55. great boots, love the rainbow!!! xoxo

  56. Oh, these are incredible!!!

    I would have felt a mass of inspiration standing against a rainbow backdrop... and I'm convinced you did!


  57. Wonderful combo of brown and black!! I'm always a bit scared of mixing the two, but your outfit looks amazing. Annnd beautiful rainbow :)

  58. wow, the rainblow looks awesome!!

    I sooooo loooooveeeeee your boots!

  59. Wow! you look amazing!
    Love the pictures and the rainbow!


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