Friday, 13 February 2009

TO - 02/13 - I have no paraskevidekatriaphobia... but it's raining again...

Another Friday 13th… are you superstitious about it?
Me, I have no paraskevidekatriaphobia (if you want to know more about it you can red this post I did on the last Friday 13th).

But it’s raining again, so I decided to show you just a bit of my work space at the office.

This is my view through the window.

And we separate the garbage to recycle.

Since the floor is covered with tiles we have to have, under the desks, little carpets to warm our feet in cold days.

And I’m always surrounded by paper, despite we just print what is really necessary and can’t circulate electronically.

black ankle boots - local store
green cropped pants - from my boxes
belt - Fantastico
brown turtleneck - La Redoute
scarf - gift
brown corduroy blazer - Rafia
brooch - gift from Hubby
amber cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. I like scarf! :)

    Have a great weekend!

    xoxo: Janet

  2. cool!! i like your office :-)

  3. burr, it looks cold there! i think all offices are freezing to keep the worker bees in motion!

    hope you have a great weekend.

    love the booties!

  4. I love that you seperate the garbage! :-)
    Great scarf!

  5. Hi there-you look lovely and smart for work, the neck scarf is gorgeous!

  6. Nice post! And I love the scarf that you're wearing.

    Happy Valentine's day!


  7. Your office is lovely, I love a nice window to dream out of too. I get you with the carpets; I was in Galicia last May and when it is not summer the tiles make everything a bit cold.
    You are looking very smart and business like - don't mess with you!

  8. Hi sweetie!!!
    I like so much your office... It's strange *_*
    Wonderful pants and scarf <33333
    Happy V Day darling!!!
    Luv and Kiss

  9. omg...i had no idea it was friday the 13th! totally forgot about that!! yes, totally superstitious here ;) happy vday!!

  10. Love the trousers and scarf :) And the view from your office window is simply divine!

  11. I love your colorful scarf :). And I forgot that is was friday the 13th *lol*.

  12. QUe legal! Gostei das fotos! Bjins

  13. Eu não tenho superstição com sexta-feira, seja ela 13 ou de que número for!
    Acredito que atraímos energias boas ou ruins em qualquer dia da semana ou do mês. Depende do nosso astral, digamos!
    Devemos sim ser sempre positivos para atrairmos coisas boas, e assim, quando as coisas ruins se aproximarem de nós, que estejamos tão bem que o mal não suporte nossa luz!

  14. Também não tenho paraskevidekatriaphobia ! Até gosta muito do número 13. Para saber porquê, terás que ir visitar-me....

    Beijinhos verdinhos e Good Valentin's Day !

  15. I love your scarf!

    I like the idea of meeting your working place :)

  16. wow i love ur office workspace theme its awesome..been a long time coming :o)

  17. You look happy in your workplace, Seeker.

  18. Wow! You dress so well for work. I especially love that scarf. Beautiful.


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