Monday, 26 January 2009

TO - 01/26 - on the land of the “four seasons in a day”...

Definitely the Island is the land of the “four seasons in a day”.
Earlier in the morning it was raining, when I took my shoots the sun was shining, after that it was windy, and when we arrived home it was foggy.
Great for the hair… if you could see mine now… it’s all curly. *laugh*

Sometimes we are so deeply involved emotionally in something (kids, family, work projects) that it’s tough to recognize that we’ve already done our mission and we must let it go.
It is always hard to understand three things: when is the time to let things go, which things to let go and how to let them go.
Many times, we're so deeply upset that our mind is set to that particular "thing" or "things." We compress our minds and take them so seriously as if don't have any more capacity to move on.
But we must go over all the "what ifs" and "why", after that we may learn a valuable lesson. And we find that even though it was painful, we grew through the experience. Just learning to let things go, rather than worrying about what might happen “after us”, might ultimately be worth even more than no matter what it is we had to let go of.

Well a not so inspired outfit today.

black oxford shoes - from mainland through a local store
brown wide-legs pants with black belt – H&M
ivory cowl neck - from my boxes
red cardigan - Mango
Prince of Wales blazer - from my boxes
mustard wool scarf - local store
sunglasses - mainland store
brooch - Hubby's gift
long earrings - gift from Hubby - Details
bracelet - gift
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. I love the concept of four seasons in a day :-)))

    Great outfit. You never miss a beat!

  2. Chic outfit and very inspiring post. Its so very true though, the idea of relinquishing something you've spent so much time and enery in and the process of recovering from it is so emotionally draining but you really do come out of it having learnt and a much stronger person.

    Very beautiful :)

    Eelie xoxo

  3. four seasons in a day - sounds like the name of a book!
    but you do look lovely, always with the great colors.

  4. See the season is a magic... and see the four season in a day only in're so luck! where i live it isn't so =(

    your words are very profound and you have right about all, but it's true... is very difficult to let things go...

    great outfit, as usual =) i luv so much pants and red candigan <3

    kiss darling*

  5. I love your post today. Those words are so true. So many times I choose to let go of the wrong things - or I try to hold on to everything. I have so many regrets - and it's unhealthy for me.
    It's comforting to know that other people struggle with the same issues.

  6. Four seasons in a day!
    Great for the hair!
    Gostei disso!!!
    É realmente assim que se dá!
    Complicado, mas divertido, até!
    Apossibilidade de quatro estações em um mesmo dia proporcionou a você montar um lovely outfit!
    Gosto quando é inverno aqui, em que temos céu claro e frio! '
    Acho lindo!
    E os looks ficam muito mais bonitos!

  7. Weird coincidence, I was talking to someone yesterday about making decisions and they gave me this advice. Worry all you want about the decision beforehand but as soon as you make a choice, let it go!

    (I love the pop of red under the grey blazer!)

  8. Hey! a costume change in the same shoot. This girl has done this before. I noticed you went hatless.

  9. It's so true. I feel like I am always having the conversation with myself of 'just let go'. Seriously, I think people should just be and not really think too much, stress too much, etc. It's hard living in a city especially because you are in close quarters with people (mass transit, on the sidewalk, etc) you are always around people and energy is just passed around and you just need to not focus on the bad and instead focus on the good!

  10. i love the title of this post dear! and I ove your scarf.

  11. Hi there-the red cardi and yellow scarf really make your outfits!!

  12. you may not feel inspired, but I love the mustard scarf.

  13. I love your red cardigan it looks so good!
    Ah to let go of things....

  14. Oh Seeker, you are so wise! It's hard to let things go but when they're gone, they often come back from itself.
    I love the mustard scarf!

  15. Olá! Curitiba também é conhecida por ter as 4 estações num só dia! Ontem amanheceu frio, mas com sol. Então o tempo foi fechando, mas esquentando e por fim, ao cair da tarde: chuva! Só faltou nevar! kkkkk

  16. What a great post - and I like your look. The mustard scarf suits you so well.

  17. Beautifull outfit, I love the brown with the red and yellow! Looks wonderfull! The Noa perfume is such a delicious perfume!

  18. Letting go is SO hard, for just the reasons you've outlined. Sometimes I think only time can really get us to release ...

    Gorgeous pop of yellow, lady.

  19. love the four season a day concept, love the those outfit, the red and brown + the grey with yellow--too fabulous!!!

  20. You say uninspired, I say beautiful! It's not just the clothes, it's the way you wear them, the detail, the confidence.
    You are inspiring to me, that's for sure! So glad I've found your blog!

  21. Hi love!
    Thank you for such a wonderful article. I agree with you on the fact that people worry too much and perhaps if we just stop worrying for a second , things will "magically" fall into place. Life and reality is what we make of what we already have.
    By the way, your outfits are always inspiring to me. It's not what you wear it's how you wear it and carry yourself. Right? :)

  22. well no one is perfect but you look lovely as always! thank you xxx

  23. it's simple to understand the need to let go but it's not an easy thing to do.
    i think you were in my list before but you are for sure now.

  24. Loving the pops of colour in this outfit - you look great, and it looks so lovely and sunny there :)

  25. No matter what you wear, how you wear it, or where you immortalize it with a snapshot... you look amazing every single time!

    How do you do that??!!???

  26. Your cardigan looks lovely. 4 seasons in one day is very strange weather.

  27. love the color combination! perfect my dear!

  28. Hey Seeker!!!! I love your outfit dear! You are so right about letting things go. It can be very difficult at times. If it could only be that easy! LOL But we all must remember , the day we cease making mistakes, is the day we cease learning and growing!
    Thank you for your help on the title for my painting. I've decided to title it "Purple Haze" what do u think? take care my dear friend, talk soon,
    Julian xoox :)

  29. You look really good in the photos - abit tired but thats it-

    This was a very educational + phylosophic post S*!


    Have a nice week :)

  30. So striking with the red and yellow!! One thing I cannot get enough of are those fantastic scarves..

    Love your looks and love how you always have such great backdrops.

  31. hey..
    I like ur last words. Its make me realize about something.
    Maybe I should learn to let things go. thx. :)

    I luv ur scarf and ur red cardigan.
    Thats cool.

  32. You look fantastic in every look!
    Love that cardi. I have one the same!

    a kiss :))

  33. Four seasons?! hahaha wow, I love how you always look so cool ;)

  34. wow you are so right! sometimes you should let things go... that'S a problem of me ;)

    you look very inspiring i think!! yous scarf is amazing and the red cardi is the perfect addition!
    really really great!


  35. Love the versatility of this outfit, and the bright accents!


  36. that mustard scarf is gorgeous!

    La C.

  37. Here we have no use for sunglasses!
    I like your outfit and the yellow scarf!

  38. you are too fabulous for words, love the use of colors in this piece, stunning

  39. I adore the red and mustard combo, and that cowl neck top is lovely! I think we all have difficulties in letting certain things go, I guess we have to be careful to not be selfish - often we hold on to things so we can be happy, rather than letting go when we should. But more often than not, we think it is making us happy not letting go, but it's not.

  40. Hi,

    I was very moved by the writing in this post Seeker. For I believe that sometimes, we experience what life brings through situations in our lives and others can learn, or identify with.

    I felt that sense of connection with you as you wrote about your experience through this in a general way.

    Letting go is important I suppose, but very hard to do. We sometimes like to hold on to that; it does not matter what it may be, for a feeling of melancholy or subtle control. Very cunning scenarios.

    Just know that you light up my day with that cute smile, and your ways of sharing with us always brings me to a returning point in my voyage of life on life's terms.

    Ciao baby,


  41. darling this really moved me my dear. I so needed to hear this today as I have been holding unto many things that I need to let go so thank you my dear.
    Seeker you wear colour like no other my sweetehart.that red mango cardi is delish!

  42. not so inspiered but I love how you look in pic number one.

    Wise words, my darling!!

  43. Layers! That is the answer! Love it!

  44. I love that idea. It probably makes dressing a big challenge, but I see that you've met it very effectively with what you wore on the day. I love the colors.


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