Friday, 30 January 2009

TO - 01/30 - the cold didn’t catch me unguarded today…

Friday's coming down on us, all wrong and warm, just like someone's body. Friday's not like the other days of the week, it can't be ignored, it can't be pressed away, it can't be worked apart at the office, it just has to be embraced. Friday is so alive, it is almost human. It deteriorates our sense of time, it mixes our sense of eternity.
Friday is (religiously) heavy, (socially) relieving, (astrologically) erotic, (superstitiously) frigid, (culturally) equivocal.
It is "somebody" to challenge.
Somebody to conquer and take over. Or somebody to surrender to. Either way, Friday requires a personal treatment.
So can you feel it?

Layers, hat and gloves is the best strategy for when temperature is dropping.
And I think it's unanimous, that we all put on layers for being in the cold, starting with an “underwear shirt” that will keep us warm and would not be too stiff.
So today I wore one, a red one. Yes, also my “underwear shirt” has to be colourful. *big laugh*

black boots - local store
black skinny pants - Vero Moda
hot pink turtleneck - Zara
black thin belt - from a skirt
bordeaux blazer (cropped sleeves) - mainland store
furry vest - Tally Weijl
black scarf - United Colours of Benetton
gray handbag - Mango
black hat - mainland store
watch necklace - DIY
bracelet - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. the cold did take me by surprise.. when I left my house I thought the sun will come out but it didn't :(

    I love your boots soooo much!

  2. Hey Seeker! I love Friday!!!! lol, it means to me , that I can take a breath and relax for a bit before going back to work! I really don't think I relax all week until Friday gets here lol. I love your outfit!!!! I really like the different shades of purple, looks great with the faux fur!!!! Looks like you are keeping warm in this outfit, and still looking very stylish and elegant as well. Very nice my friend!! take care Seeker!!
    Julian :)

  3. Hi there-you just look soo cosy and stylish here, a lovely combo of colours!

  4. you're right! friday is one of my favorite days :)

    i love your bag, i always wanted to have a grey one!

  5. love the colourss

  6. I also love friday!
    That vest is so gorgeous! Wow!

  7. Your outfit looks so jovial it made me smile immediately-- and then I read the part about your underwear short being just as colorful and the smile turned to a giggle. You are truly one colorful character! love, love love!



  8. oh these berry colours are so amazing! love them esp with the furry vest! great darling!
    have a nice weekend! kiss

  9. darling!! i love the bordeaux blazer ... and those boots and ur bag!
    fabulous!! yesterday was friday! and i had fun!!

  10. I agree with everyone who loves that pink on you. And the hat! Love it!

  11. I don't have an undershirt... but maybe I should buy one against freezing :).

    Wonderful look!

  12. I love fridays. Your layers look great this friday! I hope you have an amazing weekend!

  13. There you go... looking fabulous again!

    I love the sleek vibe against such a gorgeous color combination!!


  14. The hot pink and bordeaux combination looks fantastic and that bag is lovely :)

  15. First off thank you so much for the award! <3

    I loved your "ode to Friday". I don't like Fridays that much though, because at school, they're totally senseless. I come to school for the two most useless subjects in my schedule. But anyway. I love all days of the week :D

    How cold is it over there? Here it's cold too! You made me laugh about your underwear shirt! My mum is always pressing me to wear one, and I think I will -- a colourful one!!

    Kisses and Hugs,

  16. Hi girl!

    Thanks a lot for the award one more time! You ara amazing!!!
    I love your boots, amazing outfit!

    a kiss and a hug,
    have a great time,

  17. love love the vest, and the touch of pink., te ves super bien,... gracias por el premio... un beso

  18. oh your vest is FABULOUS! Love the mix of pink and burgundy! you look fab!

  19. darling i want those boots! stylish but comfy. you know what dear? bright colours suit you so much! love that pink on you.hope your having a great wknd my sweet.

  20. You look warm and toasty as well a funky!

  21. Cute hat!! It looks great on you. I adore hats in chilly weather, they make so much difference to your body temperature. Yay!


  22. Cool and really nice outfit, dear! As usual. :)

  23. I like these outfit very very much, the pik is great.
    by the way i love your new banner.

  24. lovely hat! Kisses to the Goddess of Beauty :D

  25. Thank you for the comment! I'm glad the make-up video was helpful --- I wasn't sure because sometimes you can't really see my face.

    Kisses and Hugs,

  26. It's true!!!!
    Friday (with saturday) is my favourite day in the week, absolute!!!

    Oh...I love this outfit! Love those colors*** You're beautiful!

    Have a nica sunday darling*


  27. your post made me laugh and smile! very cosy =D

    thank you so much for the award i feel so honoured, thank you xxx

  28. u look well layered.... love the boots :o)

  29. You always pose at the most amazing places! You look so warm & chic! :)

  30. love the colors! :) i love how you change the font color to match the color of the item of clothing you're describing :)

    La C.

  31. Have a great week all the way through TGItwillbeF again!

    Beijinhos :)

  32. I love the furry vest, the handbag and of course, your smile(s), duchess!

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

  33. you look cute!! :)

    i adore the furry vest by tally weijl!! where do you buy that? i so want it!!

    the hot pink turtleneck by zara adds lovely color to your whole ensemble!!


  34. I like the colour of the blazer with the hot pink. Nice vest!

  35. You really described Fridays so very well. I love it when bloggers are so articulate!

    Oh and btw, I am hosting a Valentine's Day contest which starts tomorrow, and I would love it if you entered, so please check back at my blog!

  36. Hi,

    I like Fridays becuase I get to spend two days off. I love Mondays becuase it all starts again. I love my purple flower The Seeker.... :)

    Ciao baby

  37. Thank you so much for my award :) I'll pass it on this week!!

  38. E aqui está tão quenteee!!! Boa semana p´ra você! Bjins

  39. Hi Seeker!!!

    You are the embodiment of "cute" in the first picture! ^_^
    On a different note, I love your little essay on Friday: especially the line line with all the adverbs and adjectives. It's a line I feel I should just memorize because it's so well-written and so thoughtful. Wow.


  40. OMG i can't believe i only found your blog just now!!!!
    been rummaging through a couple of older posts as well and i must say that you truly deserve the words 'fabulous' and 'sympatico' for you blog!
    love your style and you look so lovely, just being you. you look really pure and all; i love that! it's so rare these days..
    keep it up! i'm going to follow your blog!

    wah. still can't believe i only found this just now S:

    hope you have a good day, dear!

  41. lovely vest, love the grey tint! hope your weekend went well? xoxo

  42. awww everything just come together so great! i love the hat, so adorable!!!

  43. oopsies...accidentally signed in by my sister's account (May)...the above comment is actually from me, sorry!

  44. Hi Seeker!

    Your outfit is really cozy and chic. ;)

    xoxo: Janet

  45. Hey Seeker! You look so cute in this outfit. I love the colours and that fur vest is so stylish!
    Also, thanks a lot for the blog award hun - I really appreciate it :)

  46. Love those boots - I went straight to the end to find out where you got them. The things we find local are always the best huh. :)

  47. adoro a combinação do preto com o violeta/roxo/beringela. bjs

  48. Oh, pink and bordeaux together, what a great combo!


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