Thursday, 5 February 2009

TO - 02/05 - after the storm... comes the calm...

"Here comes the sun… here comes the sun… it’s all right…" says the song.

After a couple of days of rain and wind, the sun returned to shine upon us, giving us confidence that spring will come.

black oxford shoes - from mainland through a local store
dark gray pants - from my boxes
gray belt - Stradivarius
purple turtleneck - H&M
plaid men's shirt - Tally Weijl
black blazer (from a suit) - Ana Sousa
purple and golden necklace - Details
mustard scarf - H&M
rubi brooch - gift from Hubby
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. The Sun... The Sun Sunshine... <3
    Oh...I'm fall in love with all yours foulards *_*
    Kiss sweetie

  2. gosto do pormenor do camiseiro xadrez! bjs

  3. OH, I wish it were always sunny! :) Although maybe if it were , then we wouldn't appreciate it so much. I have mixed feelings about 2012. Some positive and some unfortunately, negative. If people DON"T START taking responsibility for their lives and DON"T STOP relyin' on money and government to "rescue" them, then we are headed nowhere. However, being a positive, spiritual person, I try to educate everyone around me to open their eyes to reality, start respecting one another, stop fighting for superficial "religions" and realize that we are manipulated like marianets by the ALUMINI.
    Sorry, for venting about this subject, but I know you are probably already familiar with what I'm talking about...How about yourself? What do you think?



  4. Felicitaciones por tu nominación al Look 10 :)
    Ya pasare al terminar de comentar acá para votar por ti :)

    The plaid shirt is amazing!! Today I sent an old one to a place where they make the clothes fit back on you ! hahaha

    can't wait for the shirt to be ready ! :)

    Looks like my lack of inspiration stage its gone FOR NOW! I just hope it doesn't come back anytime soon!

  5. how are you dearest Seeker...
    You look amazing as always! I know- Spring is almost here again... time surely goes by so quickly...we must enjoy each moment & count all the blessings*


  6. The sun is beautiful isn't it? You look so happy in these photos! I love your men's flannel!

  7. you rock. so does your outfit!

  8. I love your outfit!! :) It is really nice! :)

  9. Queen of beauty as always :D

  10. HAHA You look like you're enjoyign yourself so much in the sun((:

    Love your plaid shirt! You've always seem to layer your clothes so wonderfully!

  11. what a nice weather!
    i'm loving your scarf and shoes dear.

  12. Hi there-love the outfit, the scarf and shirt really jazz it up! Pleased the sun is back for you!!

  13. Lindo o look!
    O sol traz a alegria, vontade de colorir!
    Viva a luz!

  14. The sun shines here, too! I love such a weather!
    And you look great as always!

  15. You are giving me hope for sunshine - I'm now officially fed up of snow, ice and slush. You look great - can't wait to join the sunshine happiness!!

  16. oh i like this look so much :)
    i love your plaid shirt!

  17. Bendito sol!!! Ótimas fotos! Gostei do blazer! bjins

  18. sweetie happy friday! hope your well.hows hubby my dear? is his mum doing much better? i hope so.i love that tartan on you,really like all the layers together my sweet.
    have a great day!
    muah x

  19. Glad you are starting to thaw a bit! :) But what will I do when summer comes and I you stop wearing all those great boots and sweaters?! I will miss them - but I'm sure your summer wardrobe will be awesome too! :)

  20. Cheery photos! I have to say, you are the definition of "put together." I do not know how to do this myself, and I'm working on it. I love the details--and how you wear it all with happiness and confidence makes a big part of the ensemble, too.

    Happy sunny day!

  21. Love the yellow scarf! I love yellow :)

    a kiss seeker :)

  22. That yellow scarf makes such a great contrast against your dark hair.

    And I know ... I could work harder to find pants that fit great. But I prefer to just indulge in skirts! ;)

  23. chic outfit!
    I also look forward to spring!

  24. your layering is topnotch!

  25. I love the plaid shirt you're wearing :).

  26. darling, i love your sunny pics! your scarf is so amazing. love the colour. and great open shirt!

    kiss have a great weekend!

  27. glad you can go out in the sun again.

  28. Yay for sunshine! I am so ready for spring, although it was all clouds today I went out in bright yellow ;) Love the yellow scarf and that plaid shirt looks wonderful!

  29. the mustard scarf is unexpected

  30. love the scenery and you look amazing too :oD sure u cnt wait for spring.

  31. Oh darling... congratulations you too =)))))
    Kiss, lovely!

  32. i love that song! so pretty =D i love the plaid shirt, i have thing with plaid right now =S xxx

  33. You are my inspiration to lookig great during my internship!!!! They said office wear but I am going to wear a great blazer like yours everyday <#

  34. Howdy, lovely!
    Good to see you. I hope all is well with you and your family.

  35. You always have the best color accents, S! Love the yellow wrap!


  36. hey darling, sorry i didn't answer you such a long time. university stuff... i'm glad it's over!

    you look very happy, nice combo!


  37. I love the day after a storm, and i love how you mixed that men's shirt in that darling outfit!

  38. love the scarf, mustard is the best!

  39. I'm always a fan of yellow scarves but sadly I don't have one. I'll have to add it to my shopping list when I go to NYC next week.

  40. I really can't wait until spring...I need sunshine too!

    x Grayburn

  41. I think my favorite part of this outfit is the men's plaid shirt.


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