Thursday, 19 February 2009

TO - 02/18 - power dressing from the 80’s and the rain… freedom…

The world is not at ones will.
You can't take the liberty to understand liberty in whatever sense you like. Freedom has its own routine, rules and regulations. And rituals. And of course a long and well-defined tradition.
So no inner freedom operates in a social, historical, cultural and emotional void. Or vice versa. And therefore, freedom also deals - we like it or not - with a harmonious living. And it's mostly about a) a very sharp sense of initiative (intended to fit the outside world) and b) an updated version of the self (intended to meet the most subtle requirements of self-evaluation).
Neither the "freedom" nor any other "humanistic concept" can make you somebody that matters.
Take any possible liberty and you will soon hate yourself. Learn every possible definition and you will hate knowledge for good and all. Follow your egoistic heart till the end of the road and you'll lose your friends and family in less than one year. Stick to rigorous logics and see yourself losing the precious sense of spiritual and emotional nebulousness.
The rules and regulations are not the antonyms of "freedom" and "feeling".

black ankle boots - local store
black wide-legs pants - C&A Clockhouse
golden belt - El Corte Ingles
blouse with laces and black yarn applied - Zara
red short blazer - canadian from the 80's - gift
brooch - gift from Hubby
university degree ring - gift from Hubby
lipstick - Esté Lauder
lipgloss - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. love those pointy-toed boots!!!!

  2. I quite agree with everything you said.

  3. the blazer and blouse are fantastic!!!

  4. Lindo o look!
    Muito elegante!
    Você fica muito bem de vermelho!
    Quanto à liberdade, é necessária em pensamentos e expressões!

  5. Seeker the blouse is AMAZING with that 80's feel blazer! love this so so much.

  6. I like this sort of Victorian look on you, Seeker. It's very natural to your shape and personality.

  7. YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!! i live for this look :oD love evrything from the jacket to d cut of the pants love dat u opted for flared instead of slim it worked out beautifully and pls keep wearing red...its ma best color!!!!!! wow i need to go vintage shopping.


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