Wednesday, 28 January 2009

TO - 01/28 - is it enough…?

The absurd panic of not doing enough; or good enough; or soon enough.
I was told it would drag me down someday.
"Not enough" will then turn into a horrific, monstrous "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!". And I shell believe it.

I don’t know I have two pieces that both tags said – colour: mustard.
I think something is wrong…

black ankle boots - local store
blue skinny pants - Vero Moda
black Levi's belt - Canada some time ago
dark gray turtleneck - Zara
mustard cardigan - Vero Moda
mustard scarf - H&M
tweed coat (from a suit) – London buy
gray handbag - Mango
necklace - gift from Hubby (Details)
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
bracelet - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)
lipstick - Esté Lauder
lipgloss - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. You look great in the mustard especially with that blue. The gray is okay but the mustard says something.

  2. I forgot to ask. Who takes all the pictures? Maybe you can show us the photographer?

  3. Dijon or Grainy mustard?

    Colour naming is a pretty arbitary thing - and as there are something like 16 million identified shades of colours that we can perceive - who could name them all?

  4. I know that feeling of not doing enough. Tell the voice to be quiet. That's what I do.

  5. Bright colors look great on you :-)

  6. Cool! I want the orange jacket! :)

  7. I too have had the thought..Who is the photographer here. Love the mustard. That bold active color is a happy this time of the year

  8. I have that voice too. That voice has been loud today. I hope that it quiets for both of us.

  9. I totally dig the mustard on you. Also, I was thinking while my brain was sumersaulting today, "enough is enough!"

  10. Hey Seeker my friend!!! I too can identify with the "not enough" syndrome!! lol, and I believe it affects women probably more than men! :) (no bash intended guys, lol) We women just always feel so obligated to take on everything ourselves, and it will drive u insane if u let it. I like what K.LIne said"Tell the voice to be quite" What ever we didn't do enough of today will be waiting for us to finish the next day!! LOL So, just let it slide, be a duck, and just let it roll off your back!!!! LOL
    Luvyas my dear friend, take care,
    Julian :) xoox

  11. I love the bench tou're sitting at. It seems romantic to me.

  12. Hey darling!
    Well...I guess mustard has many shades
    You look so beautiful my love :) Always suprising me and inspiring me with your color combinations!
    I believe we determine when we have enough....however society makes us feel like it's never enough, so we keep buying, spending, looking for that perfect prince, etc , etc
    it's too sad sometimes....

  13. Hi there-the mustard and blue go soo well together, very vibrant and chic!

  14. colourfull feeling! Fab! :)

    xoxo: Janet

    P.S.: Your jeans, WOW! :D

  15. Tenho estado um pouco afastada por estar carregada de trabalho mas não deixei de dar sempre uma vista de olhos no teu canto encantador !
    Este cor "mustard" fica-te a matar "

    Beijinhos verdinhos

  16. thanks for praying for me. i have posted something on what happened in my competition. just view my site and maybe leave a comment... have a good day!

  17. Oh lady. Just remember to breathe.

  18. Oiiii querida, quase não tenho comentado, mas sempre estou de olho nos seus looks, aliás, admiro seu estilo e a ousadia de abusar das cores de uma maneira muito elegante. Adorei a ankle boot de bico fino.
    Bjobjo iluminado pra vc;)

  19. I totally share your feelings at the moment!

    You look beautiful again :).

  20. where do you live? The surroundings is beautiful and you look so nice in your outfit!

  21. When you get to my age, you won't care anymore if it's enough or not enough... I just want to live!

  22. I suffer from 'not enough' syndrome too. You look great in mustard! Both mustards. ;)

  23. Eu gosto das cores!
    Não costumo combinar muito cores assim, a não ser que tenha em alguma estampa, mas já que não costuma usar estampa, pode colorir as peças!

  24. You're so great with color. so great! Looking fab as usual!!! :)

  25. its lovely to be told that i dont have to chain myself to a physics book any longer! you look fabulous as always, only you could pull off such vibrant colours! xx

  26. Oh my, Seeker...the question of "enough" is one of my biggest struggles. And I never knew it until this year. I've got a lot of work to do in quieting that need to be more and more.

    You are adorable in those photos. I love the boots, and that scarf--and mostly I love how you just OWN that outfit, how your whole self talks to the camera and says. I am more than better enough!

    What a find you are! I enjoy your posts a lot.


  27. i think the colors work well...never thought mustard wld go with electric blue tough..nice idea of tonig down with black also..

  28. The place where you live must be a great place, the colour of the house is amazing!
    And you look so great!

  29. Wonderful cardigan (i love colours but i don't wear it never)...
    Your jeans are so pretty ****
    I love this outfit <3

    Luvv Luvv

  30. Those jeans are pretty darn hot Seeker! looking good.

  31. I think I am on that enough syndrom too!
    Love the mustard cardi!

  32. I'm a firm believer in the power of mustard. I love that color - a lot of people hate it because they don't think it's flattering, but I think it looks good on everyone. I think mustard gets a bad rap.

  33. Two different shades of "mustard?" I like them both!

  34. I liked the article, but some disagree


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