Thursday, 29 January 2009

TO - 01/29 - can we do funny things and still look elegant….?

Today I had to take my shots outdoors my office in a covered place, because it was raining. Later after we arrived home it has been raining hail and for briefs moments the street went white.

The temperature is dropping and getting colder. Well it might seem ridiculous for those who have, outdoors minus 20 degrees Celsius, to tell that we’re having 5 º C. But you must see that we aren’t prepared for temperatures below 10º C. We have a middle winter and moreover the insides have no central heats.

Tomorrow I must take care and dress really warm cloth. *smile*

But as you can see I had lots of fun taking my shots. Might seem silly, but I don’t care, I had fun and it was nice to decompress.

red shoes - local store
black tights - local store
black full skirt - local store
black turtleneck - Zara
red cardigan - Mango
yellow thin belt - local store
black retro inspired coat - Vero Moda
silk printed scarf - gift
bracelet - gift
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
lipstick - Esté Lauder
lipgloss - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. I love the last photo, and the skirt! i can take snow and rain but hail really freaks me out.

  2. Fabulous! And you match the background!

  3. Loving the pops of red here and i really really love that skirt!!

  4. I don't like cold weather either, and you look like you are having a great day!

  5. You might have not been dressed approrpriately for the weather but you look so hot. I love the red with the yellow belt!

  6. You look great in red, it's such an uplifting color.

  7. Hi there-you look stylish, cute and funny, lovely pictures!

  8. The answer to yout question in the title: Yes, we can! :-)
    Love the red in your outfit!

  9. Ahahha.... Here is so cold too!!! -5/6 in the day and -15 in the night brrrrrrr* =)))
    Yours pics are so so so funny!!
    I love shoes (i love red) and usual i love so much your foulard!!!
    I want a shirt like your, is delicious!!!

    Luvv and Kisses

  10. I love hail! I love dramatic weather and your dramatic poses. I hope your work collegues appreciate the brightness you bring to their day.


  11. no matter how silly you try to be, you will always look beautiful and stunning ,dear!

    i love how you put on that contrasting belt!!!

    you are an expert of mix and matching colours!

    take care dear,

  12. You are too adorable. SO good to see you smiling!

  13. Loving the belted cardi and shoes!


  14. I wish we would have 5 degree here :). I really like your play with color today.

  15. oh i adore your last two pics you look so happy and so pretty! and your outfit is inthe colours of the german flag! love it ;)

  16. Ohmy, the pop of red is so fab! hahah your poses are always so fun!

  17. your color combinations are always uplifting, so fabulous!! have a lovely weekend!!!

  18. Great choice of coloured accessories.

  19. Yes you can!
    You look great with the looks! I love black and red on you!

  20. Gostei dos looks!! Parece que aqui é que está uma bela modelo!!! :p

    Beijocas e obrigado pela visita!

  21. darling i love this set of shots! that skirt is just BEAUTIFUL!!! what a sweet piece my dear.I can see you wearing that for years to come. I love the background to your images my dear. I hope you have a relaxing weekend honey,
    bog hug and kiss,

  22. I love the red on you, too. And that scarf! Scarves are sooooo fun. I have tons of them--I need to start wearing them again.

    I really love the happy kick pose. So cute and happy. Hope it's warming up for you there. Cold is cold!


  23. You are so adorable!! :) It's raining here too. Great red shoes! It's nice to be silly - you live longer that way!

  24. Seriously I love this outfit and also love your post title!

  25. Ficou muito bonito!
    O vermelho alegrou bastante!
    Aqui, hoje, fez 35oC!

  26. HEy love!
    Life is suppose to be lived in a silly manner, becuase it's FUN tht way. Who says we have to be playing the roles of "adults" and act all serious? Well...I don't believe in that or follow that! Have fun and be silly all you want and you will live a happy , long life :)

  27. love that yellow belt, fantastic pairing :))

    Jess s.

  28. lovely the belted cardi too :o)

  29. I think that is my favorite skirt on you! The fabric is very sophisticated.


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