Thursday, 19 February 2009

TO - 02/19 - feeling gray can be equal of dressing gray…

This is just to tell you why I’ve been a bit away.
I’m too tired. You must be already bored because I’ve been saying this regularly.
But it’s how I feel…
Yesterday as I’ve told you I had a meeting that went at least until 8h p.m., and the conclusions were made this morning.
And the other work is still on my desk…
I’m sorry, I’ll try to catch you on weekend, well, I hope, we must not forget it’s going to be Carnival ;)

At the same time as I was feeling tired I was a bit gray… so mainly gray was TO.

black oxford shoes - from mainland through a local store
dark gray pants - from my boxes
gray cardigan - Vero Moda
mulberry sweater - Hubby's gift from mainland
gray belt - Stradivarius
scarf - flea market
bordeaux blazer (cropped sleeves) - mainland store
gray handbag - Mango
university degree ring - gift from Hubby
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. Gostei do look!
    Adorei o lenço!

  2. well you still look smashing, even if you are tired. sleep is so important (sorry to sound like yer mama!), so i hope you find a way to catch up on it soon. :)

  3. (((((Seeker)))))))) you poor dear, u must make sure u are getting enough rest, it can effect your whole body and mind when u don't. Have u been to a doc lately?? If you don't start to feel better soon, maybe you should see a doc!
    I do love the gray though, I wear a lot of gray myself, and you look fab in it!!!!
    Make sure to get lots of rest my dearest friend, and drink lots of water! :) Hope u get to feeling better very soon!!! luvyas
    Julian xooxox

  4. Im sorry to hear that you were feeling grey.. But you look great!

  5. Thats too bad but everything will eventually clear up and you'll be as chipper as ever dear. I know how you're feeling and you're most definately not alone.

    Thought i'd just pop by and see how you've been going :)

    FB is confusing too lol. I'm trying to figure out how i get your superpoke haha.


  6. I am ADORING that gray on pink action. one of my faves i must say.

  7. darling you have been quite tired lately,think my darling you need a holiday where you can just relax and have a lazy time :O).The carnival sounds like so much fun.hope you have a great time sweetie.
    please get some rest.
    muah x

  8. Hey love!
    I know it's none of my business, but I think you ought to take some time off for yourself. You know, stress is not a good thing to keep inside for too long, as it will find a way to manifest itself through either emotional breakdown or something else. You have to take actions now and take good care of your body and soul.
    I have been personally sort of neglecting my health lately and I got a payback today. I ran up the stairs and was left out of breath, I felt like I was having a heart attack, but I didn't faint and then it stopped thank God. I'll be seeing a doctor, I hope it's nothing serious. But i'm just telling you this, so You stop worrying and taking things too seriously. There is nothing more important in this life than You and your well being ( mental as well as physical)



  9. Looking stylish on the bench!! Love your sweater!

  10. you look so beautiful, especially on the last picture :)
    i really like the pink/gray combination!

  11. This meeting was so so so long!!!!
    It's all ok darling???
    I adore this cardigan ****
    Kiss & Luv

  12. Você está linda, como sempre!
    Sabe, eu acho que nós mulheres sofremos mais que os homens nessas longas jornadas de trabalho. Eles são bem mais resistentes nesse aspecto. Cuidado para não ficar dodói!!! Bjins

  13. Fantastic! And you live in a so beautiful place!!
    Lovely city :)

    a kiss and a hug for you fancy!

  14. Blazer on, blazer off, this layered look is perfect on you. I love the pink with the gray.

  15. Do take care of yourself, lady. I worry ...

  16. So much work... poor thing! But I just have to tell you: you look amazing again :).

  17. love the shades of gray, am a BIG gray fan. get some rest dear!!! have a lovely weekend!

  18. HOPE you'll be having more energy! I always belive munching on a red apple do, do wonders:D

    Love your 2nd pose!! AND YOUR BOOTIES!

  19. Seeker dear... I know how you feel; life is full of ups & downs especially in the mood department...guess it helps to look fabulous while we are in the 'grey' mood... ~Count each blessings as we go through life*


  20. georgeous outfit!
    have a nice weekend!
    I hope you will get some rest!

  21. every day are more precious.

  22. oh my, I love the color mixing. I hope you're feeling better by now

  23. loving your scarf, it does alot for this look

  24. u wear cardigans the way all ladies should BELTED!!!! not buttoned up :o) very chic.....

    Hmmnn ur expertise is getting more credible i think its time u send soem of ur fotos to a mag n apply for a styling job u're too capable.

  25. Hi!
    I'm sad to know that you are tired now.But look,you are still beautiful!!
    I like the color combination on your dress.
    Have a nice day! ;)


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