Tuesday, 17 February 2009

TO - 02/17 - sometimes we have to know how to make small talk…

I don’t know why is so hard for me to make small talk, but having a lesson or two would have made certain parties that I have attended a whole lot easier to get through.

Why is it that certain people leave you tongue tied, when there are other times when you simply can’t shut up??

Tomorrow I’ll have an important meeting, I’m preparing for that.

Thank you for your comments on my last post.

black and white shoes - Pimkie
navy blue tights - Calzedonia
winter floral print skirt - H&M (detail)
ivory cowl neck - from my boxes
red trench coat - Zara
cocktail ring - gift from Hub
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. YOU WON!! My daughter drew your name from a bag. Congrats!! I guess the universe was on your side:))

    You look Wonderful, I just adore the red coat.

  2. i think it has to do with chemistry; some people are more intriguing than others and it resonates through everything, even small talk. i think, at least. :)

  3. That is a wonderful coat. I'm terrible at small talk to. I always wind up telling people too much.

  4. Oh, what a cheerful outfit! Love the skirt.

  5. Well, good luck with the meeting.
    Love the outfit :-)

  6. Querida, esse trench coat da Zara é liiiindo, adoro vermelho e esse look lhe caiu muito bem.
    Bjobjo iluminadíssimos;)

  7. Your skirt is sooo DVN!!

    and as always I love your coat!


  8. Hi!
    Goodluck on your meeting ,i hope everything will gonna be alright.
    Wish you all the best..
    It's nice to be on your blog again..
    Hope to see you on my blog..=D

  9. Hi there-what a fabulous coat and outfit!! Red is gorgeous on you my dear!

  10. Wow! WOW! Wow! I just have to say you are looking more and more beautiful everyday! How do you pull it off? I don't know ...hehe :)
    I can't wait till you come to Toronto. We'd definitely have some cappucinos and lots of chocolate cake. I have no problem with that! hehe
    How is your week going so far ? :)

  11. Eu tenho problemas com isso, parece que as palavras saltam da minha boca. Também estou tentando melhorar, mas quando vejo... já era...
    Espero que tudo corra bem prá você!

  12. that skirt is so beautiful :)
    i totally love this floral print ♥

  13. You are beautiful with this look.
    many kisses.

  14. Wow, love the coat, love the dress, love the whole outfit :) I have never been one for small talk really, I tend to get into a full conversation quite quickly, whether it be with an old friend, or just me talking to the person sitting next to me on the train!

  15. You look so cheerful..I love seeing that :) Is it warm enough to be without your jacket where you are? Man, it is still cold here and my damn cold is back :(


  16. I know you're problem - there are some people I just can't talk to. By the way... may I steal your coat? It's perfect!

  17. such beautiful chioce in clothes there honey! the notebook is just wonderful, maybe try ordering it online? xx

  18. This is a beautiful look, Seeker. I love the skirt and coat!

    When it's time to make smalltalk, I pay the other person a compliment, then begin asking questions to get him or her to talk about him/herself! Then I don't have to do any work!

  19. You look so beautiful. Is that what you are wearing for your meeting? I hope it goes well. Are you going to the IFB meet up in London? I wish I could go to meet up and Swell Vintage Frankie!

  20. Love teh flow and swish of the skirt. Yeah some parties bore me!!

  21. tem-se visto imensos casacos vermelhos, e eu gosto ;)

  22. I didn´t like the skirt in the shop, but on you it looks so amazing! Great choice.

  23. Seeker,

    White looks really nice on you . And, I love the skirt. I don't really care for small talk either. I tend to enjoy deep serious conversations. Sometimes I am not even in the mood to talk at all. Never can tell. I am sure you are great company, so don't worry

  24. Sweetie, red has never looked better!

  25. That skirt looks like watercolors. I love it! You have the most beautiful smile! :)

  26. Hi friend,
    That red coat looks fab on you.and w/ that white combination, you are so gorgeous...=)

  27. utterly CHIC :o) i love that cowl neck knit :o) u cld not ve done it any better.

  28. Lindo o look!
    Linda a saia!
    Temos realmente que tomar cuidado com o que falamos, pois palavra dita não tem retorno.
    Mas para tudo tem jeito!

  29. oh my!
    This coat is just fabulous!
    The most chic look ever!


  30. wow wow wow. that coat is so gorgoeus. wonderful red and i love it with this great flower skirt!!!!
    that's so great, dear.


  31. O meu pensamento é gaivota
    Entre as tempestades e as pedras negras
    Meço o tempo pela chegada da Lua
    Sou homem nu a que um deus dita regras

    Bom carnaval

    Mágico beijo

  32. Adorei o trench coat, lindo!
    E todo o outfit está muito giro.

  33. I'm horrible at small talk :) Lessons are a great idea and your on-the-job-party training sounds like fun!

    Gorgeous red trench...

  34. Oh my God Sweetie.... I'm fall in love with your skirt<3
    All perfect!

  35. don't tell me about that, puf!

    You look so cute and I do enjoy the fact that you're showing us your city, lovely pics

  36. You look fabulous! I absolutely love your skirt and sweater combo, tres chic!


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