Saturday, 7 February 2009

TO - 02/06 - I spent too much time in the jungle…

Yesterday I just arrived home around 9 H p.m., having left it about 8H 45 a.m. For those who are working women and also housewives I think you can understand my lack of time, for those who aren’t you can pretend.
But my yoga classes now have a length of two hours…
So I just had time to comment in a few blogs before, literally, fall asleep on my laptop.
Thanks to Hubby that took care of the situation, I wake up today in my warm bed.
But I feel bad because I have no time to comment in all your blogs, everyday.
Sorry, I’m trying to catch you…

Those who know me a bit also know that I don’t believe in coincidences.
As I believe, everything happens for a reason. Good things, bad things, accidents… and for accidents I mean situations which are specific, identifiable, unexpected, unusual and unintended external events which occur in a particular time and place, without apparent or deliberate cause but with marked effects.
Had had a huge car crash that can be considered as a great accident, after having that experience, I think that accidents are advices from the Universe to call us attention that we may not be in the right path.
But as I see it’s not necessary to be a great accident. Even a small thing can be a sign.
Just let your heart open, you will see and hear with its eyes and ears.

So yesterday I decided that I should go with the animal printed (that I have difficulty in recognize which skin) trend with a few things I have. But that’s not the reason that my face is crinkled in these shots but because it started to rain just in that moment.

By the way in that almost red house behind me it's my dentist's office. *LOL*

green shoes - Xmas gift from Hubby
brown wide-legs pants – H&M
animal print belt - H&M
green turtleneck - H&M
golden necklace - another island store
brown corduroy blazer - Rafia
animal printed scarf - (?)
brooch - gift from Hubby
amber cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. OK, your dentist officially has the nicest office ever.

  2. That is way too long a day - you need time for you.
    The only thing prettier than that street is you and your outfit.

  3. you look awesome. i just love your style.

    and you look a tiny bit like my aunt virginia (in her good years, which were long ago).

    hope you have a good weekend!!!

  4. I'm not a fan of animal prints, but who you wear it, is actually really nice. I could learn something from you haha. And I'm not the only one! A lot of people make it tacky, but you make it looks classic.

  5. Estes fundos parecem açorianos. estaás ca em alguma ilha?

  6. you always look so fab!

    La C.

  7. Oh those are fantastic wide leg pants you have there!

  8. lol Seeker you crazy CRAZY woman! Of course i still like you haha. I read every post of yours hun but i have this really bad habit where i open like 8 different blogs up and try to reply to each and every one at the same time. I must've jsust closed yours in a rush? OR are sure YOU just deleted it when verifying it!!!? :O :O :O Hmmmmm!!! Did ya think of that! :P

    I like how you point out that the building is your dentists haha. Tis funky red and so so bright! Better than my dentists' humdrum grey scaled building :(

    Damn now i want to SEE the blet so i can figure out the print for ya! haha. Brown and grey are really working for you! Ms sexy ;)

    Eeli (who is most definately liking you ;)) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

  9. I don't believe in coincidences either. I love the dentists office! So cute. You look great. I hope you have a fantastic well rested weekend. It's good to know your hubby is taking care of you.

  10. Ohh...
    thats rele cool.
    U mix it well. :)

  11. Hi there-you look really lovely in this outfit, I love a touch of leopardprint!!

  12. Oh wow. Long day indeed, well.. Ive got something that might help.. An award for you in my blog! hehe.. :-)


    your dentist has the cutest clinic ever!!

  13. the place where you took these pictures is so beautiful!!!

  14. Don't feel bad about not being able to comment on our blogs! I mean, if you already fall asleep over your laptop, that is a sign that you should just chill out a bit more... :)
    You had a car crash? Or who? If it was you, then I hope that everything's okay!!
    I like the setting of your photos! The town you live in is really beautiful. Reminds me of Italy a bit, somehow...
    Kisses and Hugs,

  15. Your dentist has such a nice office - and I totally understand you.

    By the way: fabulous look - as always :).

  16. Olá, descobri hoje o teu blog e gostei bastante!
    Já agora deixo aqui o meu:

  17. :)
    you look so good!
    And I totally agree with you that everything has its reasons.
    and of course I can understand that you cannot write so many comments.

    kiss have a wonderful sunday!

  18. What a great dentist's office, but you look nicer, my dear!

  19. Thanks for the comment.
    Noa is a great perfume.

  20. I really agree with what you have written today, you are completely right! What a lovely surrounding you are living in and between a nice outfit.

  21. What a great dentist's place. Your leopard print scarf looks great- I made the photo bigger and checked!

    I really loved what you wrote - I think that is good advice. I'm having a good look!

  22. Hey darling!
    I forgot to thank you last time, but I love Nadine, she's so out of this world with her color combinations, and not just color , she also mixes lots of patterns. What a character! Hehe...I'm definitely going to keep her in mind...for you know what;)

    Just like yourself, I do not believe in coincidences. Even a leaf doesn't fall from the tree for no reason.

    I love how you added leopard accents to your outfit. Very exotic looking!



  23. What a beautiful street! And you look very elegant.

  24. Linda como sempre!
    Espero que esteja bem, sobre o acidente!
    Linda a casa vermelha do seu dentista! E as demais também!

  25. Love this monochrome look, S!

    And thanks for your sweet compliment on my painting :)


  26. I totally know what you mean about not having time to comment - so please don't feel pressured at all to comment :) I just love reading your blog!!

  27. Darling! Your posts always make me think very... You're wonderful person, true ... and you've right ... everythings happens for a reason, but i'm scared for this, i don't know why!
    That house is delicious and so strange... where i live there isn't houses like that =(((
    great outfit, as usual... and i adore your scarf <3
    many kiss & luv

  28. I love the trouser pants! You have such a great blog.

  29. hi mama, the queen of beauty! :) mom is doing ok. but just a little depress.

    I want to visit europe,but budget and other stuffs is really a big challenge. Can you give me more advice to visit there, too?

  30. Not only are you inspiring for your outfits each day so well put together, you always have the best backdrops:)


  31. ,,,always notice that your dear hubby buys you lots of goodies!
    You are trully blessed Seeker!!
    XOXO- Hope you have a lovely NEW week dear!

  32. These kinds of posts are why I think you are great--
    wise, fun, practical, and stylish! The animal prints are great with that green and brown!

    I find that little accidents happen to me when I need to refocus--I misplace stuff like keys, or I drop things or break dishes accidentally. Now I take these little incidents as opportunities to check myself--do I need to slow down? Do I really want to go where I am going? When I lose my keys, it usually means I don't want to go...

    Thanks for sharing your island with us!


  33. You poor lady, asleep on the laptop. When will things slow down for you?

  34. You look fab in chocolate brown!

    When I get married, I'm sending my hubby over to visit with yours for some lessons in good gift giving! "Way to go," to the husband of The Seeker! xo

  35. darling what a beautiful post.Seeker this is such a great look on you. love the colour scheme and the animal print.its so fabu,very Michael Kors my look so sophisticated my dear.what a lovely street with gorge the locations in which you take your images my sweet.
    muah x

  36. Brown looks great on you. Is there any color you don't wear well? I think NOT.

  37. 'Don't worry, be happy'!! Eu te entendo perfeitamente! Devemos ter prioridades, senão tudo vira bagunça! Um grande abraço!


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